9 Signs Of A Reliable Roofing Contractor

Your roof will always make or break your house; more than just the physical aspect of it, the roof of your home also literally shelters you. Hence, you have to be confident with the roofing contractor that you’re working with. Further, working on a new roof can turn out to be a costly project, and you have to ensure that you make little to no mistake when selecting the right person to do the job for you.

Here are telltale signs that you’re dealing with a reliable roofing contractor:

  1. They provide you with detailed and comprehensive written reports

A reliable roofing contractor is professional. They’ll provide you with a comprehensive and detailed written report before you hire them. This written report should contain the following:

  • Projected time of completion.
  • Financial statements relating to costs such as labor and materials.
  • Permits and other contracts necessary for the completion of the project.

When you first meet with a contractor like Roof and Render SA. make them aware of what you want to achieve for your roofing project. Upon the second meeting, they’ll provide you with this comprehensive written report. They won’t let you rely on word of mouth alone, as you’ll have no basis about promised budget and time frame, in case anything goes on later on when the project commences.

  1. They provide you with a contract of undertaking

More than just a comprehensive written report, a reliable roofing contractor should also provide you with a contract of undertaking. This contract will usually state each party’s rights and obligations concerning the completion of the project. If they can’t provide you with this contract, then that should be a red flag for you not to hire them.

Examples of stipulations that should be included in a contract of undertaking are the following:

  • Obligations of the roofing contractor and the client, such as payment schedules and payment scheme.
  • Rights of the roofing contractor and the client, such as remedies, just in case they aren’t able to do the job that they’re required to do.
  • Contract price.
  1. They’re competent in the job that they do 

Like any professional offering any service, your roofing contractor should be competent in the job that they do. You can determine their competence by asking your friends and others who have also undergone a roofing project if this is a contractor that delivers. Another way for you to check for competence is to review their portfolio.

It should contain the following information:

  • Reviews and feedback from previous clients.
  • List of the brands of materials that they use, as they should put premium and emphasis on the quality of the materials.
  • Skills of their employees and installers which you can determine by asking about what they do to further hone and develop their skills.
  1. They have a high-quality reputation in your local area

One of the best signs of a reliable roofing contractor is that they are a household name in your local area. Being a household name means that it has an excellent and high-quality reputation as locals have been continuously satisfied with their services, and they’ve been in the industry for a relatively long time already.

Be extra cautious with engaging in the services of an extremely new roofing contractor that offers suspiciously low prices.

  1. They have an open line of communication

Reliable contractors are always easy to deal and communicate with. Nothing is more frustrating than entering into a roofing project with individuals who are suddenly out of reach or don’t even visit the site regularly.

Even more so, there’s some contractors who, after the contract is signed, suddenly leave you in the hands of their secretary or laborers, and are difficult to contact in case of any questions or concerns you might have. A reliable roofing contractor should be with you every step of the way, from the time the contract is signed until the very last day of project completion.

  1. They have their proper license and permits to operate

A reliable contractor will always be able to show you their license and permits to operate. If you want to be very prudent about it, you can even ask your local business registry to check if the roof contractor business you’re dealing with is duly registered with the proper permits.

  1. They are enthusiastic about the job that they do 

More than just their skill and expertise, a reliable contractor should be enthusiastic with the job that they do. Character and personality are always the top signs to tell if an individual is professional and honest with the job that they do.

Hence, whenever you should meet, they should be energetic and enthusiastic about your roofing project, in such a way that it excites them. More importantly, they should also give you full attention during your discussions, and not seem like their mind is floating elsewhere.

  1. They provide follow-up service and maintenance 

When you are dealing with a reliable roofing contractor, their job does not only stop upon the installation or building process of your roof. Instead, follow-up service and maintenance should always form a part of the project contract.

Usually, this is in the form of a warranty wherein the roofing company promises to do any follow-up service to the damages on their work within a certain period of time, such as a year. Also, they will provide you with periodic maintenance to ensure that your roof will get to live and withstand extreme weather conditions.

  1. They give so much room to follow your design 

When you are dealing with a reliable roofing contractor, they give much leeway and room for them to follow your design. After all, this is your project, and they should be there to help you achieve your dream home or building, in all its aspects, and not force their own designs because that is all they can do.

With your plan, they should be able to incorporate their revisions as well, to ensure strength, reliability and its functionality. Your roofing contractor should have the ability to create a balance with the design that you present them with, and all the other technical aspects that they have to include as a part of the project’s success.


Keep these tips in mind, so you can be sure that you get your money’s worth. If you make mistake of hiring an unreliable contractor, your roofing project will go longer than the expected period and will cost you more money as well. When you’re working with a reliable roofing contractor, you have peace of mind knowing you will have a roof above your shoulders for many years to come.


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