Busy Mom Beginning Couponing System

Couponing can save a lot of money, but it can take a lot of your time and effort. If you are a busy mom, adding couponing to your to-do list can make you think twice. You can always change the way of couponing according to your comfort. By putting in a little effort you can save a lot of money.

Start small:

There are a lot of coupons and sites with deal matchup out there. To make your process simpler you need to pick one or two stores that you shop at regularly and start couponing for those stores. The process becomes easy when you start at the stores which are already familiar to you.

Newspaper coupons:

You can take a quick glance at all the pages of the newspaper to look for coupons. You can start couponing all the coupons that are useful for you.

Digital coupons:

There are plenty of mobile apps including many apps of grocery stores that can help you save on your purchases. These can also be merged with manufacturer’s coupons or store coupons. Sometimes, you can use both the coupons together which is amazing. You can do this if you do not have the time to browse for coupons and print them.

Couponing only for useful products:

You should look for coupons which are useful to you and your family. Do not waste time on couponing for less useful products. You can save an ample amount of time by refining the products according to your family usage and couponing only those.

Couponing by the file-box method:

There are a lot of different ways to organize your coupons. Most of the people use a coupon binder system or method for couponing. This method consumes time and effort. If you cannot spend a great deal of time to clip coupons, you can always choose the file-box method.

Couponing for non-perishable food, paper items, and household items:

The household goods are very expensive if you buy them paying the full price. If you are spending less time on couponing then it is important to keep in mind to collect coupons for things that are essential for you and are expensive to buy without a good deal. Focus on items such as razors, toilet papers, laundry detergent, canned goods, and cereal. These items are used on a daily basis and can be stored easily.


Once you are done couponing and ready to shop you can start stocking up. You can do three- month stock-up deals or maximum of six-month stock up deal. While doing this keep in mind to look for the latest deals. When doing a six-month stock-up you should always disregard the ones which are not priced reasonable enough. Your money and energy can be saved if you stock-up only when the prices of the goods are low.

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