Thank you very much for taking the time visiting A Better Way To Clean carpet cleaning in Boise and allowing us the pleasure of showing you why we are so excited to offer our exclusive 100% Clean, 100% Green, always dry, A Better Way To Clean carpet cleaning services right here in beautiful Boise Idaho. We take serious pride in our expertise and the constant pursuit of excellent customer service.  Our Carpet Cleaning Team Was Honored to be recognized by the BBB 2008 Nominee Integrity Counts Award!  A Better Way To Clean Carpet Cleaning is the premier carpet cleaning service right here in Boise. We are “The Original” Dry Organic Carpet Cleaning Company in the Boise Area. We consider it a honor that you’re taking time to learn more about our dry carpet cleaning company and carpet cleaning method we use right here in Boise Idaho. We offer full service residential and commercial dry carpet cleaning services dedicated to serving the Boise Idaho area. Since opening over 35 years ago ,we’ve taken it upon our self to learn everything we can about dry/wet and all carpet cleaning systems alike, utilizing only the best processes and the products that provide a 100%  clean and environmental friendly carpet cleaning system. Call A Better Way To Clean Carpet Cleaning in Boise Idaho today, we guarantee you will love our dry organic carpet cleaning services.

The Problem With Traditional Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning
In a  national survey that polled thousands of consumers about their most bothering issues when it comes to carpet cleaning, the overwhelming #1 complaint was that their carpet was left too wet and took too long to dry. The #2 complaint was that stains came back after the carpet had finally dried.

The  idea is simple. Doesn’t it make sense to provide a carpet cleaning service that addresses and resolves these big customer complaint issues?

We believe it does and that’s the reason we wanted to be the first in Boise to introduce the new, modern way to clean carpets. For over 20 years we have been involved in the carpet business.

The carpet cleaning industry has come a long way in 40 years.

With modern low moisture carpet cleaning systems (like we use), your carpets will be totally dry in 30 minutes or less; stains will not come back;  carpets will repel dirt after cleaning; and your carpet will stay clean much longer. We think you’ll love it. In fact, we guarantee it!

We’re not trying to be the biggest carpet cleaning company in town – but we are determined to be the best! Call A Better Way To Clean carpet cleaning in Boise Idaho Today, as see why our customers say “We’re The Best” Carpet Cleaning Services in Boise!


A Better Way To Clean carpet cleaning in Boise Idaho offers a 100% Guarantee on every job we perform!

We know you’ll be amazed with our “Dry Organic” carpet cleaning as well as our other services.

If you haven’t experienced our service before, we have some great specials that will give you the opportunity to sample our service and save 30% or more on your first cleaning.

Our pricing is totally transparent.  there is never an up-sell or add-on.  In fact, you can schedule a time for us to come out to inspect your carpet and give you a to-the-penny quote. In other words, No Surprises!

For questions or to schedule an appointment, you can call us Monday thru Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm.  For your added convenience, you can schedule your appointment online, anytime (24/7).

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