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The Finest Quality Pottery Imported from East Asia

About Us

We specialize in indoor/outdoor pottery & water features for your landscape or business.

Here at Boise Pottery, our goal is to serve our customers and make their shopping experiences as easy as possible. We offer a full range of professional design services to help clients choose the pots and/or custom water feature best suited for their landscape. Our store is located on Chinden Blvd. in Garden City and is open 7 days a week.

Our Mission

At Boise Pottery our mission is to provide the finest quality pottery from some of the most exotic places around the world. Whether you are looking for a high-fired quality glazed pot to accent your office, living room or patio, or you would like a pair of large planted urns to adorn your front entry, we have the pottery and services that will add style and flair to your home or place of business.


In recent years, water features have become very common in subdivisions and and at homes and can add a new dimension to any landscape.  At Boise Pottery, we can help you custom design a water feature that is sure to add that extra bit of style to your landscape.  With a soft gurgling noise, these features are loud enough to provide a pleasant chorus of falling water, but aren’t so loud that they drown out casual conversation on the patio.  The other advantage of a custom fountain is any pot in our store can be used, giving you hundreds of pots to choose from.  Be sure to browse our Rustic and Vietnamese water feature galleries on Houzz by clicking the respective links to see just a sampling of some of the fountains we have created.

Our water feature services are wide-ranging in scope.  We can supply you with a pre-drilled pot and leave the rest up to you; or you may purchase an entire package which includes all necessary parts (pumps, tubing, basin, auto-fill).  Installation services can also be provided or you may give it a shot yourself.

Each winter, since Boise experiences long stretches with temperatures below freezing, all fountains must be drained and covered for the winter.  This process is not difficult and can be done by any fountain owner with tools everyone has a home, plus a few PVC parts from your nearest home improvement store.  We recommend draining the fountain on or before October 20th of each year.  After letting the fountain stand uncovered for at least ten days, you can then cover the fountain with one of our custom, waterproof fountain bags no later than November 1st.  This will ensure that all the pores of the fountain have dried and will stay that way until the harsh freezing temperatures have given way to Spring.  All fountains can usually be up and running the first week of March without any worry of turning your water feature into a solid block of ice.

If you need tips on how to winterize your fountain properly, please watch our instructional video.


Before planting your pots, there are a few steps you can take to make your investments last as long as possible.  One step you can take to increase the durability of you pottery is to seal any part of the pot that isn’t glazed, usually the inside and the bottom.  We recommend that our customers pick up some concrete sealer from one of the big box stores and apply it prior to planting per product instructions.  Even though the Vietnam Black Clay and Glazed pottery is rated to stay outside all year long, sealing any unglazed surface will only improve the durability of the pottery.  When it comes to the Chinese Glazed pottery, sealing any unglazed surface is mandatory since this pottery doesn’t have the same weathering properties as the pottery from Vietnam.

When placing your pots in a landscape, do not place the pots directly on dirt or bark.  These surfaces hold water and will cause the pots to absorb that water through its base during the winter months.  Instead, place your pots on a solid, well-draining base like flagstone or gravel.  If you are partially burying the pots in your landscape, dig a hole that is 8″-12″ wider than the pot and surround it with a medium to large gravel to promote good drainage.  Failure to follow these steps can lead to the premature degradation of your pottery

When planting your pots, there are a couple tips to keep in mind.  DO NOT USE REGULAR DIRT IN YOUR POTS, USE ONLY POTTING SOIL.  Regular dirt is too dense and doesn’t release moisture quickly enough.  This WILL lead to premature degradation of the pottery and poor drainage.

With pots that exceed  24″ x 24″, it is recommended that a layer of rock or Styrofoam packing peanuts be used at the bottom of the pot to promote good drainage.  As the diagram to the right shows, a layer of drainage material 3″-6″ in height should be added to the bottom of the pot.  Next, a water-permeable barrier should be laid down to prevent the potting soil from mixing with the rock below, thus preserving the rock’s drainage qualities.  Some examples of this barrier includes weed cloth or weed barrier and metal or plastic screen used for screen doors.  Once the barrier has been laid down, fill the rest of the pot with a good quality potting soil and you are ready to plant.

Hint: If you are using a drip system to water your pots and don’t want the unsightly look of a drip line laying over the side of the pot, put your pot on pot feet and run the drip line through one of the drain holes in the bottom of the pot.  Tape the tubing to the inside wall of the pot and then add your potting soil and drainage material.  Be sure to leave a few extra feet of line at the top of the pot so you don’t come up short after you have put in all your soil and plants.

For tall narrow pots, you may fill the majority of the pot with packing peanuts instead of potting soil.  Simply fill the pot with packing peanuts as diagrammed above, but fill the last 18″ with soil.  This will insure the plants have plenty of room for growth and will prevent the soil from drying out too quickly on hot summer days.

If you are watering your plants, and there is a significant amount of water draining out the bottom of the pot, you are using too much water at one time.  Any water draining out the bottom is wasted water and can’t be used by the plants.  It is better to water your pots more often with a smaller volume of water.  This will keep you plants looking good and prevent your concrete or deck from becoming stained.

There are also a few steps to take to winterize your pots.  If your they are small and can be brought into your garage, this is always ideal.  For larger pots, follow these three steps:

• Just before the temperatures at night reach freezing (usually late October in Boise), stop watering the plants and clear out all plant material.  This will allow the soil in the pot to fully drain and dry out.

• Cover pot with a plastic bag or other water proof cover and secure at the bottom.  This will keep all snow, ice, and frost off you pot.  To have a more decorative cover, patio furniture covers can be used; or, if you are handy with a sewing machine, you may make your own.  If you have a perennial that does not die back or small tree in your pot, do not cover it as this could harm the plant.

• Keep them covered until early march, or until you are ready to plant in the spring.

Hint: For some of the larger Chinese glazed pots, it can be difficult to move them into your garage.  By placing the pot on a plant stand with rollers, you can more easily move it into your garage.  And remember, you MUST ALWAYS bring in any Malaysian or Terra Cotta pottery.  If you do not, the pots could start to degrade in as little as three years.


The pottery we offer can serve any purpose, from water features to basic décor. We love speaking with our customers and helping them find what they need, especially when they get to pick it out themselves!


Our Rustic Glazed pottery line consists of some of the largest pots in our stores.  Sometimes referred to as urns, these pots have very earthern-looking glazes that are not as elegant as Vietnamese Glazed pottery and can be planted with large shrubs or small to medium-sized trees.   Unlike Vietnamese Glazed pottery, these pots are glazed on the inside and outside, with no glaze over the rim of the pot.

Rustic Glazed pottery is also the most often used pottery when constructing a custom recirculating water feature.  Due to the many different colors and shapes in the larger sized pots, you should have no problem finding a vessel with which to make a water feature for your landscape.

These pots are made in China, and their clay density, thickness, and very high firing temperature allow them to be left outside all winter long.

Click Here to see our photo gallery of Rustic Glazed pottery.




Black Clay or Ironstone is a Vietnamese ceramic made from dark brown clay that is dredged from rivers bottoms. These materials are then fashioned into hundreds of different styles and sizes and fired at extremely high temperatures to create long-lasting durability. Unlike the Vietnamese Glazed pots, these pots aren’t glazed during the manufacturing process and obtain their natural color variations from the unique conditions within the kiln the firing stage.  This gives them a very organic, neutral look that easily fits with any house color.

The clay density, thickness, and very high firing temperature of this Vietnamese pottery allows it to be left outside all winter long.

Click Here to see our photo gallery of Vietnamese Black Clay pottery.




With glazed pottery, manufacturers and artisans are able to create vibrant colors and amazing designs.  We exclusively carry glazed pottery from Vietnam and have more colors, sizes, and styles than anyone else in the valley.  Our enormous selection ensures that every customer is able to find the pot that will fit perfectly with their design ideas.  And unlike the very organic look of the Rustic Glazed pottery, which can have more inconsistencies in its color, Vietnamese Glazed pottery has a very elegant look because of the consistency of its glazes.  There are fewer variations within the color of any individual Vietnamese Glazed pot.

The clay density, thickness, and very high firing temperature of this Vietnamese pottery allows it to be left outside all winter long.

Click Here to see our photo gallery of Vietnamese Glazed pottery.




We carry terra cotta from both Vietnam and Mexico.  Vietnamese Terra Cotta (left) is a low fired pot with a pinkish-orange color.  It looks as if it has been slightly whitewashed as well.  These pots come in many more styles and sizes than the Mexican Terra Cotta and are made to look like Italian Terra Cotta.  One upside to this style of pottery is that it will cost 30%-40% less than an equivalently sized Vietnamese Black Clay pot.

Mexican Terra Cotta (right) is the most prevalent type of pottery seen at homes in the southwestern United States.  These pots are bright orange in color, rough to the touch, and are usually simply adorned with hand carved designs.  

They are less popular here in Idaho than they are in the southwest, but their low price makes them an affordable option for our customers on a budget.

Unfortunately, due to the low clay density and firing temperatures of these terra cotta pots, they are much less durable than the high-fired Vietnamese pottery.  It is recommended that these pots be sealed with concrete sealer or other water-repelling product before the first planting,  brought inside during the winter if possible, or, at a minimum, covered with a waterproof material.




All of our products are also available to landscape contractors. To submit your company for contractor pricing status, please download and complete the Wholesale Contractor Application, or visit our store in Boise to obtain all necessary forms and information.

And if you as a homeowner would like to incorporate pottery in your landscape design, make sure your contractor is choosing from the highest quality and best selection of pottery in Treasure Valley by purchasing from Boise Pottery



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