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About Us

Building Confident Kids Through Running, Relays & Bite-Sized Mindset Lessons

BoiseBits is an empowerment program for kids ages 2-9. We teach resilience and self-confidence by transforming traditional running games and drills into powerful bite-sized life lessons. When children are with us, they are getting exercise, having fun AND building strength of character.

Our program focuses on 8 core empowerment principles which we’ve put together to create a unique and powerful curriculum; one which combines physical health with strength of character. Each session has been thoughtfully designed to facilitate a growth mindset which pairs an empowerment principle with a running skill.  In class, the children are reminded that they are strong, powerful, fierce, and brave, which leads them to truly believe – they CAN, no matter how big or small!

BoiseBits also offers YogiBits, a non-spiritual mindfulness program which teaches children foundational yoga principles that they can apply to their everyday lives in a developmentally appropriate setting. As they wiggle, giggle, and make shapes, children will learn to use breath and movement to calm and focus their minds while building strong bodies and self-esteem.

Empowering kids through fun and running! We use running relays, games and drills to teach resilience and build character. Our goal for each session is for kids to leave feeling STRONG, POWERFUL and MIGHTY!

Meet The Team

Core Principles of BoiseBits Run Club

›Power Words

How we talk about ourselves defines who we are.  We are limitless.

›Positive Thoughts

We are what we think.  We can do anything as long as we try!

Aggressive Goals

We dare to believe anything is possible.  Nothing is impossible!

›Personal Resilience

Setbacks are welcome as an opportunity to grow and improve.


We can do together what we cannot do alone.  We believe in team work.

›Individual Integrity

We are honest and do the right thing even when no one is watching. 

›Community Vision

We exist in relation to others.  We believe in unity and belonging.

›New Beginnings

A finish line is just the start of a new journey.  Each day is an adventure.

Our BoiseBits Principles Synchonized with YogiBits

›Power Shapes

When we take up space we feel powerful.  When we believe in ourselves we are limitless.

›Positive Minds

We are in control of our minds. We can let go of the negative and focus on the positive.

›Visualizing Goals

What we imagine is what we become. Visualizing our best selves moves us towards our goals.

›Personal Resilience

By paying attention to the movement in our bodies and breath we can limit distractions.


We have the ability to positively impact those around us. In supporting others we grow.

›Individual Integrity

We practice the foundational values of yoga in respect to our community and to ourselves.

›Community Vision

We believe that anybody (any size, any shape, any ability, and any age) can do yoga.

›New Beginnings

When we practice yoga it is an opportunity to see things from a new perspective and it’s an adventure!

And also offering YogiBits

Building Confident & Focused Kids Through the Joyful Exploration of the Body, Mind, & Breath

Fall Season Starts 9/12/22!

“I AM are the most powerful words around, for what you put after them shapes your reality”

Our Run Club and YogiBits classes meet 1x/week during our Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer seasons. Click on Session Options below to see what works best for you! 

We LOVE BoiseBits & YogiBits! 

“My kids have LOVED being a part of this Run Club.  I have seen them get stronger, have more endurance and grow in confidence and pride!”

“My son loved his class and keeps asking when Thursday will be here again!  It’s great to see the positive theme of the class overflow into casual play.”

“My child hasn’t stopped talking about his session today! He keeps telling me he wishes BoiseBits was everyday!”

“My child truly enjoyed his time and can’t stop talking about it! He made me switch out his Thursday clothes with his “Run Club Clothes”

“What a gift BOTH of these programs are!  Our little guy LOVES it so so much!”

8-Week Fall Season Registration

Click on the Run Club Age Grouping or YogiBits to see options

Run Club: Ages 2-4’s

From $135.00


Run Club: Ages 4-7’s

From $135.00


Run Club: Ages 5-9’s

From $135.00


School Partnerships

From $135.00


YogiBits: Ages 3-9

From $135.00

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Outdoors in Boise, Idaho 

Ph: (858) 212-5516

Email: [email protected]

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