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Caldwell, ID, USA


There is beauty to be found in brokenness. Every hide we use retains nature’s ruggedness and beauty, with each scar and brand telling a story. Some call them imperfections. We call it character. Our job is to make sure each story continues on in the goods we create.


Handbuilt Leather Goods



Bond & Bevel was born out of the desire to own heirloom quality leather goods that we could use for a lifetime. Maybe even hand down to our kids. Problem was this level of craftsmanship comes with a hefty price tag. Our solution: buy some leather and a couple tools and figure out how to make our own. Our very first item we made was the Rugged Satchel. Some makers start out with wallets or a key fob. They’re smart. We went hard after it from day one. Once we shared with friends and family what we made, they wanted to see what else we decided to stitch up.  Honestly, it just kind of happened. Our first paid gig was a satchel and matching Messenger case only two days after finishing our first one. 

Once the world stopped turning in the spring of 2020, we had nothing but time on our hands and this newer, slower life to live. So we started sewing and drawing. Maybe we’ve always been artists and that part of us was just dormant, but tapping into this new craft woke us up. Since we had the time, we just went all out. Once we started, we couldn’t stop. The first couple months we had 20 products either made or prototyped. We know we’re not normal, but normal never suited us all that well anyway.


Who are the people behind the brand? We’re Heath and Krista. A husband and wife team who’ve long desired to work and create together, just never knew how to make that happen. Heath has always been creative. From an early age he was making his own designs out of metal, wood or anything else he could get his hands on. Taking things apart to figure out how they worked was commonplace and he never had trouble getting things back together.

Fifteen years ago we started a construction business building custom homes and doing high end finish carpentry. Our background is in trade work. Not only did it pay the bills, but it was a creative outlet for Heath. He also built custom furniture on the side, oftentimes when everyone else was asleep. You can see some of these pieces here on the site.

Another creative outlet that keeps Heath’s hands dirty is custom motorcycle builds. He’s completely redone one bike…twice. He has two more in the works as well. There’s something about what these bikes represent that draws us in. There’s a freedom while riding that’s so unlike anything else. There will always be room at Bond & Bevel for motorcycles. You’ll be seeing more moto products here on the site in the future. And we can’t forget about the Coug. We’ve also restored a ‘69 Mercury Cougar. A beautiful example of pure American muscle. We’re brainstorming how we can incorporate this classic car into our leather shop as well. Keep a look out. 

Through this new venture, Krista has tapped into a creative side that was never really used before. Photography, website and textile design have become essentials to B&B’s growth. It’s been trial and error. Tons of misses, but a handful of creations that we’re proud to stamp our maker’s mark onto. A passion of Krista’s is playing one of the cajons (hand drum) Heath made for her. Maybe you’ll even see one for sale here on the site soon.

It doesn’t take long to figure out what we’re about. We’re simple: What you see is what you get. First and foremost we are followers of Jesus. We seek hard after truth found in His teachings and do our best to apply this knowledge to every aspect of our lives. We screw up all the time, but thankfully we serve a very patient and forgiving God.

Our family means everything to us. Our two girls are our life: Moriah and Eden. They are warrior princesses and thankfully have the best of both of us running through their veins. They’re straight FIRE and we wouldn’t change one thing about them. They live for adventure and are constantly forcing us outside to explore.

We all four live and breathe outdoor life. Living an hour from both the coastline to the west and mountains to the east, we get outside often. Growing up in Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and Washington has molded us into who we are today. The crisp, clean Pacific Northwest air breathes life into us and reminds us that everyday is a new beginning. A fresh start. Despite Oregon’s temperamental weather, you can find us on any number of forested trails in the area. Our pup, Cass, always leading the way. We always carve out some time in the summer months to sleep outside. Our 4Runner is like a transformer: It opens up to a kitchen and bedroom in minutes. Once we find a perfect spot for the night, we camp out anywhere along the many BLM trails here in the PNW.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about who we are and what we stand for. We’d love to hear from you. We’re relational people and thrive in community with others. Reach out: email, DM, whatever. We’d love to meet you.

Talk soon,
Heath and Krista


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Opening In Indian Creek Plaza Soon!

We moved to the City of Caldwell and are setting up shop in Indian Creek Plaza in their historic downtown area. We got our hands on a rad 100+ year old building. It was originally a bank.

We’ll be adding a coffee house and eatery to the mix, so include espresso slinger to the resume.

With the addition of the mercantile, we will also be adding new products from Hults Bruk 1697, Bare Bones Living, Uberle BenCo. and some more originals of our own.

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