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149 West State St., Ste101 Eagle, ID, USA


About Us

Customedica is a full-service pharmacy located in Eagle, Idaho, and Boise’s North End. We provide customized compounded medications, conventional retail prescriptions, and personal consultation all in a modern, friendly environment.

Get to know your local, independent pharmacy

Customedica Pharmacy is designed to provide our customers a truly unique healthcare experience. From our unmatched level of personalized customer service to our award-winning interior design, we’re sure you will recognize the difference between us and other pharmacies from the moment you enter our doors.

Our experienced and knowledgeable pharmacists are considered area experts on topics like hormone replacement and women’s and men’s health.

Get to know the Customedica pharmacists

Shah Afshar

Shah graduated from Idaho State University, College of Pharmacy in 1979 and has been practicing in Idaho ever since — over 40 years now. He has owned three pharmacies in the Boise area:

• All-Nite Pharmacy, which was the only all-night pharmacy in the state of Idaho in the 80’s

• A-Avenue health services, a closed-door pharmacy that serviced long-term care facilities in the 90’s

• Customedica Pharmacy, which opened its doors in 2002 and currently serves the local communities of Eagle and Boise.

He was nationally recognized as Compounding Pharmacist of the Month in April of 2011, was honored with the 2008 Leadership Award from the Eagle Chamber of Commerce, and most recently was awarded the 2019 Mayor’s Award for Philanthropy.

He specializes in hormone replacement therapy, compounding, and men’s sexual health.

Matthew Murray

Matt also graduated from Idaho State University, College of Pharmacy, in 2010, and has been practicing in Idaho ever since. He’s worked with Customedica in various capacities since 2005, and loved the business so much he turned working for Shah into a career.

He started at Customedica as a compounding technician in 2005 after he graduated from the University of Idaho with a bachelor’s in microbiology. After 10 years as a pharmacist, he’s carved out a few specialist areas, including dietary supplements, nutrition, and functional medicine; hormone replacement; and veterinary medications.

Matt stays sharp by attending numerous seminars in areas like hormone replacement, anti-aging, and compounding. He also has specialized intensive training in sterile compounding.

Caitlin Trisler

Caitlin has always worked at independent compounding pharmacies — before, during, and after pharmacy school. She attended the University of Arizona for her bachelor’s in nutrition sciences, and received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Washington.

She worked in small town pharmacies and urban areas before settling into Boise, where she’s cultivated a desire to contribute not just to people’s lives, but to the community at large. She specializes in immunization and compounding, particularly vet medications, hormone replacement, and transdermal medications.

She’s had specialty training by the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) in non-sterile and sterile compounding.

Alyssa Zibrowski

Alyssa’s passionate about chemistry and how medication can help the body, and it shows through her seven years of experience working in a pharmacy. First as a technician, then an intern, and for the past two years, after graduating from the University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, as a pharmacist.

Through her years of experience, one thing has remained constant, her desire to provide patients and customers with informed consultation intended to improve their quality of life.

Alex Hughes (No Pic)

Alex followed her grandfather’s footsteps as a pharmacist and graduated from the same program at Idaho State University over 70 years later. She’s been a pharmacist since 2013, but has known she wanted to be in the medical field since she was four years old. She joined Customedica in 2015, knowing she valued customer service-oriented retail settings and wouldn’t survive underground in a hospital.

Our Difference is Quality

Providing quality compounded medication is our first priority. We use the most current technology in medication compounding such as electric mortar and pestle, autoclave, ointment mill, contamination hood, and highly sensitive digital balances.

Our professionally-trained staff and pharmacists have qualifications that go well beyond the requirements set by the state. We strive for accuracy, consistency, and safety in every product we make.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to building lifelong relationships with our customers. We work closely with your doctor to meet your individual needs. We want you to feel comfortable with us and encourage you to ask questions about your medication concerns. We have a private consultation room where we can discuss your medications and health concerns in a more personal setting.

Working with Physicians

At Customedica, we value the healthcare triad of Physician, Patient, and Pharmacist. We provide a source of reference for area practitioners and have collaborated with many healthcare providers in the Treasure Valley.

We work to maintain providers’ trust and confidence in our knowledge and our products. Our pharmacists are uniquely qualified to assist with therapeutic interventions concerning compounded products. We have considerable experience with medication in several areas, including hormone replacement, erectile dysfunction, sterile products, pet medicine, and fertility. We strive to be a resource for the practitioners in our valley seeking answers as well as new therapeutic ideas.

What does a compounding pharmacy do?

A compounding pharmacy specializes in creating, or compounding, custom medications. Unlike most traditional pharmacies that purchase pre-packaged medications, a compounding pharmacy will purchase bulk chemicals and ingredients, and turn them into a form that best fits a customer’s individual needs.

Compounded medications serve individual needs and preferences

The art of compounding medication has largely been lost due to the ease of buying pre-packaged medications from large pharmaceutical corporations. While the traditional pre-manufactured medications are the standard of care (they’re well-tested and proven to be effective), there is still a need for compounded drugs.

Compounded medications give people more options in treating their diseases, primarily in regards to changing dosage forms, which is the way a medicine is given to a person. It can be given in capsules, creams, drops, rapid dissolving tablets, and injections. Here are some examples:

Children’s Medication
Parents are always looking for ways to make their children’s medication dosage more palatable. A compounding pharmacist can take a medicine that is currently only available as a tablet or capsule and form a flavored suspension so the child can drink their medicine . . . and enjoy it!

Pain Mangement
Pain management is another common change to dosage form. Many pain pills can be made into topical creams, which are absorbed into the skin and alleviate pain in a specific area. This allows for pain relief where it’s needed, but avoids many of the unwanted side effects like sedation and stomach irritation.

Time Release
Compounding pharmacies can also slow the release of many medications not available in a time-release form. For example, our specialists could put melatonin, a commonly used over-the-counter sleep aid, in an extended release form. This allows the melatonin to work throughout the night, resulting in better sleep patterns.

Veterinary Medication
Beloved pets and animals also benefit from compounding. Tablets can be turned into a gel that is applied to an animal’s ear, eliminating the dreaded process of wrestling a pill down a sick animal’s mouth. Many compounding pharmacies incorporate flavors that animals enjoy, such as beef, tuna, chicken, and peanut butter, to entice animals to take their medicine.

Compounding pharmacies can also create custom doses. When tablets aren’t available in the dose that you need, a compounding pharmacist can create a custom-tailored dose just for you. Another is making medication that are no longer made or aren’t profitable for large companies to produce.

With a compounding pharmacy, virtually any dose can be created and customized to your needs. The first step? Talk to us! You may be surprised what we can do if you just ask. When your children or your pet refuse to swallow that pill, or you just can’t seem to get the right dose, keep us in mind.

Customedica is ready to help! Give us a call today or learn more at each of the following links.

Hormone replacement

Medication is rarely one-size-fits-all. That’s why we offer private consultations for all male and female hormone replacement therapies. We want to be sure each customer receives proper education on options, dosage, and unique ways to administer therapy solutions.

Women’s health

When it comes to hormone replacement therapies, we take into account every symptom each woman is facing – low libido, fatigue, depression, etc. – to uncover the best treatment . Visit us for a private consultation, and we will help treat your condition at any stage of life.

Men’s health

Men’s health comes with challenges and outcomes at every age, including urological, depression, and erectile dysfunction issues. We offer personalized treatment options for each customer, no matter your background. Speak with a Customedica pharmacist today and get a plan in place.

Pet medicine

Your pets are family, and we understand that. We treat their medication the same way we would treat yours: with keen attention to detail and personalized care. Learn how we can customize prescription dosage, flavor, and application to best help you administer medication to your beloved pet.

Skin care and dermatology

Skin care problems can range in complexity, sensitivity, and severity. Acne, dark spots, melasma, fines lines and wrinkles – these are just a few of the skin issues we help our customers treat with the right topical remedy. Learn more about our process, trained specialists, and options.

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Shop our Boise or Eagle location OR order online

Order Online

You can find most of the supplements we offer in our store (and even more we don’t stock) by clicking the buttons below. These online orders offer free shipping for orders over $49.00 and very low rates for smaller orders. To order Customedica branded products online, please e-mail us: [email protected].

Get great skin without leaving your home! Shop our full-line of Epionce products.

Refill Medication Online

Because we value customer service and convenience, we offer online refills available for pick-up at either location. The process to sign up for an account is simple . Just following the link below and click the “register” button.

Retail, shipping, and curbside service

Customers at both our North End Boise and Eagle pharmacies have access to curbside service, online ordering and refills, compounded medication, and a modern, friendly retail space that sells high-end beauty and health products.

Both Customedica locations feature a full retail storefront, each stocked with over-the-counter products, high-end gifts, and general beauty and health merchandise, including a full assortment of Epionce beauty products.

Want to stay in the comfort of your car? No problem. We offer a curbside service (with few identification requirements for the sake of security). All patients need to do is park in the marked spot, call the number on the parking spot signage, and we’ll grab your medication. From there, we’ll take your preferred payment method, and you’ll be on your way, all handled from the comfort of your vehicle.

Alternatively, we can likely ship your medication! If it’s compounded medication, shipping is FREE*!

*Some restrictions apply, please ask our staff for more details

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Why do you choose Customedica Pharmacy? Our commitment to providing quality products begins with transparency – our compounding labs are designed to let you, the customer, watch us make your medications. Take a few moments and watch our team through the glass!#Customedica #CustomedicaPharmacy #Eagle #Boise #ShopLocalCustomedica should win an award for best customer service and professionalism. They are always friendly and courteous; they genuinely care and show compassion. Shah has high standards that are evident in who he hires and how he's trained them. I'm so grateful we are in good hands, thank you Shah and staff!-H.H.

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