Do It Yourself Doggie Detailing

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6703 W Ustick Rd, Boise, ID, USA

Welcome to Do It Yourself Doggie Detailing

Here at Do-it-Yourself Doggie Detailing we are fully equipped to help you with all of your dog grooming needs. Whether you are looking to bathe a dirty dog, trim some tail feathers, or clip your pups coat; you can bet we have the right tools! If it your first time, no worries, our helpful staff is here to guide you and answer your questions. 

Our professional groomer specializes in all sizes and breeds of dogs.  We can give your dog a classic cut or personalize its style to fit your pooches personality and lifestyle.

Feel free to come in to wash and groom your pup yourself, or call us to make a full service grooming appointment with our world class groomer!

Some two-legged customers bonding with their four-legged friends enjoying bath time!
Some two-legged customers bonding with their four-legged friends enjoying bath time!

Do-it-Yourself Doggie Detailing, Boise’s Premier Full Service & Self Service Pet Washing & Grooming Facility

About Us

Established in 1996.

In the mid-nineties Ronnie was just a kid with some money and a business plan….to open the only dog wash in the treasure valley and a hundred more just like it! Though the other ninety-nine dog washes are still to come we at DIYDD couldn’t be happier with our workplace. Ronnie engineered a premier place to wash, dry, and groom your pups! Since, he has hired a knowledgeable staff to assist customers as they learn to primp their pooches. In the meantime he came to stand among the best groomers in town. Many have grown to love him and his eccentric poodles. Two with dreadlocks, two with pom-poms, and one with a beard to match his own! You may have seen them around town walking the library plaza or cruising the greenbelt on his bike with his custom dog trailer in tow.

Ronnie Sarro

Owner – Ronnie Sarro

Phone: 208 378 1380

Email: [email protected]

Manager – Arielle

Phone: 208 378 1380

Email: [email protected]


Do It Yourself Doggie Detail offers a diverse range of exclusive services and solutions at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on providing high quality services and offer a quality guarantee on all items. As well as offering both SELF SERVICE and FULL SERVICE grooming we offer other services such as nail trims and gland expression. When you come to groom your pet, you’ll see, we are also available to lend advice pertaining to any grooming questions from ear cleaning to face trimming. Small or large, your request will be met with expert advice, individualized attention, and innovative solutions. Contact us and discover all we have to offer. Our staff is looking forward to speaking with you.


10% discount given for two dogs!!

20% discount given for three or more dogs!!

Base Prices: 

Base prices include bath, tap shampoos, drying, & grooming time and supplies.

(Does not include electric clippers)

On tap, we have three shampoos and one conditioner. Other products are available upon request; some at an extra charge. Our taps include:

  • Chamomile Oatmeal ShampooIn addition to smelling great, this shampoo moisturizes and soothes skin while it cleans.

  • Filthy Animal ShampooThis is an all-natural (as are the other tap products) option for cutting grease, dirt, and smells. It also kills most bugs that choose to take up residence on your pet!

  • Dr. HypoWe recommend this for use on your dog’s face because it is tearless. In addition, this shampoo is hypo-allergenic for those sensitive pooches.

  • Ultra Moisturizer ConditionerThis conditioner helps add moisture while reducing static in your dog’s coat. This allows the hair your dog is shedding to release from the coat and be washed off!

Mini Pet                              $12.00

Small Pet                            $13.00

Medium Pet                       $14.00

Large Pet                            $15.00

X-Large Pet                        $16.00

Additional Services: The additional charges are added tools and services we provide. The price is added to that of the base price.

Electric Clippers             +$4.00 

Nail Trim                         +$3.00

Stand-Alone Services: Prices for individual services, employee assisted. Stand alone services do not include bath.

Nail Trim                          $8.00

Express Glands                $10.00

Electric Clipper Rentals:

Mini Pet                            $14.00

Small Pet                          $15.00

Medium Pet                     $16.00

Large Pet                          $17.00

Shampoo Taps

Shampoo Taps

High power dryers

High power dryers!!

Dog Bath







What’s New

Dog in Car

Though we did just take on a new experienced groomer, not much has changed at the shop since we opened in 1996. We’ve updated a bit and have entered the world of technology (hence our NEW website), and are in the process of cosmetic changes (painting the building, replacing the flooring). For the things that haven’t changed, we just haven’t come across anything built any better!

We will be raising our prices come January 2015. The last time this happened was in 1998, and though we have struggled to hold the prices we have…it’s time to catch up with the world. Most prices will raise by $2.00 with some exceptions.  Also to come with our new prices will be the return of our Clean Dog Discount (previously known as our once-a-month club). This club promotes the routine maintenance of your dog’s coat and claws by offering a $2.00 discount to those patrons who choose to come in at least once a month.

Also on the horizon for our shop is the long anticipated painting of our fire hydrant! After pictures to come.

Contact Us

Do It Yourself Doggie Detail

6703 W Ustick St
Boise, ID 83704


Hours of Operation

Tuesday       –   9am-9pm*

Wednesday  –   9am-7pm

Thursday     –    9am-9pm*

Friday          –    9am-7pm

Saturday      –    9am-7pm

Sunday         –   11am-5pm

Monday         –   CLOSED**

**We are open Monday, November 24th and December 22nd from 9am-7pm

*Tuesday & Thursday we have an 8:30 grooming cut off.  so if no one is here at  8:30 we close.

We appreciate dogs being finished and paid for by closing time. 

Phone: (208)378-1380
Email: [email protected]

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