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I just wanted to suggest a few considerations when selecting self-defense training.
When choosing personal defense classes remember what is at stake, your safety and the safety of the ones you care about most.
First, all of the fighting styles available today that are used in competitive sports have “no-go” moves. These taboo targets are against the rules for a reason, they can maim or kill and while that is not good in a sport that’s intended to keep competitors alive and being able to continue to compete. In true defense, it is like tying your hands behind your back while a killer has free range of motion. Just knowing those targets isn’t enough, you must learn how to strike them without causing injuries to yourself.
Second, the best self-defense situation is the one you are never in! You need a place to learn where and what to look for to identify threats and avoid them, while still living your life. Things like Situational Awareness and Predator Methodology.
Finally, you need a place that teaches what tools are available in the market for self-defense, what they can and can’t do and how to use them effectively. Including how to use other items in our environment that can be effective when you aren’t allowed to carry a traditional weapon.
DPPDefense.com offers this and more!
We also include threat detection and mitigation for animals, humans and emergency preparation. We offer regular classes and offer an in-home option, We’ll come to you.
Let us help you to #AddToYourTools and Ask us about our Student, First Responders, and  Group Discounts

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