Einstein’s Oilery

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8488 W. Overland Road Boise ID
1 (208) 429-1169

 Einstein’s Oilery is a homegrown, Idaho company founded right here in the Treasure Valley. The first Einstein’s location opened in 2007 on Fairview Avenue in Meridian. Since then, our team has worked tirelessly to expand to 8 locations in Boise, Meridian, Garden City, Nampa, and Caldwell.  Because of our local roots, we will always be deeply committed to and grateful for this community. It has truly made us what we are!


 Einstein’s Oilery was founded by Michael Meuret and Stephen Taylor, who met while employed by a chain of 5 franchised automotive maintenance centers which they managed together. During their tenure they became frustrated with the limited opportunities afforded them within the franchise structure and dreamed of one day launching a business of their own. They envisioned a company that would revolutionize the automotive oil change industry which is often characterized by dingy facilities, dishonest practices, and mediocre service. They aimed to accomplish this by providing a customer experience that was unparalleled and truly extraordinary. To embody this brand to be, they chose Albert Einstein, the very antithesis of the status quo; an extraordinary individual who lived on the cutting edge and staunchly resisted anything ordinary or boring. Einstein’s Oilery was born.

Values & Mission: 

Serving our customers:

 At Einstein’s Oilery we believe changing your oil should be enjoyable rather than a chore and that you should always leave with the utmost confidence that the job was done right. To that end, we invite you to relax in your car and watch our technicians at work on TV monitors mounted next to your vehicle. You can also enjoy a free beverage of your choice and a newspaper or surf the web on one of our complimentary in service tablets. You never need an appointment and you’ll be in and out before you know it. Plus, we only use products of the highest quality so that every Einstein’s service meets or exceeds your vehicle’s warranty requirements.

Serving our employees:

 We are deeply committed to improving the lives of our employees both personally and professionally. That’s why in addition to offering industry leading pay, benefits, and advancement opportunities; Einstein’s Oilery dedicates 10% of all profits to our employees and their families through an annual profit sharing bonus.

Serving our community and our world:

 The Einstein’s team is passionate about investing in our neighborhoods and beyond. That’s why we donate at least 20% of all profits to charitable organizations throughout the Treasure Valley and around the world. Some of our favorite causes include local schools, St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, local food banks, youth sports programs, and orphan care in Africa and India. At Einstein’s Oilery your oil change helps change the world!


Using Standard Oil: $41.99*
Using High Mileage Oil: $61.99*
High Mileage Oil is specially formulated for vehicles with more than 75,000 miles. It effectively conditions seals to prevent oil leaks and consumption
Using Full Synthetic Oil: $71.99*
Synthetic Oil maximizes engine life, fuel economy, and performance by providing the best possible lubrication and optimum protection against engine wear.

Save $6

Cleaner Combo: Add $19.98

Add an Oil System Cleaner and Fuel System Cleaner to any oil change for just $19.98 additional.
Newspaper, Beverage (Coffee, Coke Products, Cocoa, or Filtered water), New Motor Oil, New Oil Filter, Lubricate Grease Fittings, Wash Windshield, Complete Top Side and Pit Side Inspections, Review Maintenance Schedule.
Transmission, Differentials, Transfer Case, Coolant Recovery, Window Wash, Power Steering, Battery, Tire Pressure.
Air Filter, Breather Filter, PCV Valve, Lights, Wiper Blades, Brake Fluid Level, Serpentine Belt, Cabin Filter
*Prices apply to most vehicles. Includes up to 5 quarts of SAE 5w20, 5w30, 10w30, or 15w40 oil and standard oil filter. Other oil brands and weights additional. Coupons and/or discounts may not be combined with any other offers. Not all items apply to every vehicle. Sorry, we do not accept checks.


Transmission Service

This service helps protect one of the most critical components of your vehicle. It effectively maximizes the life and performance of your transmission by replacing nearly 100% of worn out fluid. Includes up to 12 quarts of new ATF. *Special ATF additional.

Cooling System Service

Provides a complete replacement of your vehicle’s antifreeze. Helps guard vital engine components against damage, leaks, and overheating caused by old fluid. Includes up to 20 quarts of new 50/50 antifreeze. *Add $20 for extended life coolant.

Gear Box Service

Replaces Differential, Transfer Case, or Manual Transmission oil. Includes up to 5 pints of mineral based gear oil. *Add $20 for Synthetic Gear Oil.

Power Steering Service

A complete flush and fill of your vehicle’s power steering system. Helps ensure safety by maintaining smooth and reliable steering.

Fuel System Service

Helps maintain engine performance, horsepower, and fuel economy by cleaning fuel lines, fuel pump, injectors, intake, etc.

Aquapel Windshield Treatment

An advanced windshield treatment designed to dramatically improve visibility in rain. Lasts up to 6 times longer than other leading glass treatments.

Engine Flush

Removes sludge, gum, and varnish deposits to improve lubrication and prolong engine life.

Air Conditioning Recharge


Fuel Filter Replacement

$59.99 & up

Air Filter Replacement

$12.99 & up

Cabin Air Filter Replacement

$19.99 & up

Serpentine Belt Replacement

$69.99 & up

Wiper Blade Replacement (each)

$12.99 & up

Light Bulb Replacement

$9.99 & up

PCV Valve Replacement

$9.99 & up

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