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It’s 2020…
Entrepreneurs need Technology

en•tre•tek /äntrə’tek/ Noun

A Salt Lake City Business Development Company founded in 2001 which currently has over 15,000 members in their flagship program, The Entrepreneur Advantage.

We are on a mission to support a healthier happier planet! We believe everyone has the potential to live the life of their dreams.

Business coaching and consulting is something that a lot of people offer, whether they are qualified or not.

Its important to find a business coach that can give you direction based on their own personal experience.

That way you can be sure that they will not only understand your circumstances but also can assure you that they overcame obstacles to achieve the same kind of success that you want to attain.

You can either learn from others who have gone before you, or you can learn from the results of your own mistakes. Business coaching and consulting can give you powerful insight into avoiding pitfalls, while also showing you how to achieve your goals faster by giving you direction and advice.

As an entrepreneur, your time is even more valuable because you are performing many different functions for your business. Getting results faster is therefore even more important to an entrepreneur.

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Design & Development

“I’m not familiar with IT” “I’m not a Web Developer”

No worries. That is our thing. The TEK in EntreTEK is all about us tackling your business from a modern, smarter-not-harder approach. Landing pages, websites, webstores, blogs, courses, and more are all within reach.

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EntreTEK Solutions

Founded in 2001, EntreTEK is a leading provider of education, tools, resources and support to entrepreneurs and small businesses. We aim to help you start, build, and grow your business with our team of business development experts.


361 W. Ironwood Drive

SSLC, Utah 84115

[email protected]


Slow Internet? Let us Help!

With everyone at home and online watching Netflix, you're probably looking a bit like this ??According to Forbes, COVID-19 pushed up internet usage by 70% and streaming more than 12% as of Wednesday and it's steadily rising ? Luckily many streaming services are doing something about it like slowing down video game downloads and cutting their video quality in order to prevent an overload.How's YOUR internet doing right now?

Posted by EntreTEK on Saturday, March 28, 2020

The Entrepreneur Advantage

So I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur.Or maybe it’s just that I can’t hold a normal job. ?No...? lol ?...I think it's that I have always looked up to my father's success and tenacity.I mean... not saying I COULD hold a normal job. I am kind of stubborn and like making my own rules... ?Anyways, that is beside the point. ?I’ve always dreamed of becoming this wonderfully successful entrepreneur at a young age.And since I’m turning 34 this month, so I guess that didn’t happen.Or did it?I mean maybe it happened without me or anyone else even noticing?But how?I am not driving a Porsche, Ferrari, or even a Lambo? ?I don't have luxury items surrounding me, and I surely haven't had a money bath recently. ?I have however been self employed for more than 13 years.I own a 5 bedroom, 3 bath house in West Jordan, Utah and I am doing just alright. ? And I have multiple cars. Which in my book means I am doing maybe a little better than alright.You see, I have no aspirations of becoming a billionaire and I do not define "wonderful success" by being wealthy beyond my wildest dreams.I define success, and wealth for that matter, as being able to live comfortably and even GIVE BACK while still building a legacy for my family. ?‍?‍?‍?I am wealthy in freedom, love, and happiness. I am wealthy in my personal connections and daily growth. ?I make my own schedule and can drop everything to be somewhere I want or need to be.And at the end of the day, you know what? ?I am thrilled to touch the lives of those I can help on my mission in life, and I am grateful for my children, my family, and my legacy.Thank you for being a part of my journey. ?#grateful #legacyminded #thegrassisjustfine #greenerwhenyouwaterit #smileyoureoncandidcamera #lifeisgood #entrepreneurlife #entretek #stillgrowingP.s. Here is the link if you're interested in joining our group: https://facebook.com/groups/entrepreneuradvantageThanks to MacVid Media for visiting our office and producing this video.

Posted by EntreTEK on Wednesday, March 4, 2020

The Entrepreneur Advantage - Learning To Learn

We are doing another FUN test run for our FREE weekly meeting! Join in and give us feedback if you'd like. We are going to be doing this EVERY Wednesday as a general practice and hope you will enjoy what we have in store for you. :)

Posted by EntreTEK on Wednesday, October 2, 2019


? Are you contributing enough to society? To your family? ?Are you earning enough? Happy doing it? ?Did you know the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics predicts more than 10.3 Million Americans will be self employed before 2023.?EntreTEK can help you create and grow your own legacy turning YOUR PASSION ♥ into PROFIT!!!?Design, Development, Coaching, Consulting, and Marketing designed for the savvy, save the world kind of entrepreneur. Talk to you soon! ??

Posted by EntreTEK on Saturday, September 21, 2019

Can't Remember - ET's Birthday!

Can't RememberI wish you something, just can't remember,Don't be upset, you're my family member.It was clearly, on my mind,With so many thoughts, it's hard to find.Maybe it's simply not that essential,Please lose that frown, you have so much potential.On second thought, it might be coming back to me,Now I know, why those brain pills were free.Visions appear of colorful balloons,In the background, I hear those fine tunes.Near the end of the dream, I can taste a delicious cake,It must be your birthday, as I awake.A Poem By Martin Dejnicki

Posted by EntreTEK on Saturday, September 21, 2019

What do you think?

We want to help businesses really get on the map... Google Maps that is, using Google My Business...heard of it? ??We created a quick Doodle "sketch" to explain the loose concept - - let us know what you think? ??

Posted by EntreTEK on Tuesday, June 4, 2019


Black Friday is so close! ?Where are you all at with your Holiday Marketing?! ?Looking for tips? Checkout this November-December Calendar from the EntreTEK Vault and we hope EVERYONE is having a prosperous and amazing year.?Be sure to download your free printable copy here: https://holidays.entretek.com ?Let us know what your ideas are for marketing this year!? ?

Posted by EntreTEK on Friday, November 16, 2018

What is "Smarketing?" Why is it vital to your success?

Posted by EntreTEK on Monday, May 6, 2019

EntreTek Talks: 001 Jeff J Hunter - King of Outsourcing

EntreTek Talks Episode ONE!!! Going live with Jeff J Hunter - Our first EntreTek Talks and an interview with Jeff J Hunter about how he is working to end world poverty!... oh and he also talks about how you can make more money with less work. ?WOW! ? We survived and we totally learned a lot about how we will be doing these going forward! Check it out and let us know, are you outsourcing?

Posted by EntreTEK on Wednesday, May 2, 2018