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Hello Everyone, I am Troy Riegle with EverythingCrossStitch.com. We are excited to introduce Chit Chat, our new message board. We have been asking folks what they would like to see us add to the site, and a message board was one of the most requested, so here it is! We hope you like it, and enjoy interacting with other crafters from all over the world. We are going to announce it in our September newsletter, but I wanted to go ahead and turn it on and see what you all think. So, I would love to hear your feedback. If you have any trouble, or would like to share ideas of ways to improve it, I would LOVE to hear from you. Just post it here, or create a new chit chat topic. The forum is open to anyone. Feel free to share anything that’s on your mind. We hope you enjoy this new feature. Sincerely, Troy Riegle EverythingCrossStitch.com
Posted By TroyRiegle on 08/14/131310 Views 24 Replies:

Can you please post the supplies and descriptions for this. Thanks.
Posted By jclifford1 at 01:07 PM31 Views 3 Replies:

I’m finally getting to the forefront of the design! The background’s been a lot to deal with, and kinda boring, despite the excitement of using 30-40 colours so far *eye-rolling emoji*. I feel like there’s some column lines here and there, but this is 1 over 1 on 25 ct. Lugana, so I’m hoping people only notice if they have really good eyes 🙂
Posted By jackie.oshell at 09:21 AM50 Views 11 Replies:
What year that ECS began the chat board?
Posted By Bermuda on 07/17/19123 Views 14 Replies:
thanks for a welcome back as I have been in a rehab center due to a broken ankle . Am back walking again
Posted By stitching at 02:18 PM16 Views 2 Replies:

By the shopping bug. That thing just took away all common sense and practicality and I was in this other world where I had this unbearable need to buy these two patterns. I just couldn’t help myself, I was controlled by the venom that little bug injects you with, even though it knows as well as I do that I needed two more patterns like I need another hole in the head. Somebody needs to kill that thing…lol 😉
Posted By Nettie on 07/18/19102 Views 16 Replies:
Thanks to everyone that gave me ideas, tips, encouragement etc regarding the Mill Hill kits. I choose a couple very small kits which were originally back ordered but arrived nearly as quickly as the items that were in stock. I also purchased the bead board thing (like a mini CD case that opens up and holds beads on both sides because of the sticky surfaces. I will let you know how it goes and post pic when I finish. Thanks again for all!! Is there an easy way to post a picture of a kit or item for sale at ECS? I’ve noticed some members post pictures of a kit they are referring to. I attempted copy image and paste into the message box but that does not work for me. Thanks in advance for you help (once again:)
Posted By fun2collect4me on 07/18/1945 Views 3 Replies:

Mary’s just thought up lime-remover-from-faucet-ends……. First you take a thin strip of cotton batten and soak it in lime remover or vinegar. Wrap this around your faucet and keep it in place by inserting it in a finger of a latex rubber glove…..I use them also for household jobs and putting tanning cream on my legs. Leave overnight and you should be left with a sparkling, like new faucet!
Posted By Marydenmark at 02:02 AM81 Views 12 Replies:
I have never been on chit chat before. I am hoping someone can help me with an answer I have with a lap pad frame. If anyone has one, could you give me some help with what would be the best to buy for all cross-stitch projects. Thanks for anyone’s help. Carolyn Maher [email protected]
Posted By johncarolynmaher on 07/14/1973 Views 3 Replies:
Janet passed away at 1 a.m. this morning. Her sister, Karen, asked if I would post her passing on the ECS chat. She said that Janet considered us friends and that she enjoyed this site so much. In addition, she is wanting to give all of Janet’s kits away except the ones that Janet had started for family members. She does not want to donate them to any institution because she wants them to go to the stitchers on this site. There is one kit that Janet started that she absolutely does not want to finish herself. It is Monet’s Water Lilies. Janet finished about a page and a half of 15 pages. I suggested that the stitchers pay for postage at least and she said no. She wants to give them and send them in Janet’s name. The kits cover all types of subjects and holidays. If you are interested in receiving any of the kits, my email is [email protected] Janet’s family will be having a memorial service in the next few days and she will be interred next to her father. Their mother is 95 years old.I told Karen that we would now keep Janet’s family in our prayers. I am sad. Peace. Pam
Posted By pamelastine11 on 07/16/19422 Views 43 Replies:
Am I supposed to keep it in a plastic bag between stitching sessions? Also is it pronounced AIDA like the opera or ADA like the name? Thanks in advance.
Posted By susieq on 07/16/19187 Views 25 Replies:

I don’t know if I have posted this WIP before. I did a search, but nothing came up, so maybe not. Anyway, this is “Water Lunch” by Design Works. I’ve been working on this off and on for over a year, maybe two. I’m stitching it 1 over 1 on 25ct evenweave using DMC. The water and sky is seemingly endless and taking me forever to stitch! Not to mention there being tons of backstitch. Just about everything is backstitched. I just decided recently that it needed to be finished, so I’m trying!
Posted By susiebelle7 on 07/18/1986 Views 11 Replies:
THANK YOU for posting all the supplies for the patterns I was looking at. I know I was a pain in your a** because, I know how tedious it can be to have to, not only, list the ones I requested but everyone else’s requests, plus doing the other things you and everyone else in your company must do to keep all of us happy in our obsessive stitching life. All of you at ECS are so accommodating, incredibly kind, helpful, and ECS is one of the first companies I have found, that not only ask their customers what they want, but also incorporate them into your products, such as the stitchin stuff box. I would also like to commend you and the entire ECS crew, and chatters, for not only making this chat feel like a community but, for also taking the time to read what is posted, and for taking part in our lives, either giving good advice or tips, offering condolences during the bad times, or just being there for a virtual shoulder to cry on, it makes a difference. I may have said this before but I thought in light of all that is going on in our personal lives, and all the tragedies, it was worth repeating. Ok, now back to Boo butterfly, that beautiful pain in the a**, that hit the wall last weekend with some colorful language attached to it, while I wait for the new ones. I noticed in this post and previous ones, I use to many commas, the words but, also, and, the, word and to much. Oh well….lol I just couldn’t end on a bad note it isn’t in my nature. I have to throw in a funny. ?
Posted By Nettie on 07/18/1980 Views 13 Replies:

Is there a ‘girl’ color chart for this sampler?
Posted By jane.s.shea at 08:26 AM22 Views 1 Replies:
Is there a 14 count fabric the same as or close to DMC floss # 995? I ‘m kinda hoping I won’t have to stitch all of the sky on my pattern.
Posted By Robinmil on 07/18/1952 Views 5 Replies:

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