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Massage Therapy • Corrective Exercise

Justin Kobbe Solace

About Us

Hybrid Health has been an evolution of alternative manual care since it opened in 2009. It has grown into a multidisciplinary clinic helping care for a wide variety of physiological dysfunctions.

Beginning simply as sophisticated massage therapy, clients were seeing high success rates and returning to their favorite life activities that once seemed out of reach. However not all were finding this level of success.

Further research and mentoring made it clear that simply mobilizing overly restricted tissues was not a complete answer and that a marriage of flexibility and strength is required in the vast majority of cases. This shift in approach led to greater studies in movement therapy, corrective exercise, neuromuscular repatterining, and reflexive stabilization. Combining these modalities together not only helped those who were not achieving the results they desired,  but it greatly increased all patient outcomes across the board.

Due to this increased success we have continued exploring a diversity of research and alternative modalities to further build our offerings and again increase our success rates as well as provide care to a greater diversity of clientele.

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Hybrid Health Introduction

Hybrid Health offers a variety of services to help clients out of pain and to perform at a higher level. This video shows footage of in office content as well as experiences from a variety of our clients.

The Difference:

The name says it all. We combine a hybrid of modalities tailored to your specific issues.

We don’t need you to return 3x a week for months. We don’t need you to commit to thousands of dollars of care.

First and foremost, we offer evidence-based massage and complimentary therapies. We combine this with movement and exercise to help change dysfunctional patterns. Then we top it off with expert coaching and education. Our job is to help you understand how to take responsibility for your own health and not become dependent on medical help. Our success rates are tremendous and often seen in 3-5 sessions.

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Hybrid Health offers a variety of services to cater to our clients unique needs.

Massage Therapy Rates

90 Minutes – $125 (Justin $135)

60 Minutes – $90

45 Minutes – $75

30 Minutes – $53

Corrective Exercise: Specialized training for chronic pain and injury

30 Minutes – $53

Postural Assessment: Inquire to learn more

30 Minutes – $53

Health Coaching:

Inquire to learn more. Plans are created to meet client specific needs.



This short video goes over some of the more common issues people are running into being stuck at home. To get a one on one evaluation to help with your Quarantitis please schedule a virtual appointment today! Feel good! 


Let it be stated that weight loss is best achieved through diet. No amount of exercise can overcome the negative effects of an unbalanced and excessively high caloric diet. However, exercise can play an important and effective role in achieving decreases in body fat and weight loss. it’s also important to differentiate between overall weight […]


The body generates energy in a few different ways. Each energy pathway is engaged at different intensities and durations of exercise. During continual exercise, contributions will be found from all pathways and can fluctuate depending available resources, metabolic training, level of exertion and various other influences (McArdle, Katch, & Katch, 2015). What is body energy […]

Massage Therapy For You

Offering the highest quality massage and movement therapies to increase your overall health

Specializing in:

Corrective exercise

Trigger Point Massage

Myofascial Release

Work related pain

Pain relief massage

Sports massage

Stress & anxiety reduction massage

Increased mobility and flexibility through massage

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage therapy has become one of Tammey’s true passions in her line of work. During her recent first time motherhood experience she realized the extreme hunger the Treasure Valley has for prenatal massage. It can help mother’s feel more comfortable with the transitions pregnancy can have on the body in a variety of ways. Tammey offers a place where mother’s can relax, destress, and manage pregnancy related discomforts. She also works with a variety of top rated prenatal care providers in the Treasure Valley, so you’re definitely in good hands.

Pregnancy is an incredible and physically demanding process. The mothers body goes through tremendous change which at times can create discomfort. Tammey provides specialty care designed for the pregnant mother and baby to be.

Tammey encourages all her clients to develop and maintain a solid self care routine for overall health and wellness. Foam rolling, stretching, and receiving regular massage therapy are great ways to help manage pain and discomforts brought on by pregnancy. Self care routines are different for everybody, so let’s come up with a routine that’s right for you.

Help manage pregnancy related discomforts by scheduling your next massage therapy appointment at Hybrid Health.


• Alleviate back & leg pain

• Reduce labor pain during childbirth

• Lessen postoperative pain

• Reduce anxiety & stress

• Improve mood & lift depression

• Ease insomnia


acute miscarriage, etopic pregnancy, deep vein thrombosis, preeclampsia, eclampsia, gestational diabetes mellitus GDM (safe to receive massage therapy if health care provider determines GDM is well managed), preterm labor, placental abnormalities, and high-level risk factors (massage may be postponed if therapist is unfamiliar with health condition or disease).

Are you suffering from Quarantitis?


Being out of your normal routine can be challenging on the body. Are the decisions your making moving you in a positive direction? Here are some simple thoughts to consider for making positive action today.

This short video goes over some of the more common issues people are running into being stuck at home.

To get a one on one evaluation to help with your Quarantitis please schedule a virtual appointment today! Feel good!


Kinsey Middleton: Professional Long Distance Runner

I think massage is an incredible tool to help me perform at an elite level in my sport. My weekly sessions with Justin are a vital part of my training and recovery, and I believe they are instrumental in my success and health. At an elite level, every single thing you can do to help improve your performance is crucial, and a weekly massage with Justin definitely helps me go the extra mile!

– Kinsey Middleton

Chelsea Maroe – IFBB Pro Competitor

Caring for your body entails prevention as much as recovery. I wanted help optimizing my athletic performance and overall well-being and I chose Hybrid Health because of their experience with professional athletes and genuine regard for every client in their care. I continue to choose Hybrid Health because the staff focuses on treating the root cause instead of the symptoms and they make an effort to teach you how achieve independence through self care. There is an evident passion for what they do and I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my body work needs!

– Chelsea Maroe

Carlee Olivera: Pro Strongwoman

I am hard on my body and I have high expectations for what I expect from it and how quickly I expect it to recover.  My high volume of training and back to back competitions can wear me down and I have to find the best ways to recover.  High demands have to be met by equally high efforts towards warm-ups, cool-downs, food and recovery.  Hybrid Health has become a staple in my recovery.  Whether it is a sore muscle from training or more importantly helping me identify weaknesses, they have been there to help me be the best athlete that I can.

– Carlee Olivera

John Trojacek: Competitive Athlete

As a competitive athlete (running, cycling, surfing, jui jitsu) Justin has worked on my body over several years and I can’t say enough positive things about his skills, treatment and ability to make problem areas go away. He has helped me get back in the game faster when training injuries have slowed me down. As a former employee of Shu’s Idaho Running Co. I spoke and worked with several athletes across several different disciplines and if anyone complained or asked about resolving aches, pains, or persistent training defects Justin was always my first recommendation. Justin is by far the best body work guy I have found, and the best use of money when trying to address an body mechanics issue. I highly recommend his services. Enjoy!

– John Trojacek


Self Care Videos – Strengthening

(Please Watch Our Short Videos Below) 

Gluteus Maximus


Lower Abdominals


Vastus Medialis (Inner Quad)


Scapular Stability


Foot/Ankle Stability


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