Idaho Balloon Adventures

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395 W State St, Eagle, Idaho 83616, USA



Fly Away On A Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience

About Us

The Petrehn Family’s Ballooning History

For more than forty years the Petrehn name has been synonymous with hot air balloons. Now, with the third generation of pilots coming up we offer the history and expertise that we have helped to develop for our clients. Our family started flying in early 1970s when our father went for his first ride. Halfway through that flight he bought the balloon and landed it! Before we knew it we were traveling the country with three balloons promoting our own lighting company.

Idaho Doesn’t Get Any More Beautiful!

We went to trade shows, air shows, balloon races, entertained clients, and gave rides. We even built and outfitted a special shaped balloon with our lighting products to fly at night; not only demonstrating our product but drawing attention to it. This technology is still used today to illuminate airships at night.

Family and romantic hot air balloon rides in Eagle, Idaho.

Our family has patented technology for balloons, broken multiple world records, won several state, regional, national and world championships and titles.

Petrehn Racing dominates in the air! This is why we are America’s Hot Air Balloon Racing Team.

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Idaho Hot Air Balloon Rides

We invite you to come fly with us aboard one of our exciting Idaho Balloon Adventures.

Your adventure begins at sunrise. We’ll pick you up or meet you at the launch-site.

Ballooning allows you to actually participate in the process of setting up and taking down the craft. We welcome you to take part if you like!

The word unbelievable will come to mind as the balloon takes shape around you with more than 100,000 cubic feet of air, as it rises taller than a 7 story building.

Once the balloon is inflated, climb aboard with us and take off to rise with the sun, flying anywhere from treetop level to several thousand feet in the air!

Float on different wind currents that provide magnificent views of the surrounding mountain peaks, river valleys and forests. Wildlife scurries away underneath as you float gracefully overhead.

While aloft we provide in-flight refreshments. Upon landing, you will enjoy a complimentary champagne reception and “continental breakfast” with fellow aeronauts.

Choose Your Balloon Adventure

Idaho Balloon Adventures has a number of fabulous flight packages available.
We typically fly 7 days a week, May through October, depending upon the weather.

Requirements for Flight

Download, Print and Sign the Waiver of Liability Form

Flying with us, whether on your bucket list, for a special occasion, or just for thrills with family and friends, does require that you meet flight requirements and sign a release form.

Passengers must be in good health. Passengers below the age of 18 need parent permission to fly,
or the parent must fly with them.

What to Bring For Your Flight

Be sure to dress for outdoor adventure! Comfortable clothing (like cotton) and long pants are preferable. If you dress in layers, you can easily adjust, and remain comfortable, during any changing temperatures, especially at daybreak.

Please wear a closed-toe shoe, preferably something that also has a good grip, like your favorite pair of sneakers. Shoes may also get wet or muddy.

With Idaho’s bright sunshine, you might want to bring a hat and/or sunglasses to make sure you get the best view! If you have safety straps to secure them – even better.

You’ll definitely want to keep that exposed skin protected
under Idaho’s strong sun, so we recommend applying some sunscreen.

You know you’re going to get some great photos, so bring your smartphone (with safety strap), enjoy the views, and make lasting memories (full-sized traditional cameras are not permitted but we do also provide selfie photos for you).

We can accommodate groups from 8 to 50 passengers, or even more (larger parties will require additional booking times). So if you have a business, large family gathering or any other group event, let us know!

Other Important Information

Medical Info

• Age, Mobility & Weight: Minors must be accompanied by parent or guardian. Adults are required to sign waivers for both themselves and accompanying minors. Passengers should be fit to stand for several hours (we recommend you test your fitness by jumping from the height of 2 stair steps and landing safely). No casts or braces, recent sprains or surgeries or related procedures. A minimum height of 4′ 6″ is recommended for viewing opportunities. $1 per pound is charged for passengers over 225 lbs. Your boarding pass includes your provided weight information.
• Pregnancy: Unfortunately, individuals who are pregnant are prohibited from flying.


• Food, Drink & Restrooms: Food and drinks are included. There is also a personal chef breakfast available at the Rib Shack for an additional fee, prepared by Chef Andrew (who might even be your pilot!). Champagne toast and local wines are also available. We encourage you to use our restrooms before departure to the launch site, as it will be a numbers of hours before we return to the Rib Shack.
• Altitude: We fly from ground level up to 12,500 feet above sea level, skimming through tree tops, dashing across the water or soaring up high with the birds. It all depends upon the winds. But you should not be afraid of the height. The rise is slow with little, if any, sense of quick movement. If you’ve used an elevator, you can fly.

Meeting Times, Weather & Rescheduling

• Meeting Times: Call-in times and meeting times can vary depending upon when you book your flight. When you do schedule your flight, specific times will be provided to you.
• Weather & Rescheduling: Weather plays a leading role in why we may have to reschedule your flight. Patience is key to finding the right conditions on the right day for the best flight experience. Wind, clouds, fog – everything plays into the decision of whether to fly or not. We understand it can be inconvenient, frustrating or disappointing, but safety is our number one priority, and so is your enjoyment.


Payment is due in full at the time of booking. Call us to see what flight days and times are available. Scheduling for the 2022 season from May through October will start on January 1, 2022. We do not accept discount tickets from third party vendors. Visa, MC, Amex and Discover are accepted. Tipping is encouraged for your good service.

Contact Us


P.O. Box 1756
395 West State Street, Suite A
Eagle, Idaho 83616

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Ph: 208-789-2223

Email: [email protected]


Where to Meet Us

Your Idaho Balloon Adventure begins in Eagle, Idaho at the award-winning Rib Shack BBQ in Eagle, Idaho:

Rib Shack BBQ
395 W. State Street
Eagle, Idaho 83616

Get Directions

From there we travel to the launch site, depending on the wind and weather conditions. Flights usually take place in the West Ada County area, along the foothills and Boise River. We transport you to the flight and return you back to your car.

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