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Senator C. Scott Grow wants to ban medical marijuana forever in Idaho’s Constitution!

Senator C. Scott Grow has proposed SJR 101, a constitutional amendment that would ban all drugs under Schedule I & II—including medical marijuana, full spectrum CBD oil, and industrial hemp—in the state constitution, making it impossible for the people to ever legalize medical marijuana in America’s last absolute prohibition state.

The sister-in-law of State Sen. C. Scott Grow is a medical marijuana patient suffering from severe chronic pain. Her husband, Keith Detro, has composed a letter explaining how marijuana is the only substance that has provided her pain relief and freed her from the side-effects of opioid painkillers.

“I remember how her expression slowly changed to that of astonishment,” writes Detro, “as she said, ‘I can feel the pain leaving my fingers!’ The exclamations continued until she finally said, ‘for the first time in years; I cannot feel any pain.’”

Detro explained how Idaho’s continued prohibition of marijuana has forced himself and his wife to move to Oregon, where her daughter (Sen. Grow’s niece) is a medical marijuana grower.

“Since my wife would not bring illegal drugs into Idaho, she moved into her daughter’s home for treatment,” Detro explained. “With this treatment, Mr. Grow’s sister-in-law no longer needs to muffle her agony. She no longer suffers from intense constipation, ‘picking’ at her skin, insomnia, addiction, rebound headaches and other opioid side-effects. She no longer needs to face the risk of overdose.”

Sen. Grow’s amendment, if passed, would forever ban his own sister-in-law from ever returning to Idaho to live pain-free. Detro’s full letter is included below.

Few individuals have had the opportunity to witness firsthand, investigate and discover for them-self the potential benefits of medical marijuana than Mr. Grow. His niece is a long-term grower of medical marijuana; and his sister-in-law has benefited from its use in life-changing ways that no FDA approved drug has.

His niece started growing medical marijuana in California and now grows in Oregon. She and her significant other routinely produce a cannabis crop that tops all others in purity and effectiveness. They number among the most skilled and informed members of the medical marijuana community. They are a wellspring of firsthand knowledge. They have a lifetime of relevant experiences. And they are respected leaders in this profession.

Their farm and production processes are highly regulated and routinely inspected. Their crop undergoes rigorous laboratory testing and would be rejected for even the smallest deviation.

Yet, with this astounding resource at his hand and considering his choice to be an authoritative voice on the topic; Mr. Grow has never contacted his niece; never asked a question, never offered to debate the topic, and never requested evidence of health and treatment benefits. How could any open minded leader scorn such an opportunity?

Mr. Grow’s sister-in-Law (and my wife) suffers from a severe mitochondrial condition. (The mitochondria converts sugar into energy, there are hundreds in each human cell and contain their own DNA) The mitochondria in her muscles and nerves have mutated, greatly reducing their efficiency and leaving my wife 95% bedridden. The effect on her nerves includes the result of being in severe pain 24/7.

She is treated by the Chief of Staff for Treasure Valley’s Chapter of MD (Muscular Dystrophy). She was prescribed twelve 10mg “Norco’s” (opioids) a day. They also contain acetaminophen. Twelve Norco’s delivers the highest amount of acetaminophen possible without overdosing and causing kidney failure.  Even at that quantity, they did not mask all her pain.  That is the only thing opioids do—mask pain (and cause severe side-effects). They do nothing to treat the underlying source. They are highly addictive, the leading pharmaceutical abused drug on the street and a leading killer of Americans due to accidental overdose by patients and by abusers, as well as suicide. They have extreme side-effects, especially with high doses

My wife, like her mom and the rest of her family; are hardly frail.  They are of the same stock as their prairie-crossing; mountain-traversing ancestors. Yet, day after day I could hear her muffled cries of agony; even as she sought to spare me this burden.

My stepdaughter continuously advised us to try marijuana. We did not want to bring illegal drugs into our home and believed what the government was saying. More than a year later; a friend was visiting my wife and pulled out two cookies made with marijuana. In desperation my wife ate them. I remember how her expression slowly changed to that of astonishment as she said, “I can feel the pain leaving my fingers!” The exclamations continued until she finally said, “for the first time in years; I cannot feel any pain.”

Marijuana is not a ‘pain killer’ like opioids.  It does not work by simply masking pain. It affects various systems changing their malignant behavior and thereby reducing or eliminating the associated symptoms. It is my opinion as a professional systems analyst, albeit non-medical; that the reason marijuana works so well for my wife is due to her nerves being so under charged. The nerve receptors in the brain get bad data and consequently generates false pain. Marijuana either positively affects the data from the nerves or prevents the pain receptors from sending rogue pain signals.

My stepdaughter moved her farm to Oregon. Since my wife would not bring illegal drugs into Idaho, she moved into her daughter’s home for treatment. With this treatment, Mr. Grow’s sister-in-law no longer needs to muffle her agony. She no longer suffers from intense constipation, ‘picking’ at her skin, insomnia, addiction, rebound headaches and other opioid side-effects. She no longer needs to face the risk of overdose. But to receive this treatment; she must leave the State of Idaho. She must escape the tired rhetoric of those who will oppose a thing without exploring a thing; even when it exists within their own family.

Idaho is not the medical research center of the world; yet Idaho is the only state to not accept the use of marijuana in any form. If it is not expertise that has brought Idaho to this choice; one must ask “what has?”

– Keith Detro

The Idaho branch of the American Civil Liberties is opposing Idaho Senate Joint Resolution 101, a proposed constitutional amendment sponsored by Sen. C. Scott that would enshrine Idaho’s currently banned Schedule I & II drugs in the state constitution.

“Because this is a constitutional amendment, the question would be put to Idaho voters in the next general election,” the ACLU explains.

“After an election year where numerous states legalized marijuana, or in some cases decriminalized drugs via ballot initiative,” says the post at the ACLU Idaho page, “this amendment attempts to cleverly stifle citizens’ ability to pursue that objective here in Idaho.”





About the Idaho Citizens Coalition

Whether it is as little effort as emailing a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper and sharing our content on social media, or as much as effort volunteering your time and donating your money, everybody can help.


Idaho is the ONLY state in America that has NO regulations on personal marijuana use by adults, medical marijuana use by sick and disabled Idahoans, or even industrial hemp production by Idaho farmers.

Our mission is to promote safe, strict, sensible and secure regulations of the cannabis plant and all its uses in the State of Idaho.

The Idaho Medical Marijuana Act of 2022

Why are we so dedicated to passing medical marijuana in Idaho? Read our Chief Petitioner’s story:

When you look at a map of states based on their acceptance of marijuana, Idaho stands out as Prohibition Island. To the north in Canada, to the west in Washington and Oregon, and to the southwest in Nevada, marijuana is legal to possess and use for all adults. To the southeast in Utah and the northeast in Montana, marijuana is legal for medical use. Even to the east in Wyoming, cannabidiol, a marijuana derivative, is legal for medical use.

Idaho is one of just three states remaining (the others being South Dakota and Nebraska) that criminally prohibit the possession and use of any sort of marijuana or its derivatives, even for those using it for medical purposes.

The state in which one lives should not subject one to unnecessary suffering. It is no longer 1996, when California became the first state to pass a law recognizing the medical benefits of cannabis. Nearly two dozen years later, thirty-three states, the District of Columbia, and four of five US territories (Guam, Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, & US Virgin Islands) have medical marijuana laws on the books. Further research has demonstrated what people have known for generations: medical marijuana works.

Idaho should be no different. In 2022, the people of Idaho will join most of the rest of the nation by passing the Idaho Medical Marijuana Act of 2022.

Read IMMA Text

Chief Petitioner John Belville, February 1968, with spokesperson Russ Belville

My name is Russ Belville, and I am a spokesperson for the Idaho Cannabis Coalition’s campaign for the Idaho Medical Marijuana Act of 2022. That’s my dad, John Belville, holding me a few weeks after my birth in 1968.

John Belville is the Chief Petitioner for the Idaho Medical Marijuana Act. His story is like many stories I’ve heard from people young and old who have learned one simple fact: medical marijuana works.

Dad is 77 years old and suffers from peripheral neuropathy – a stinging, burning nerve pain that is excruciating at times. To treat his intractable pain, doctors put him on a regimen of opiate painkillers like oxycodone and morphine. To treat the side effects from those pills, doctors prescribed another handful of pills.

At 77, however, the body’s organs don’t function as well as they used to. Dad’s kidneys had already been weakened by illness. Now, under the stress of all the pharmaceutical drugs he’s taking, they are functioning at one-fourth their capacity.

Simply put, if Dad wants relief from pain, it will definitely shorten his remaining life.

But not if he had the legal option to use safe, effective, non-toxic cannabis to treat his pain. Cannabis that has been shown in scientific studies to be effective even at low doses at alleviating neuropathic pain.

Russ Belville, lobbying in Washington, D.C., in 2006

I’ve been working on the issue of marijuana law reform since 2005. I’ve been a part of campaigns to improve medical marijuana and legalize recreational marijuana in Oregon. I’ve covered every successful and unsuccessful marijuana reform campaign in the United States since then. But despite every gain made in state after state to protect people using cannabis from criminal prosecution, I’ve always been vexed by the steadfast refusal of my home state, Idaho, to relent on its prohibition of even medical marijuana.

With news of my father’s worsening medical condition, I pleaded with him to just pick up and move the 35 miles west to Oregon, where he can use medical marijuana legally. He won’t budge. He was born in Idaho (Shelley) and has lived in Idaho (Nampa) all his 77 years. My mother was born and lived in Idaho (Nampa) all her 72 years. They raised me and my two brothers in Idaho. Heck, Mom and Dad still drive up into the mountains and hunt deer and elk in Idaho.

But the pills are killing him.

We know medical marijuana works. When Mom and Dad visited me in Oregon, he had the opportunity to try full-spectrum cannabis oil to treat his pain — just the tiniest amount. Dad told me he got some of the best sleep he’s had in years. He also talked about the lifting of that “fog” in his mind from the opiates, because he didn’t have to take them all thanks to the oil.

(L-R) Russ Belville, John Belville, Jackie Belville, and Lori Duckworth supporting BSU at the 2017 Las Vegas Bowl

So, change the law we must. I’m not going to sit idly by and let another election cycle pass in the state of Idaho without the voters having a say in whether my father needs to continue paying outrageous prices on a fixed income for opiate painkillers that are killing him. I think the people of Idaho are ready to allow sick and disabled adults to possess and use a non-toxic plant, and even grow it themselves if they have the need.

I hope you’ll join all of us in changing Idaho law for all sick and disabled Idahoans. –RB


The 70 representatives of the Idaho House and the 35 senators of the Idaho Senate work for the people of Idaho, regardless of how those people may have voted.

Please let them know that you oppose Idaho Sen. C. Scott Grow’s proposed medical marijuana prohibition amendment, SJR 101.

State Sen. C. Scott Grow has proposed an amendment to the state constitution that would not only ban all marijuana (even hemp!) forever in Idaho, it would make it impossible for the people of Idaho to ever pass an initiative to overturn the ban. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Legislators need to know that the people of Idaho — YOU! — are against this constitutional amendment.


(You can use the “Who’s My Legislator?” tool above to find out who represents you at the statehouse. You only need to enter in your street address, city, and ZIP code.)

Some points to make, use any of them you like, in your own words:

This would ban medical marijuana forever.

This would ban industrial hemp forever.

The people could never overturn that ban, because the people can’t propose amendments.

This ties Idaho’s Constitution to the federal FDA.

The FDA can never regulate marijuana—it can’t regulate plants.

If the people don’t want marijuana, they can just vote no on marijuana initiatives.

Polls show 3/4 of Idahoans want medical marijuana.

The federal government is set to pass the MORE Act, which would end federal prohibition. Idaho’s marijuana laws would then be stricter than the feds.

This amendment is a backdoor attempt to stop Idahoans from legalizing medical marijuana.

This amendment shows the legislature knows the people of Idaho want and would pass a medical marijuana law, like every state around Idaho already has.


Here are all of the contact information for your Idaho Legislators. Take the time to contact the ones from your area.

Legislator  ⁄  Statehouse Phone  ⁄  Email

Sen. Jim Woodward (R-1)

PO Box 151
Sagle, ID 83860

Ph: (208) 332-1349


Sen. Steve Vick (R-2)

2140 E Hanley Ave
Dalton Gardens, ID 83815

Ph: (208) 332-1345


Sen. Peter Riggs (R-3)

PO Box 68
Post Falls, ID 83877

Ph: (208) 332-1338


Sen. Mary Souza (R-4)

PO Box 2223
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816

Ph: (208) 332-1322


Sen. David Nelson (D-5)

804 East E St
Moscow, ID 83843

Ph: (208) 332-1405


Sen. Daniel Johnson (R-6)

PO Box 2117
Lewiston, ID 83501

Ph: (208) 332-1421


Sen. Carl Crabtree (R-7)

36 White Tail Acres Ln
Grangeville, ID 83530

Ph: (208) 332-1355


Sen. Steven Thayn (R-8)

5655 Hillview Rd
Emmett, ID 83617

Ph: (208) 332-1344


Sen. Abby Lee (R-9)

5370 Elmore Rd
Fruitland, ID 83619 (208) 332-1325


Sen. Jim Rice (R-10)

225 Appalachian St
Caldwell, ID 83607

Ph: (208) 332-1423


Sen. Patti Anne Lodge (R-11)

18500 Symms Rd
Caldwell, ID 83607

Ph: (208) 332-1320


Sen. Todd Lakey (R-12)

12905 Venezia Ct
Nampa, ID 83651

Ph: (208) 332-1328


Sen. Jeff Agenbroad (R-13)

3615 Portland Ave
Nampa, ID 83686

Ph: (208) 332-1329


Sen. C. Scott Grow (R-14)

4250 W Sugarberry Ct
Eagle, ID 83616

Ph: (208) 332-1334


Sen. Fred Martin (R-15)

3672 Tumbleweed Pl
Boise, ID 83713

Ph: (208) 332-1407


Sen. Grant Burgoyne (D-16)

2203 Mountain View Dr
Boise, ID 83706

Ph: (208) 332-1409


Sen. Ali Rabe (D-17)

106 N Harrell St
Boise, ID 83706

Ph: (208) 332-1352


Sen. Janie Ward-Engelking (D-18)

3578 S Crosspoint Ave
Boise, ID 83706

Ph: (208) 332-1425


Sen. Melissa Wintrow (D-19)

1711 Ridenbaugh St
Boise, ID 83702

Ph: (208) 332-1339


Sen. Chuck Winder (R-20)

5528 N Ebbetts Ave
Boise, ID 83713

Ph: (208) 332-1354


Sen. Regina Bayer (R-21)

265 E Calderwood Dr
Meridian, ID 83642

Ph: (208) 332-1331


Sen. Lori Den Hartog (R-22)

PO Box 267
Meridian, ID 83680

Ph: (208) 332-1340


Sen. Christy Zito (R-23)

8821 Old Highway 30
Hammett, ID 83627

Ph: (208) 332-1336


Sen. Lee Heider (R-24)

1631 Richmond Dr
Twin Falls, ID 83301

Ph: (208) 332-1347


Sen. Jim Patrick (R-25)

2231 E 3200 N
Twin Falls, ID 83301

Ph: (208) 332-1318


Sen. Michelle Stennett (D-26)

PO Box 475
Ketchum, ID 83340

Ph: (208) 332-1353


Sen. Kelly Arthur Anthon (R-27)

725 E 300 S
Burley, ID 83318

Ph: (208) 332-1327


Sen. Jim Guthrie (R-28)

320 S Marsh Creek Rd
McCammon, ID 83250

Ph: (208) 332-1348


Sen. Mark Nye (D-29)

PO Box N
Pocatello, ID 83205

Ph: (208) 332-1406


Sen. Kevin Cook (R-30)

1184 E Lazy Lane
Idaho Falls, ID 83404

Ph: (208) 332-1358


Sen. Steve Bair (R-31)

947 W 200 S
Blackfoot, ID 83221

Ph: (208) 332-1346


Sen. Mark Harris (R-32)

1619 8-Mile Creek Rd
Soda Springs, ID 83276

Ph: (208) 332-1429


Sen. Dave Lent (R-33)

1186 Caysie Cir
Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Ph: (208) 332-1313


Sen. Doug Ricks (R-34)

140 S 3rd East
Rexburg, ID 83440

Ph: (208) 332-1301


Sen. Van Burtenshaw (R-35)

1329 E 1500 N
Terreton, ID 83450

Ph: (208) 332-1342



More tools for contacting your Idaho State Legislators can be found at

Legislator  ⁄  Statehouse Phone  ⁄  Email

Rep. Heather Scott (R-1A)

PO Box 134
Blanchard, ID 83804

(208) 332-1190


Rep. Sage Dixon (R-1B)

PO Box 206

Ponderay, ID 83852

(208) 332-1185


Rep. Vito Barbieri (R-2A)

564 E Prairie Ave

Dalton Gardens, ID 83815

(208) 332-1177


Rep. Doug Okuniewicz (R-2B)

2519 W Berkley Ln

Hayden, ID 83835

(208) 332-1070


Rep. Ron Mendive (R-3A)

3732 S Dusty Ln

Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814

(208) 332-1040


Rep. Tony Wisniewski (R-3B)

PO Box 2483

Post Falls, ID 83854

(208) 332-1060


Rep. Jim Addis (R-4A)

P.O. Box 645

Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816

(208) 332-1065


Rep. Paul Amador (R-4B)

333 W. Vista Dr

Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815

(208) 332-1048


Rep. Brandon Mitchell (R-5A)

2405 Cambridge Ct

Moscow, ID 83843

(208) 332-1175


Rep. Caroline Nilsson Troy (R-5B)

2794 Highway 95

Genesee, ID 83832

(208) 332-1035


Rep. Aaron von Ehlinger (R-6A)

613 Bryden Ave Ste C # 183

Lewiston, ID 83501

(208) 332-1184


Rep. Mike Kingsley (R-6B)

3413 Bluebird Circle

Lewiston, ID 83501

(208) 332-1133


Rep. Priscilla Giddings (R-7A)

PO Box 434

White Bird, ID 83554

(208) 332-1033


Rep. Charlie Shepherd (R-7B)

PO Box 293

Pollock, ID 83547

(208) 332-1067


Rep. Terry Gestrin (R-8A)

PO Box 399

Donnelly, ID 83615

(208) 332-1124


Rep. Dorothy Moon (R-8B)

4575 Jordan Creek

Stanley, ID 83278

(208) 332-1180


Rep. Ryan Kerby (R-9A)

5470 Highway 52

New Plymouth, ID 83655

(208) 332-1166


Rep. Judy Boyle (R-9B)

PO Box 57

Midvale, ID 83645

(208) 332-1064


Rep. Julie Yamamoto (R-10A)

2619 S Willow Brook Pl

Caldwell, ID 83605

(208) 332-1052


Rep. Greg Chaney (R-10B)

PO Box 489

Caldwell, ID 83606

(208) 332-1055


Rep. Scott Syme (R-11A)

206 S 9th Ave Ste 105

Caldwell, ID 83605

(208) 332-1047


Rep. Tammy Nichols (R-11B)

10 S Hawthorne Dr # 651

Middleton, ID 83644

(208) 332-1044


Rep. Bruce Skaug (R-12A)

1226 E Karcher Rd

Nampa, ID 83687

(208) 332-1178


Rep. Rick Youngblood (R-12B)

12612 Smith Av

Nampa, ID 83651

(208) 332-1059


Rep. Brent Crane (R-13A)

PO Box 86

Nampa, ID 83653

(208) 332-1058


Rep. Ben Adams (R-13B)

1921 Hoover St

Nampa, ID 83686

(208) 332-1063


Rep. Mike Moyle (R-14A)

480 N Plummer Rd

Star, ID 83669

(208) 332-1122


Rep. Gayann DeMordaunt (R-14B)

1017 S Arbor Island Way

Eagle, ID 83616

(208) 332-1057


Rep. Steve Berch (D-15A)

PO Box 4903

Boise, ID 83711

(208) 332-1039


Rep. Codi Galloway (R-15B)

13579 W Annabrook Dr

Boise, ID 83713

(208) 332-1176


Rep. John McCrostie (D-16A)

7820 W Riverside Dr

Garden City, ID 83714

(208) 332-1083


Rep. Colin Nash (D-16B)

6833 W Russett St

Boise, ID 83704

(208) 332-1075


Rep. John Gannon (D-17A)

1104 S Johnson St

Boise, ID 83705

(208) 332-1082


Rep. Sue Chew (D-17B)

1304 Lincoln Ave

Boise, ID 83706

(208) 332-1049


Rep. Ilana Rubel (D-18A)

2750 Migratory Dr

Boise, ID 83706

(208) 332-1034


Rep. Brooke Green (D-18B)

2942 E Parkriver Dr

Boise, ID 83706

(208) 332-1080


Rep. Lauren Necochea (D-19A)

PO Box 1634

Boise, ID 83701

(208) 332-1078


Rep. Chris Mathias (D-19B)

PO Box 8753

Boise, ID 83707

(208) 332-1076


Rep. Joe Palmer (R-20A)

1524 N Meridian Rd

Meridian, ID 83642

(208) 332-1062


Rep. James Holtzclaw (R-20B)

3720 N Heritage View Ave

Meridian, ID 83646

(208) 332-1041


Rep. Steven Harris (R-21A)

3432 E Plympton Dr

Meridian, ID 83642

(208) 332-1043


Rep. Greg Ferch (R-21B)

PO Box 190671

Boise, ID 83719

(208) 332-1072


Rep. John Vander Woude (R-22A)

5311 Ridgewood Rd

Nampa, ID 83687

(208) 332-1037


Rep. Jason Monks (R-22B)

3865 S Black Cat Rd

Meridian, ID 83687

(208) 332-1036


Rep. Matthew Bundy (R-23A)

1735 Castle Way

Mountain Home, ID 83647

(208) 332-1181


Rep. Megan Blanksma (R-23B)

595 S Thacker Rd

Hammett, ID 83627

(208) 332-1054


Rep. Lance Clow (R-24A)

2170 Bitterroot Dr

Twin Falls, ID 83301

(208) 332-1188


Rep. Linda Wright Hartgen (R-24B)

1681 Wildflower Ln

Twin Falls, ID 83301

(208) 332-1061


Rep. Laurie Lickey (R-25A)

445 E 400 South

Jerome, ID 83338

(208) 332-1024


Rep. Clark Kauffman (R-25B)

3791 N 2100 E

Filer, ID 83328

(208) 332-1182


Rep. Muffy Davis (D-26A)

PO Box 1477

Ketchum, ID 83340

(208) 332-1174


Rep. Sally Toone (D-26B)

2096 E 1500 S

Gooding, ID 83330

(208) 332-1032


Rep. Scott Bedke (R-27A)

PO Box 89

Oakley, ID 83346

(208) 332-1123


Rep. Fred Wood (R-27B)

PO Box 1207

Burley, ID 83318

(208) 332-1074


Rep. Randy Armstrong (R-28A)

PO Box 8

Inkom, ID 83245

(208) 332-1046


Rep. Kevin Andrus (R-28B)

6948 E Old Oregon Trail Rd

Lava Hot Springs, ID 83246

(208) 332-1045


Rep. Dustin Manwaring (R-29A)

1469 W. Quinn Road

Pocatello, ID 83202

(208) 332-1079


Rep. James Ruchti (D-29B)

5100 Pinyon Rd

Pocatello, ID 83204

(208) 332-1031


Rep. Gary Marshall (R-30A)

5714 N 26th West

Idaho Falls, ID 83402

(208) 332-1081


Rep. Wendy Horman (R-30B)

1860 Heather Circle

Idaho Falls, ID 83406

(208) 332-1071


Rep. David Cannon (R-31A)

75 E Judicial St

Blackfoot, ID 83221

(208) 332-1086


Rep. Julianne Young (R-31B)

275 N 400 West

Blackfoot, ID 83221

(208) 332-1038


Rep. Marc Gibbs (R-32A)

632 Highway 34

Grace, ID 83241

(208) 332-1042


Rep. Chad Christensen (R-32B)

PO Box 434

Iona, ID 83427

(208) 332-1183


Rep. Barbara Ehardt (R-33A)

961 J St

Idaho Falls, ID 83402

(208) 332-1189


Rep. Marco Erickson (R-33B)

646 Crestview Ave

Idaho Falls, ID 83402

(208) 332-1073


Rep. Jon Weber (R-34A)

64 E Main St

Rexburg, ID 83440

(208) 332-1053


Rep. Ron Nate (R-34B)

2139 Ferris Lane

Rexburg, ID 83440

(208) 332-1173


Rep. Karey Hanks (R-35A)

463 N. 1800 E.

St. Anthony, ID 83445

(208) 332-1179


Rep. Ron Furniss (R-35B)

346 N 4456 East

Rigby, ID 83442

(208) 332-1056


More tools for contacting your Idaho State Legislators can be found at


Your local newspaper’s Opinion section helps legislators judge the amount and intensity of support for reforming Idaho’s antiquated marijuana prohibition laws.

Here are some of the major publications in Idaho that accept Letters to the Editor. Remember:

Be brief—most publications only accept 200–300 words for your submission.

Be personal—explain how Idaho’s current marijuana prohibition laws are affecting you and your family.

Be local—only write to the publications that serve your local area.

Be polite—we want readers who may disagree to still respect our opinions.

Click on the links below for information:

News Media


Boise Weekly


Idaho Statesman


Coeur d’Alene/Post Falls Press

Coeur d’Alene

Teton Valley News


Idaho County Free Press



Idaho Falls

Lewiston Tribune


Moscow-Pullman Daily News


Idaho Press


Argus Observer


Idaho State Journal


Bonner County Daily Bee


Magic Valley Times-News

Twin Falls

Shoshone News Press


If you have other publications you know that will accept Letters to the Editor, please contact us.


TAKE ACTION: Join us at the State Capitol to Oppose the Medical Marijuana Prohibition Amendment

February 1, 2021

Join us in Boise Monday at 11:00am, Idaho State Senate, to oppose SJR 101, a constitutional amendment to forever prohibit medical marijuana.

We will NOT be able to testify, but representatives will be there to speak with as many sensors as possible.

January 27, 2021

The Idaho State Senate Affairs committee on Wednesday unanimously agreed to delay a vote on SJR 101, a constitutional amendment proposed by State Sen. C. […]

January 27, 2021

This morning, Russ Belville, Bill Esbensen, and Lori Duckworth will visit the Idaho State Capitol to lobby our legislators to table SJR 101, the proposed […]



Idaho is literally the last political jurisdiction in America where possession of any amount of anything with THC in it—including industrial hemp and low-THC CBD oil—is an crime worthy of jail.


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