Idaho’s Hot Springs

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The Ultimate Guide to Idaho’s Hot Springs

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About Hot Springs 101

Hot Springs

Hot Springs are God’s Fountain of youth.  Hot springs refresh the mind, body and spirit.  This website is dedicated to hot spring enthusiasts   You have arrived at the ultimate hot springs website.  This website provides comprehensive knowledge to help to visit and enjoy natural hot springs. 

Hot Spring Etiquette

There is an etiquette at hot springs.  There is always a courtesy code at in nature and at hot springs.  It is important to know the laws of the land.  It is important to know and follow the law.  Its always best to know the local customs.  Laws and local customs can and are different from spring to spring.  Being aware of them and using the golden rule is always a good start.  


1. Respect the Individual.   Be considerate of fellow hot spring enthusiasts.

2. Respect Nature.  Be gentle to the environment that include animals, plants and trees.

3.Pack out what you pack in.  Pick up all garbage even if it isn’t yours.

4. No Dogs in hot springs.

5. No Glass at hot springs.

6. No Soap in hot springs.  No cleaning your hair or body.

7. No Candles at hot springs.

8.No Eating in hot springs.

9. No Sex in hot springs.

10. Hot springs can be clothing optional.  Nudity is better so you don’t get dirt or soap from your clothes.

Locating Hot Springs

This website provides the latest for all hot springs locations.  Hot springs do change and some close their business, the forest service closes it or the spring flow changes.  This website tries to provide the most updated information.  Each page will contain comments for hot spring enthusiast to give the latest and greatest for each spring.  This website gives directions, maps, videos, pictures, gps, accessibility rating, description of the pools with temps and size and condition.   There are videos of each spring.  I rate the spring and link to each spring if it is available.  The most important thing is to enjoy and have fun.

Safety First Hot Springs

1)  ​The thermal injury will occur with just five seconds of exposure to 140-degree F (60°C) water.
2)  Naegleria fowleri, colloquially known as the “brain-eating amoeba” can be found in hot springs.
3)  Red spider mites frequent hot springs and do bite humans.

The BEST Idaho Hot Springs

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I went on a little road trip last week to find the best of the best hot springs in Idaho, beginning in Boise. The objective was simple: Soak is as many beautiful places as possible and find the best ones. It was a smashing success. Here’s where we went: Idaho City Hot Springs: A nice big pool, private jacuzzis, and even a steam bath. This one isn’t a natural one and you do have to pay to use it but it’s a nice stop between Boise and Stanley. Kirkham Hot Springs: A popular one in Idaho, it’s pretty nice in the winter months when there are fewer people around. This hot spring features waterfalls and a bunch of different pools and best of all, it’s nice and HOT. Mountain Village Resort Hot Springs: The first stop in Stanley, Mountain Village has its own little barn hot spring that you can use when you stay at the hotel. Boat/Boater Box hot springs: This little tub on the river is adorable and a nice little place to soak. Sunbeam hot springs: My personal favorite, this hot spring is so nice and hot and it’s also the only one I had all to myself! It’s just 10 minutes down the road from Boater box. Goldbug Hot Spring: Idaho’s most famous but for good reason. This one requires a 2-mile hike in and you get rewarded with hot springs of various temperatures and an incredible view. For more hot springs that weren’t featured in this video along with a map and suggestions on where to stay, read the blog post:…

Click below onto the hot springs for detailed information.

Each hot springs page includes locations, directions, maps, descriptions, photos, videos, reviews, and more.

Listed alphabetically below are the hot springs for the great state of Idaho.

(Active pages are bold and underlined)

(Updated regularly)

(Interactive Map coming soon)

Aura Soma Lava
Banbury Hot Springs
Baumgartner Hot Springs
Basin Creek Hot Springs
Bear Lake Hot Springs 
Boat Box Hot Springs
Bonneville Hot Springs
Burgdorf Hot Springs
​Challis Hot Springs
Chattanooga Hot Springs
Cove Creek Hot Springs
Downata Hot Springs
Durfee Hot Springs
​Easley Hot Springs
Elkhorn Hot Springs
​Frenchman’s Bend Hot Springs
Givens Hot Springs
Goldbug Hot Springs
Gold Fork Hot Springs
Green Canyon Hot Springs
Haven Hot Springs
Heise Hot Springs
Home Hot Springs
Horseshoe Hot Springs
Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch
Indian Springs Resort
Jerry Johnson’s Hot Springs
Kem Hot Springs
Kirkham Hot Springs
Lava Hot Springs Inn
Lava Hot Springs
Maple Grove Hot Springs
Middle Fork Hot Springs
Milford Hot Springs
Miracle Hot Springs
Mountain Village Resort
Mundo Hot Springs
Nat-Soo-Pah Hot Springs
​Pincock Hot Springs
Pine Flats Hot Springs
Red River Hot Springs
Riverdale Resort Hot Springs
Riverside Inn & Hot Springs
Rocky Canyon Hot Springs
Roystone Hot Springs
Silver Creek Plunge
Snively Hot Springs

​Stanley Hot Springs
​Starkey Hot Springs
Sacajawea Hot Springs
Samuel’s Hot Springs
Sawtooth Hot Springs
South Fork Hot Springs 
Sunbeam Hot Springs
Terrace Lakes Hot Springs
The Springs
1000 Springs Resort​

Trail Creek Hot Springs
Trinity Hot Springs
Twin Springs Resort
Vulcan Hot Springs
​Warfield Hot Springs
Warm Lake
Weir Creek Hot Springs
Wild Rose Hot Springs
​Zim’s Hot Springs

Idaho Hot Springs Map – 52 Top Soak Spots

Finally, a comprehensive map to help you explore all the best hot springs in Idaho and to find which soak spots are closest to you.

Click below to view a map that includes 52 natural hot springs, hot spring resorts, hotels, and parks in Idaho. All the spots are linked to Google maps for directions and for easily finding more information.

View Map

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