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About Mike

My passion for photography began at a young age. Growing up in Boise, Idaho, I loved looking at old black and white photographs of buildings, dams, cars and people in the early 1900’s. I wondered what life must have been like back then, and who the people were that took the photographs.

Those earlier photographers captured moments in time that would have otherwise been lost. Photographers document history and leave a legacy for future generations.

I purchased my first camera, a used Mamiya 35mm SLR, for $50 at a pawn shop when I was in high school with dreams of working for National Geographic. It didn’t take long for me to realize the odds of working for such an esteemed magazine or becoming a successful photographer were slim, to say the least, especially in 1967.

As photography began to transition from film to digital, I bought my first point-and-shoot around 2002, and over the years, continued to invest in professional equipment as my photography business began to grow. When time became more available to pursue my dream, I dedicated myself to learning everything I could from books, online classes and shooting thousands of images.

Although I have had a fulfilling career as a chiropractor since 1985, my passion has always been photography. 

As a photographer, I understood that having a niche was critical. I spent my early years working in construction; fascinated by the building process, I developed an eye for architectural and construction documentation. I love to photograph landscapes, old buildings and automobiles because they don’t move or complain how they look!

Three years ago, I realized drone photography was the wave of the future for architectural and construction photo documentation. I received my FAA drone certification and have been insured since 2017.

I am proud to also announce that I’ve recently received my Trusted Operator Program Certification from the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International as well.

I view photography as a creative challenge, and it motivates me to improve my images for my customers and for myself.

Future Focused Visions Inspired By The Past

From a very early age I was fascinated by historical photographs; the stories they told as well as the mysteries they held. It was those faded and grainy images that transformed my love for photography into a passion that could not be denied.

That passion has lead to some amazing opportunities and experiences! Over the years I’ve moved from traditional film into the real of digital photography, as well as drone video upon receiving my FAA certification in 2017.

I enjoy challenging structures and scenes that generally frustrate others; find true satisfaction in capturing buildings in ways that even the people who designed them never envisioned.

Please enjoy browsing through my selection of works, return often to see my latest visual adventures, and feel free to contact me to schedule photographic services.


Video Marketing

Showcase your products or services with the power of video! Check out my latest videos here!

Video brings your services and products to LIFE!

I am passionate about imagery and I know how much of a difference having quality photos and video of what you do can be. Whether it’s showcasing your showroom, or just showing off your latest work I have the skills you will need to look your very best!


Architectural Imagery

I love architecture and the challenge it presents in capturing the perfect perspectives.

The unique challenges that architectural photography and videography present are one of the primary reasons why I truly enjoy it!

Every project is different and poses varying obstacles to overcome in order to capture the big picture of what’s going on. Whether it’s a client who is on the other side of the planet that needs to see progress from boots on the ground, or just one that wants a beautiful archive of their hard work I’m glad to provide the very best imagery.


Drone Services

Distance lends perspective! Get a broad view of your project from above with drone video and photography!

It is amazing how much difference a change in perspective makes!

And getting above it all with a drone really takes things to the next level! I love the unique viewpoint that getting up above things presents. Whether it’s for something like showing off a tree-trimming service, or just getting an wide view of the beautiful surrounding area, drone video really captures things in a manner that catches the eye like no other.



I love the wide open places! Getting great landscape images combines skill and just the right timing.

There is nothing so majestic as the great outdoors!

I truly love the time I get to spend in the wild places throughout our beautiful country! The scenic wonder of the Rocky Mountains, the quiet calm of a running stream, they all combine to create an experience that I can’t help but want to capture and share.


Real Estate

Home is where the ART is! Great real estate photography takes more than just point and shoot!

A wise man once said: buy land – they aren’t making any more of it!

That is a very true statement and no two pieces of land are the same! Scenic mountain homes and sprawling estates are one sort of challenge, while huge commercial projects present entirely different set of obstacles to overcome. It is through combining traditional photography with drone video that I find the most success and enjoyment for these sort of jobs.



Planes! Trains! Automobiles!

Few things have fascinated modern man more than the combustion engine and the various forms or transportation it has created! The smell of exhaust, the roar of the motor, the rush of the wind – it’s all so thrilling! I love capturing the fine lines and colorful craftsmanship of these beautiful machines and sharing it with others.


A Busy Summer!

Despite all of the challenges presented to us this year I have been very fortunate to have been able to stay busy during these past Summer months!
This includes filming work on the Owyhee High School, the Wilderness Ranch Bridge, and I’ve even found time for a bit of kite-sailing and to photo some excellent woodworking!

I sure do appreciate you all visiting my website and hope that you will feel free to contact me should you want to make use of my Idaho Drone Services for your projects!


Wilderness Ranch Bridge

The old clique, “building bridges” will never be quite the same after watching this video series I photographed and produced. The video link attachment is a series of drone and video footage on the progress of the Wilderness Ranch bridged construction project near Idaho City, Idaho.

My first career was in construction prior to going back to school to become a chiropractor. Photography has been my passion since high school. Since 2004, I have been developing my niche for construction and architectural photography documentation.

For those of you who live locally, you will appreciate watching this video on the progress of the new, badly needed bridge at Wilderness Ranch. For those of you who have never had the opportunity to watch the amazing process of placing concrete up-close, you may find this process fascinating.

So if you may be bored with television by now, click on this link to my 5 minute series mostly with my drone. Please share it with your friends.

I hope everyone is surviving the crisis. 

We will get through this crisis more prepared for the next pandemic!

AUVSI Certification!

I believe in being a life long learner.

Part of that philosophy includes continuing to challenge my current skillset by gaining new certifications and accreditations. Most recently I have earned the AUVSI certification for unmanned aerial equipment through their Trusted Operator Program (TOP).

“AUVSI has worked with industry experts to create the AUVSI Trusted Operator Program™ (TOP) to ensure that remote pilot training conforms to industry standards and supporting trust and acceptance of the use of unmanned aircraft around the world. TOP is a professional unmanned systems community initiative aimed at supporting industry accepted remote pilot standards and protocols, which will result in the safe and sustainable advancement of the industry. “

I am proud to be able to add this credential to my list of qualifications to my prospective drone video clients! If you have a commercial project that needs a bird’s eye view I would love to talk to you about the unique challenges it presents and how I can overcome them to provide an excellent capture of your development.

Hello World!

YES! I am excited to be getting online!

This website is my digital launching point to share my videos and photographs with the world at large and I hope you will find it enjoyable! Over the years my photographic work has taken me all over this great country on a wide variety of projects and I look forward to being able to share these adventures with you.

Bear with me, I’m just getting started! There will be more samples of my work soon so check back often!

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