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9335 West State Street, Garden City, ID, USA



Family Owned

JT Auto Glass And Tint is a family owned business. Our mission is to perform the highest level of ethical and quality auto glass repairs while maximizing customer satisfaction and value; to support and improve our Treasure Valley communities; and to provide a safe and rewarding work environment for all employees.


JT Auto Glass strives to be the preeminent provider of auto glass repair by offering customized repair solutions that deliver maximum value.

Meeting or exceeding our customer’s expectations is our primary goal. This is achieved by providing our services with exceptional customer service while meeting both our customer’s quality and financial repair needs, as well as minimizing the amount of time they are without their vehicle.

JT Auto Glass has been able to maintain an organizational culture that attracts and retains talented professionals who have been empowered at every level to consistently deliver our company’s core values.​

JT Auto Glass continually works on maintaining our position as a leader in the auto glass repair industry by means of recognition within and outside of our company.

Core Values

  •  To be a trusted provider of safe, quality auto glass repairs that provide exceptional value to our customers.
  • Establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust and repeat business through exceptional service.
  • Guarantee our customers receive the best possible repair for their money while protecting their safety and the value of their vehicles.
  • Maximize consumer value while maintaining a safe and stimulating work environment for all employees.
  • Be an organization that focuses on improving the quality of life of our employees and their families through beneficial and stable long-term careers.
  • Serve and support our community through sponsorships for local organizations, local youth sports and scholastic club projects and activities.


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JT Auto Glass & Tint will come directly to you. 

We’re happy to offer our customers convenient mobile technicians at your home or workplace for mobile auto glass repairs or replacements. Tint jobs must only be done in-shop to prevent contamination during the install.   To check availability in your area, call our office or Schedule an Appointment today. Providing peace of mind, customer safety and security are important for mobile service.


We know your time is precious. We’ll give you a specific time frame for the repair appointment when scheduling. For added convenience, our auto glass technicians will call you on the morning of the appointment to provide a more accurate time of arrival.


Windshields that cannot be repaired have to be replaced by cutting out the old piece of glass and installing a new one. Replacement of a windshield typically takes less than 1 hour. To ensure the vehicle is safe to drive the Safe Drive Away Time has to be respected.The safe drive away time (SDAT) or minimum drive away time (MDAT) refers to the time required until a windscreen installation, e.g. after a glass replacement is considered to be safely bonded to drive again.


According to the US National Windshield Repair Association many types of stone damage can be successfully repaired. Whether the windshield can be repaired always depends upon four factors: the size, type, depth, and location of the damage.
Circular Bullseyes, linear cracks, crack chips, dings, pits, and star-shaped breaks can be repaired without removing the glass, eliminating the risk of leaking or bonding problems sometimes associated with replacement.If the damage is in the driver’s line of sight or very near the windshield’s edge, usually it cannot be repaired. Some damages are very difficult to repair, or cannot be repaired:

  • ​on inside of the windshield
  • deep damage on both layers of glass
  • damage over rain sensor or internal radio antenna
  • damages that reach into the driver’s critical viewing area
  • complex multiple cracks
  • very long cracks (i.e. over 18 – 24 inches long)
  • contaminated cracks
  • edge cracks and chips​

In cracked windshield repair, air is removed from the damaged area on the windshield with a specified vacuum injection pump. Then using the injection pump, clear adhesive resin is injected to replace the air in the windshield crack. The resin is then cured with an ultraviolet light. When done properly, the damaged area’s strength is restored, as is 90–95% of the clarity. Auto glass chip repair usually take about 15–20 minutes.


 Window motors are located within car doors and working with the window regulator, raise and lower the windows of the vehicle. Since windows are used frequently, window motors are some of the most actively used parts in any vehicle. Thus, window regulators and window motors are subject to high wear and tear that leads to motor failure and inconvenience.

Common causes for window regulator and window motor failure includes excessive strain and breakage caused by forcing the window, damaged window tracks, old or worn pulley and cable lines, and general wear and tear.Design quality and durable manufacturing materials are important to the reliability of a window regulator and motor.  The window regulator is responsible for the mechanical action of moving your window up and down in your door. If the regulator binds, comes loose or breaks, chances are your window will be stuck in one position or another. In the case of a broken regulator, the window will slide down into the door, leaving you unable to shield the interior from the elements. When faced with this issue on your car , it is best to have it replace a bad regulator immediately.


  • You don’t need to be with your vehicle during mobile auto glass service, but you are more than welcome to watch and ask any questions of your trained and certified technicians during the repair or replacement process.
  • Inclement weather can make it difficult for technicians to provide auto glass service outdoors. If possible, have shelter available just in case.
  • Your technician may need the keys to your vehicle to access the damage. If you’re having repair work done at your home or office and aren’t available yourself, you may want to leave your keys with a trusted neighbor or receptionist.


  •  Please remove all personal belongings and debris, especially in your trunk area to prevent loss or allow our technicians to gain access to your vehicle’s damaged areas.
  • Please disable all automotive and audio alarm systems or provide our auto body shop with the appropriate codes to bypass them during your collision repair process. You may wish to write down your radio station settings as they may be erased if the battery is disconnected during repairs.
  • Please bring all keys with you for locked items such as trunks, wheel locks, spare tire locks, roof rack locks, etc. We will probably need more than valet key to complete most repairs.
  • Please bring your estimate information, which should include the name of the insurance carrier responsible, your policy number, claim representative’s name and phone number, and the claim number provided for this incident.


When reporting a claim, your insurance company will generally suggest you use one of their network-preferred shops for repairs (like HMO networks). Remember they cannot insist that you do! Insurance company glass repair network shops are required to follow strict guidelines that dictate how your vehicle will be repaired. In many cases, these guidelines mandate the use of used or imitation parts, insufficient material allowances and cost cutting procedures, which benefit the insurance company and are not always in the customer’s best interest.

As the vehicle owner, you always have the right to choose JT Auto Glass as your repair facility, even if we are not on your insurance company’s preferred list. At JT Auto Glass we feel your insurance company is responsible for paying for the best possible repair, not the cheapest.

Our staff will negotiate with any insurance company on your behalf to help get maximum coverage while ensuring your safety and maintaining the value of your vehicle. The goal of our insurance negotiating process is to settle your claim in a way that will allow us to produce the highest quality repair on your vehicle.

At JT Auto Glass, our priority is you, our customer.


“I wanted to do my every day truck for a long time, but had my Lexus down in Boise/Garden City and had it done. Turned out fabulous! Two weeks later brought my truck in to be done, again fabulous. If I owned any more vehicles I would have them done. Highly recommend!!!” 

John Mills, 11/26/2018

“Friendly staff, efficient, great prices, will always come here for my windshield repair! They make working with insurance easy!!  Looking forward  to trying the tinting service! “

Stephanie Ayer 9/21/2018

 Loved this place. I will be a regular customer!!”

Ty Chorjel 8/19/2018

“They gave good prices, really friendly people and my car looks great! Thanks for doing a great job. 🙂 “

Brit Snyder 1/28/2016

“JT took on the difficult job of replacing all of the window glass in my old Chevy. He did a great job.  All the people at JT Auto Glass were outstanding.  Thank you Jim, Jen, & Kat.” 

Jim Robello 5/26/2014


Q:  Do you work with insurance companies?

A:  Absolutely!  We are networked with most insurance companies and can help you file your claim.  Call us and we can help you with the process.

Q:  Can you fix a chip in my windshield?

A:  We fix rock chips up to the size of a quarter as long as it is not in the driver’s view.

Q:  What are the laws for tint darkness in Idaho?

A:   Windshield: Non-reflective tint is allowed above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line or top 6 inches. Front Side windows: Must allow more than 35% of light in. Back Side windows: Must allow more than 20% of light in. Rear Window: Must allow more than 35% of light in.


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