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1000 W Myrtle St, Boise, ID 83702, USA



Jack’s Urban Meeting Place


Explore Your Passion, Interests & Creativity


“Creating An Environment For Inspiring Human Potential”

We created JUMP as a place for everyone to discover new possibilities and explore their potential. This takes gumption, a combination of vision and courage. JUMP is an invitation to look at things in new ways, including ourselves, and to try things for the first time. JUMP is our underlying metaphor since “to jump” is to part with stability (leaving the ground beneath our feet) and experience something new. When we JUMP we expand our lives, enrich our communities, and push the human story forward.

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The story begins with J. R. (Jack) Simplot, an Idaho entrepreneur who saw potential where other people did not. He was a model of the pioneering spirit, of taking risks, and thinking outside the box. J. R. passed away in 2008 leaving behind his legacy and astounding collection of vintage tractors. While deciding what to do with these tractors, a new idea emerged. Instead of building a typical tractor museum, which would likely be under-utilized, we decided to build JUMP, a lively community space unlike anything Boise has ever seen. While “JUMP” is a metaphor for explorative play, it is also an acronym for “Jack’s Urban Meeting Place.” Our desire is for this place to honor Jack by giving our community opportunities to continue to inspire, grow, and innovate.


Shared environments are an opportunity for people to learn and grow together. These are our libraries, parks, museums, meeting spaces, art venues and public markets. They are important because they spark our imagination and enrich our lives. Take libraries, which for generations have been a place to find books by which we explore the world and are inspired to try new things. In a similar way our museums and art venues inspire us by allowing us to explore the world and ourselves. Our public markets are where we test our new products and share culture. Our parks are shared spaces where we meet our neighbors and learn to play. We are in love with shared spaces because they unleash human potential. This is why we designed a large, beautiful, forward-thinking intermix of shared spaces right in the heart of downtown Boise called JUMP.

Our environment begins with a beautiful park. This park has an outdoor amphitheater, sweeping terraces, rooftop parks, meeting areas, play areas, and all with unique views of the city and the surrounding mountains. We have plenty of space to roam, a structure to climb on, and most remarkably an opportunity to take a five-story slide instead of the stairs. Every corner of the park is connected to high-speed public Wi-Fi.

Add to this park new types of “libraries” that we call studios. There is a studio stocked with audio and video equipment to record an album or make a movie. There is an industrial-grade kitchen to innovate recipes or discover new types of food. We have a studio space stocked with tools to build things, and a 3D printer for quickly prototyping product ideas. There is a studio for dance, movement, and recitals and a studio to brainstorm ideas. We connected this all to elegant event spaces for hosting galas, fundraisers, and concerts. We put the studios near each other so they are easy to find and discover. Their proximity also promotes an intermingling of ideas and new types of collaborations. We want space that lets us discover and try new things. We think this intermix of collaborative environments is the future of shared space.

As a finishing touch (or really, as what began it all) we put in a private collection of vintage tractors as an explorative museum exhibit that showcases the innovation and imagination of the generations before us co-mingling with the ideas that are moving us forward.

And we made this all a non-profit so it is as accessible as possible to everyone.

In the end this is much more than a shared space, it is a vibrant imaginative ecosystem and with community participation it will come to life. We built an inviting space in the heart of downtown so a wide range of people can come together and inhabit this ecosystem, to share thoughts, talents, knowledge, recipes, and ideas. Together we will discover new abilities and interests that are much deeper than we’d ever imagined as we unlock our potential, inspire each other, innovate together, and push the human story forward.

We believe that this type of environment is not a luxury, but a necessity. As culture moves rapidly into new challenges and opportunities we need a place to imagine, innovate, adapt, and explore. As Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” We need to do this together.


Enjoy FREE LIVE MUSIC Outdoors While Supporting Idaho Musicians This Summer

The jams are fresh this summer in the JUMP Park! The Jump, Jam and Jive FREE Summer Concert Series returns to the JUMP Park every other Tuesday starting June 13th through September 5th. This all-ages, family friendly event starts at 6:00pm. Opening acts feature performances from local nonprofits bringing music opportunities to the Treasure Valley community. 

JUMP is excited to collaborate with local nonprofit, Life’s Kitchen, to offer an exciting selection of food items available for purchase during JUMP Jam & Jive concerts. Beer and wine will be available for purchase for those 21 and older.


The FREE Jump, Jam & Jive Summer Concert Series is our community’s newest live music event, whose focus is to support and showcase local musicians, performers and arts groups while providing the community with a safe outdoor concert experience. We want to make things as inclusive, comfortable, and accommodating as possible, so please keep these Frequently Asked Questions in mind to best enjoy your experience!

6pm – 8:30pm / JUMP Amphitheater

JUNE 13TH  Bill Coffey & His Cash Money Cousins 

Boise Rock School – Bel Bounds

JUNE 27TH  Emily Tipton Band 

Boise Rock School – Danny Soul

JULY 11TH – Tylor & The Train Robbers

Idaho Songwriters Association – Abbey Leach

JULY 25TH – Lounge On Fire 

Idaho Songwriters Association – Noble Holt

AUG 8TH – Lonesome Jet Boat Ramblers 

The Hive – Audrey Dorosh

AUG 22ND – Jan Reed & The InBetween 

The Hive – Casey Sheldon

SEPT 5TH – Sean Hatton Band 

Sisters In Songwriting – Emma El’Lynne

Stay tuned for additional information, which will be shared on the JUMP Jam & Jive Facebook page, and through the JUMP website and newsletter: signup and be the first to know!


Jump in and take a class! JUMP offers five studios to explore your talents or find new ones. Learn more about our studios below.

Our five creative studios will allow everyone to become inspired, try new things, learn from each other, and expand their imaginations through classes, demonstrations, and play.







Coming to explore JUMP? Jump in, surprise yourself and try something new!


At JUMP, we have many rooms and spaces available to rent for an event. Learn more about our spaces below. Some spaces house our “Attractors”, which are fun attraction tractors that can add an element of delight to your event! Learn more about our Attractors below.

Pioneer Room


The Deck

The Loft

Garden Terrace

Slide Zone

The Nest

Taste Buds


Flutter Foot

Slide Zone

Deep Tinker


Whether you’re planning a community fundraiser, gala, or educational lecture, JUMP is the perfect place to hold your next big event.



Celebration Circle

Front Lawn

Pioneer Plaza

Spiral Slide

Team Slide

The Blue Top

The Climber

The Mister


JUMP’s purpose is to surprise and delight with its collection of vintage tractors, slides, climbing structure, amphitheater, Blue Top, and Front Lawn. JUMP is private property offered for the benefit of the community. As with any community asset, we hope that our open space is used by all, and that our guests preserve it for others to explore. We ask that you behave respectfully and responsibly.


JUMP showcases 50 vintage steam engines and tractors dating as far back as 1885. These inspiring examples of industrial art and innovation connect our agricultural roots to the future of downtown Boise.


Here at JUMP, we offer a wide variety of classes and events designed to spark creativity, engage with our community, and inspire people to try something new.


At JUMP, we are all about trying something new, taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone. By doing this, we hope that people will find that one thing that they are truly passionate about.


JUMP is a non-profit creative center and community gathering place. As such, we like to encourage community events and programs that will bring people together and strengthen our community.


Whether your objective is team-building, connecting, or just sharing lots of laughs, we will create a program to ensure optimal enjoyment and value!

JUMP is a non-profit creative center and community gathering place. As such, we like to encourage community events and programs that will bring people together and strengthen our community. Check out our upcoming events below!



All you makers, bakers and media creators! We are looking for talented and skilled volunteers to help out in our studios. If you understand how to operate a CNC machine, the ins and outs of a kitchen or Adobe Suite there is a place for you as a volunteer at JUMP! Learn more about our Make, Share, and Play Studios here or email [email protected] for an application today!


We are looking for highly motivated and talented individuals to join our team. Visit our Careers Page to see a list of open positions.

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