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Connecting: People, Stories & Ideas

Simple Storytelling. Meaningful Messaging. 

Einstein said if you can’t explain it to a 6-year old, you don’t understand it yourself. In an increasingly integrated world, communication is no longer important, it is essential. Because of the complexity of our world, we believe the best communication is expressed through simplicity.

At EIDI Communications, we communicate your message simply and meaningfully. This is where we are best.

EIDI Communications is a media communications company founded by a former network news producer and made up of communicators, creatives, writers, entrepreneurs and doers. We specialize in all forms of communications and, especially enjoy, working with people, groups and companies that carry a positive message. We are proud to have launched the Keep Boise kind™ brand, a community outreach and engagement effort to maintain the value and quality of kindness in one of the fastest growing cities in America. Keep Boise kind™ is dedicated to reminding us of who we are. Through this endeavor we give back 10% of our net profits to organizations working with Boise’s growth. Whether we are telling an individual or company’s story or highlighting kindness in a growing community, we believe a positive message goes a long way.

At EIDI Communications, we connect people, stories and ideas.

People have asked: “What does Keep Boise kind mean?” We believe it means whatever resonates most with you. There is a collective kindness that we want to foster in our growing city. It can be as simple as letting a car merge or as complex as volunteering. Be kind to strangers. Be kind on the roads. Be kind to yourself. Mostly, be kind. 

Kindness is powerful. It inspires and motivates us. Through the power of kindness we not only improve the world of those who surround us, but our own human experiences and the community we live in. 

Keep Boise kind makes a contribution of 10% of net profits from the sale of our merchandise to organizations working to resolve issues impacted by Boise’s growth. The target areas are housing, homelessness and transportation. As we grow Keep Boise kind we will increase our impact.

The more you like, the more we give. 

We invite you to join us to Keep Boise kind and keep Boise nice. Let’s preserve the spirit that makes us proud to be a Boisean and what led us to want to make Boise home.


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10% of net profits are donated to organizations helping our local community.

Publicity • SEO

Writing • Blog Creation • TED Talks Submissions

Website Creation & Development • Press Releases

Social Media • Video Storytelling • Speechwriting

Author Carl Buechner once said, “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

We write for you in a way where you will receive the response you desire. We take the the stress out of your speech writing allowing you to not only look good but feel good giving your talk. Whether you are giving a corporate, nonprofit, or political speech, allow us to be your pen and wordsmith.




We do Media — and, Publicity is a large part of it. We are connected to all forms of media from television, digital, print, podcasts and radio. We are most happy working with clients, who in their own way, are making the world a little better. We work tirelessly to get our clients, and their message, the attention they deserve which means getting them featured through media exposure from appearances on shows as prominent as CNN and The Doctors, to publications like USA Today and the LA Times.  We have relationships with large media conglomerates as well as targeted audiences.

We Write — a lot. We create original content that includes SEO campaigns. We write for websites, magazines, campaigns and blogs. We’re involved in screenwriting, book writing, speech writing, and commercials.

We tell your stories Visually. We are fortunate to work with some of the best video producers, editors, designers and writers in the world. 

We at Eidi Communications build relationships with media outlets, large and small. We are able to leverage these relationships to get publicity for our clients. This includes television appearances, features, published articles, radio and podcast interviews as well as social media campaigns. In all areas of media, we have expertise and contacts to make sure we get your brand and message heard.


At EIDI Communications, our clients and brands each have a story. Whether it’s personal, entertaining, informative or funny. Each carry a positive message. They make the world a little bit better, in their own way.

They deserve your attention.

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