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3313 West Cherry Lane, Meridian, ID 83642, USA



Animal Rescuing In Idaho Since 2017

About Us

The Lake Lowell Animal Rescue began with one person—Melissa Blackmer—simply trying to rescue a couple cats that had been dumped at the refuge area in Nampa, Idaho. The first cat rescued (and the one Melissa says will forever be her favorite) is a young male she named Fergus. Fergus had been hit by a car and suffered from a fractured pelvis and femur. By posting the story on Facebook, Melissa was able to raise enough money to pay for surgery and follow-up care for Fergus. Today he is living a very happy life with three golden retrievers and the best owners a cat could want! After watching his incredible recovery and seeing him go from the tragic condition he was in when she found him to, literally, the best outcome that could be hoped for, Melissa resolved to do what she could to help other cats abandoned in the Lake Lowell area. 

The scope of the problem quickly began to sink in, however, as Melissa came to realize that abandoning all kinds of animals in this region is a common occurrence—and the animals generally don’t fare well. Amid cars, predators, and life-threatening frigid temperatures in the winter, “people don’t realize what the outcome for the animals will be when they ‘set them free in the wild,’” she says. She adds that most of the cats and dogs she rescues are friendly, and therefore at one time were likely someone’s pet. 

Melissa then decided to set up a Facebook page with pictures of the few cats she was rescuing, hoping to find good homes for them, but the outcome far exceeded her expectations. “Two days later I was contacted by local news station KTVB,” Melissa says. “Very reluctantly I agreed to do a ‘small’ story on the animal-abandonment problem at Lake Lowell. KTVB, though, ran it as the lead story that night, which launched the rescue efforts into a much larger program than I ever intended.” Click here to view the KTVB news report. 

As a result of the news story, a local family contacted Melissa and offered to help. The family is connected to a charitable giving foundation, and, obviously, huge animal lovers.

“They helped move the rescue program into a facility that we can eventually expand and therefore rescue even more of these animals,” Melissa says. “Most of the animals we rescue are cats, so we’ve done some construction and now have three beautiful cat rescue rooms and the most amazing back porch that we screened in and turned into a catio. Walkways have also been built so the cats can move back and forth between the rooms and the outdoor patio.” 

Although a lot has been accomplished, Melissa says that much more needs to be done. “It’s a work in progress,” she says.

To describe this journey as a dream come true is an “understatement,” says Melissa. “And we’re working hard to develop the rescue into something even better.”

Melissa is not new to animal care. Her work for many years as a veterinary technician has helped prepare her for her additional role as an animal rescuer. Her network of other animal healthcare professionals and rescue workers has also proved to be an asset.

Now an established animal program run by a seven-member board comprising local community leaders and animal healthcare professionals, Lake Lowell Animal Rescue, Inc is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Plans are also in place to renovate a separate building on the property to provide more living space for rescued animals and limited, on-site healthcare.

“This has been an incredible blessing,” Melissa says. “It’s so rewarding to watch these guys come out of what are generally awful places and usually sick or injured from trying to fend for themselves, and then see them sleeping on fluffy cat beds, recovering at the rescue, and eventually getting adopted into wonderful forever homes. But I know all this wouldn’t be possible without the amazing support of so many people—including the many vet clinics and other animal rescue organizations in the area that have provided healthcare and other assistance for no or very reduced cost. I’m very grateful to them!”

Lake Lowell Animal Rescue is actively looking for volunteers to help care for the animals and to become involved with various other aspects of running the program—such as transporting the animals to and from healthcare facilities, fostering the animals, maintaining online content, etc. They also are always in need of cat, rabbit, and chicken food; cat litter; feeding dishes; cleaning supplies; and, of course, toys and treats. Attempts have been made to standardize the food and litter used, so the animals can experience a balanced, steady diet. Kirkland Maintenance cat food, and either Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal or Fresh Step litter seem to work the best. They do, however, gratefully accept donations of other types of food and litter.

No Pet Should Ever Be Abandoned.

“To provide a safe loving environment for pets rescued from the wildlife refuge at Lake Lowell and surrounding areas. We endeavor to treat each animal with the highest level of medical care we can provide, and find each animal a loving, compatible, forever home.”

Operation Demolition Cats

We are doing something unusual for us and are helping with a VERY sad, large project outside of the Lake Lowell area. We are still a fairly new and small rescue with limited funds, space and only a few volunteers (who also work full time jobs in addition to all the litter box cleaning, cat wrangling, and tree climbing at the lake). So, although we get a lot of requests for help with large cat colonies we can’t generally help. 

But this situation has really pulled at our heart strings. The property was sadly occupied and in very poor condition with a large number of cats, we are guessing 20-30 cats. These cats are mostly friendly and were cared for by the owner. The property has been sold and is scheduled to be bulldozed very soon.  

This makes these cats unable to qualify for the program they would normally go under at the shelters, which is called RTF or Return to Field. So, without any other good options, we have decided to try and help these guys who would otherwise face an awful death. 

We definitely need help, though! We have enough skilled volunteers to catch these cuties, who are friendly. What we do need are temporary fosters and help transporting to veterinary appointments. Donations of towels, blankets, sardines and wet food are also needed. Of course these kinds of projects unfortunately cost money, you can donate to the general fund , or even sponsor a specific feline.

We will post 5 cats at a time that are in need of sponsorship, as they get funding their picture will be moved into the sponsored slideshow and a new cat will become available for sponsor. This is to keep the page running well and streamline. Also you can visit our Facebook page for an up to date count of how many we have rescued.

You may also donate via:

PayPal: [email protected]

Venmo: @Melissa-Blackmer-2

Or by check mailed to:

3313 W. Cherry Lane
PMB # 244
Meridian, Idaho 83642

Each of our rescued animals has a story—and usually a very sad one. Most of them have come to us after being abandoned, and many of them are sick or injured. Our goal at Lake Lowell Animal Rescue is to do everything in our power to provide these precious animals with everything they need to recover, and then to find them loving forever homes where they will never again know what it’s like to be starving, cold, injured, and unloved, or to try to fend for themselves. 

We have a fairly standard adoption process to help us accomplish that goal. Initially we ask potential adopters to fill out an application that helps us get to know them. Once that application is approved, we set up an appointment so the applicants can meet the pet they are interested in adopting. If it seems to be a good fit, there is only an adoption contract to sign, and the adoption is complete!

We do charge an adoption fee. The amount of the fee varies depending on the species and breed of the animal that is being adopted. 


• Cats $50$75

• Dogs $250$350

• Chickens $40

• Rabbits $35


For cats, each pet has been spayed or neutered, has received at least its first set of vaccines and at least one round of standard deworming, has been tested for feline AIDS (FIV) and leukemia (FeLV), and has been microchipped.

For dogs, each pet has been spayed or neutered, has had at least its first set of vaccinations and at least one round of standard deworming, has been tested for heartworm, and has been microchipped.

For rabbits, each pet has been spayed or neutered. 

For all animals, all known medical problems are treated to the best of our ability. Any ongoing issues will be disclosed at the time of adoption. The new owners will be responsible for any ongoing or additional medical care that the pet requires after the adoption is complete. We do ask that the pet receive regular veterinary care, including ongoing vaccinations and routine care such as nail trims, wellness exams, and dental cleanings as recommended by your veterinarian. Unfortunately, unexpected illnesses and accidents can happen, and we ask that the new owners have a plan to financially cover these events if they do occur.

Adopting a new pet is a wonderful experience, and we make every effort to connect you with the perfect new family member for you! 

To View Available Adoptions Click On The Links Below:


Barn Cats




Small Animals


Special Needs

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit animal rescue and we rely totally on donations from the community!  We exist to rescue and rehabilitate animals, the bulk of whom are  rescued from the areas surrounding the Lake Lowell Wildlife Refuge in the Nampa/Caldwell region of Idaho. We have a few ways that we can accept donations:

You can mail checks made out to Lake Lowell Animal Rescue (LLAR) to:
12888 Pheasant Circle

Nampa, Idaho 83686

We also accept PayPal at: [email protected]

Venmo at: @Melissa-Blackmer-2

You can call the veterinary hospital where much of our animal care is performed (West Vet) and place funds directly on our account. Please contact 208.375.1600 for more information.

Or you may Donate right here through our website. Please use the donation button below.

Please let us know if you are in need of a tax receipt for you tax records, we are more then happy to provide you one.

We are a volunteer based organization…

…and we absolutely cannot survive without our phenomenal selfless volunteers! If you would like to give your time to help abandoned animals there are many volunteer options available!

1. PR and fundraising coordinator: We are looking for someone who has experience with fundraising, preferably with a nonprofit. You would be in charge of coordinating fundraising efforts, as well as planning and overseeing events.

2. Adoption Coordinator: we are looking for someone to oversee our adoption program. You would be in charge of looking over applications for new fur parents, preparing home checks, arranging transport, and meet and greet with animals in foster care. Veterinary medical experience preferred.

3. Animal Husbandry/Cleaning: We need help with everyday care and upkeep of the furry (and feathered) residents. Previous animal experience required.



Click on the links below for information:

Foster Agreement

Medical Waiver

Surrender Form

Surrender Form (Not West Vet)

Transportation Waiver

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Waiver

Animal Claim Form

Post Adoption Contract

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Contact Us


PMB # 244
Meridian, Idaho 83642

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We do visits by appointment only so please click here and fill out our form and we’ll contact you to schedule a time, thank you.

Please allow 24-48 hours for a response, as we are run by volunteers with full time jobs, we greatly appreciate your patience.

Ph: (301) 575-4000

Email: [email protected]

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