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1850 S Cole Rd, Boise, ID, USA


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12 Treasure Valley Location to Serve You Better

Over 65 years ago, we set the standard for tire service. Today, we continue to go out of our way to keep you on your way.


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Tire Services

Free Tire Repair


Tire Chains

Seasonal Changeovers

Trailer Tires

Specialty Tires

Tire Warranty


Tire Repair

Slow leaks? Outright flats? We fix repairable tires for most vehicles.

Snow Chains

We have the chains you need to dash through the snow more safely.


Tires wearing unevenly? Get a free, no-hassle, visual alignment check.

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Our Best Tire Value Promise

Everything we do, we do to earn your trust. This includes giving you a best-in-the-business warranty.

Unlimited flat repairs to original owners for the life of their Les Schwab tires

All of our more than 475 locations offer FREE tire repair

FREE tire replacement for damaged tires that qualify

FREE air pressure checks and other FREE services


A pair of Les Schwab employees checking a vehicle's breaks while it sits on a post lift

Brake Service, the Right Way

We’ll check your brakes for free – and chances are your brakes are fine. But, if we recommend service, we’ll tell you why and give you a free estimate.


Our brake technicians service disc brakes and drum brakes. We aim for same-day service and repairs, done right the first time.

FREE Brake Check

For most vehicles, we do a full inspection and provide an estimate if work is needed. Yes, for FREE.

Full Brake Service

Our complete brake checks also include antilock brakes, power brake systems, and parking brakes.

Our Best Brake Value Promise

Everything we do, we do to earn your trust. This includes giving you a best-in-the-business warranty.

FREE visual brake inspections

Warranty provided at no extra cost

Warranty covers both parts and labor

Honored at every Les Schwab location

Same-day service and repairs are available in most cases


When it comes to brakes, most shops do the bare minimum and replace only worn-out brake pads. We go the extra mile and service the full system to address other components such as the calipers.

Diagram showing where the brake pads and caliper assembly are located.

Peace of Mind

Don’t take chances with the quality of your brakes. Our technicians are highly trained, use the latest equipment, offer only premium grade parts, and get it right the first time.

Make Fewer Return Trips to the Shop

Brake systems have lots of moving parts. Replacing a single component often leads to faulty repairs and inconvenient return visits.

Reduce Wear and Tear

Replacing related parts along with the brake pads can reduce the risk of other problems, such as brake leaks when older, worn rubber seals begin to harden.


Car dash lights illuminated.

What Do Dashboard Brake Lights Mean?

A quick guide to your dashboard brake lights and what they mean. And when you shouldn’t delay brake service.

Brake lights shining on a busy city street.

These 3 Useful Driving Tips Will Help Extend Your Brake Life

Three common sense tips to make your brake pads and brake service last longer.

Close up view of a technician working on a brake system.

Brake Servicing 101 – Advice on Making Sure it Gets Done Right

How often should you get brakes serviced? And how can you know the work has been done right? Here’s a primer on figuring out a tricky area in car maintenance.

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Custom Styles

Wheel Warranty

Wheel Brochure

Les Schwab technician looking behind a wheel assembly.ALIGNMENT

Alignment, the Right Way

Because we’ve been working on all things tire-related for decades, you’ll get expert service on your tires, wheels and alignment in one stop.

4-Wheel Alignment

A 4-wheel alignment for vehicles with adjustable rear suspension.

Standard Alignment

Also called a front-end alignment, only the front wheels are adjusted.

Thrust Alignment

Ideal for vehicles with a non-adjustable rear suspension.


Feel Safer on the Road

A vehicle with poor alignment may pull or drift on the road. Routine alignments can help make your drive a safer one.

Extended Tire Life

Want your money to go further? An alignment can help prevent premature tire wear, which may result in thousands of additional miles from your tires.

Visit the Pump Less Often

Poor alignment can cause tires to drag slightly and to roll with added friction. This leads to reduced fuel efficiency.

Avoid Expensive Repairs

Misaligned wheels can put undue stress on steering and suspension, and the damage can get worse the longer you wait.

Our Best Alignment Value Promise

Everything we do, we do to earn your trust. This includes giving you a best-in-the-business warranty.

FREE visual alignment check

All alignments come with a 30-day guarantee

Warranty covers labor costs

Honored at every Les Schwab location


Unlike many of our competitors, we offer full alignment services — plus free visual alignment checks — to help ensure your safety on the road and that you get the most bang for your buck.

Offer Alignments?

Discount Tire


Discount Tire


Discount Tire



A Les Schwab technician performing an alignment on a car.

Benefits of Proper Alignment, Suspension Maintenance

Interested in saving money while keeping you and your family safe on the road? Let’s talk about your car’s alignment.

Wheel alignment tool mounted on a front tire.

Wheel Alignment FAQ

It’s important to get wheel and tire alignments regularly. Find out why and get answers to your other alignment questions here.

Printout showing an out of alignment vehicle

Do I Really Need an Alignment?

Don’t assume that drift to the right means you need an alignment. Sometimes symptoms of bad alignment are about road conditions, suspension parts or other factors.

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Not knowing how well your battery is doing can leave you stranded. Check it each year after three years or if the lights were on for an extended time without the engine running. You can swing by for a FREE battery check.

 Car/Light Truck/SUV

Xtreme Power Battery, , hi-res

Les Schwab

Xtreme Power Battery


24-month FREE Replacement

84-month Limited Warranty

50 Battery, , hi-res

Les Schwab

50 Battery


12-month FREE Replacement

50-month Limited Warranty

AGM Battery, , hi-res

Les Schwab

AGM Battery


  • 36-month FREE Replacement

Two Les Schwab technicians inspecting a car’s battery in a garage

Battery Services, The Right Way

As one of the largest providers of batteries in the West, we have batteries for nearly everything you drive, from cars to boats to tractors. We’ll ensure you get the correct battery for your needs.

Free Battery Charging

We recharge most passenger vehicle batteries that are in good condition for FREE. No appointment needed.

Free Battery Check

Specially-trained staff use the latest testing equipment to indicate your battery’s current state of health.

Battery Installation

Anti-corrosion maintenance is included, plus we recycle 98-99% of the old battery.

Our Best Battery Value Promise

We offer some of the longest warranties in the market: up to seven years. Most of our batteries are warrantied for many years beyond industry standards – in some cases, you’re covered for more than three times as long. You’ll also receive additional value-added services you expect with a purchase from Les Schwab.

FREE Auto Battery and Charging System Inspections

FREE Battery Warranty

FREE Battery Charging

Best-in-the-Business Warranties


An illustration of a cars electrical system.

Starting Problems? How to Tell If It’s the Battery or Alternator

If your vehicle won’t start, you’ll want to know if you’re dealing with a battery or an alternator problem. Here’s how to tell.

Jumper cables on a dead battery.

How to Jump-start a Car

Learn how to safely jump-start your vehicle in this Les Schwab Quick Tips video.

A hand putting a key in a car ignition.

How Your Auto Battery Works

Find answers to your questions about how car batteries work, how they recharge and the most common types of car batteries in this simple guide.

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A black pickup truck driving on a dirt road at dusk

Shocks and Struts the Right Way

Whether you need to replace aging shocks or struts, or want to modify your suspension, we have trained experts ready to help.


Swap out broken or worn-out shocks for a safer, smoother drive.

Shock and Suspension Check

Come in for a free inspection of all suspension system components.

Lifting, Lowering, Hauling Systems

Modify your suspension for greater ground clearance or handling.

Our Best Suspension Value Promise

We earn your trust the right way. That includes giving you a free warranty that covers defects and workmanship for the warranty time/mileage listed.

Warranty Covers Both Parts and Labor

Your Choice of Replacement or Refund of Original Purchase

Free Shocks and Struts Inspection

Best-in-the-Business Warranty


Come to a Full Stop Faster

Worn shocks and struts reduce braking efficiency by more than 11% (Test source: RAC Test No. 996).

Save Wear and Tear on Other Parts

Worn shocks and struts cause tires, brake pads, and other parts to wear out faster, which means you’ll need to replace them more often.

Get a Better Grip on the Road

Shocks and struts keep your tires on the road, and you in control of your vehicle, improving your ability to safely handle turns, bumps and more.

Enjoy a Sportier Performance

For those times when you have to step on it, new shocks can give you improved handling at high speeds.


Shocks, struts and from of a car.

How to Tell If Your Shocks or Struts Are Bad

Bad shocks and struts will compromise your ride comfort and eventually your control. Here’s why they’re so important and what to know about when to replace.

Technician installing a new shock.

Shock and Strut Service and Repair FAQ

Get answers to your questions about shocks and struts. What do shocks and struts do? When do I need new shocks and struts?

Grey Mustang parked on a cobblestone parking lot.

Lowering Suspension: Pros and Cons

Lowering your suspension is a popular customization that can improve driving performance and make your ride turn heads. Consider these factors first.


Mon-Fri: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Sat: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Our Treasure Valley Locations 

6520 W State St,Boise, ID 83714

(208) 853-9725

3595 E Ustick Rd, Meridian, ID 83646

(208) 888-6537

6017 W Fairview Ave, Boise, ID 83704

(208) 376-5124

1324 W Jefferson St, Boise, ID 83702

(208) 336-3110

1850 S Cole Rd, Boise, ID 83709

(208) 323-0500

2085 Broadway Ave, Boise, ID 83706

(208) 345-0065

1467 E Iron Eagle Dr, Eagle, ID 83616

33 Caldwell Blvd, Nampa, ID 83651

(208) 467-2127

419 N Washington Ave, Emmett, ID 83617

(208) 365-3548

975 E Avalon St, Kuna, ID 83634

(208) 922-4884

2901 12th Ave Rd, Nampa, ID 83686

(208) 468-4121

315 S 22nd Ave, Caldwell, ID 83605

(208) 454-1421


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