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Community’s Caring & Connecting


Promote Your Business & Support Your Communities

Inspired by communities that care everywhere in supporting local businesses during trying times and in the spirit of applauding every business for being there for their community.

ValPons has created a way that everyone can show their appreciation for all the small businesses here in Idaho.

No “Better than” gimmicks & No “Best of” pay-to-play processes that prey on your pride but simply local people “loving” local businesses they truly LOVE.



1) When you see a Facebook post from a business you support & patronize simply “” that businesses post.

2) This is NOT a CONtest with questionable VOTING processes etc, it’s a rather simple process in which anyone can easily “” a company & show them you truly CARE.

3) Now if you’re really feeling generous & have another few seconds you can SHARE with the ones you ““.


Congrats! ___________ ValPons has created Ad Articles that are always forever FREE and qualifies for our Love Local Awards.    

I will be your sales rep for this Awards process and if you have any questions my contact information is listed below.

Make sure you @ least “claim” your “FREE ADS” or create your own (DIY) Ads ASAP.

(We can help you for less than $100)

You may get solicited by several of these fraudulent VOTING scheme meant to SCAM you out of your hard earned money which is absolutely ridiculous and is NOT real or TRUE but is used to mislead and deceive you!

All you need to do here is SHARE your Ads and let your customers know you’re always there to service them when they need you!

There’s NO need to bother your hard earned customers and ask them to VOTE for you in a vanity pay-to-play process when they’re already your client.

This is NOT a CONtest created to deceive you or your customers it’s an honest effort by you to acknowledge your customers and to thank each other NOT to sell anyone advertising that would help their already made customer base  into wasting their time and effort to support you in a popularity CONtest.



Every business is “the BEST” at what they do and NO business is “Better than” the one’s next door providing similar products or services.

Why should be celebrating and promoting & sharing each other forever FREE right?

Why would anyone create a “fakeCONtest that fleeces good people outta their hard earned money for a trophy they have to buy themselves.






Here is the contest link:

We have opportunities designed to help you stand out on our site. (Optional)

1) Simply Sign Up Forever FREE:  $00.00

(NO $ / Forever FREE)

2) Pay Monthly UNLIMITED (page) Plan: $9.95

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3) Pay Annual UNLIMITED (page) Plan: $99.95

(Save $/ No Cancellation) 

Please let me know if you have any questions.  

Thanks for promoting & supporting your local communities!  







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