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1300 Walt Whitman Road, Melville, NY 11747, U.S.A.

Corporate Information


Introduction of Nikon. Find out who we are and what we do.

Philosophy & Vision

Introduces Nikon’s Philosophy, Vision and Qualiities of Mind.

President Message

Message from the Representative Director, President and CEO of Nikon.

Management Policy

Aiming to be “The leading company in the precision and optics fields”, Nikon executes various strategic initiatives.


Learn about our brand symbols including the meaning of the design, transitions of our brand symbols and sponsorship activities.

Company Profile

Links to company data, directors and officers, group company listing and structure of the Nikon Group.


Our business domains — Imaging Products, Precision Equipment, Healthcare, and Industrial Metrology and Others.


Corporate history focused on our products, introducing Nikon’s journey with photos and movies, and One Minute Story that portrays chapters of Nikon’s history with manga-like illustrations.


Learn about the Nikon Museum, showcasing the company’s history, products and inherited technologies.

Corporate Video

Nikon is continuously challenging new areas in order to become the leading company in precision and optical technologies. To realize a more affluent society, Nikon contributes to society in a wide variety of fields.

Nikon group by the Numbers

Introducing various facts and features of the Nikon Group through figures, to facilitate deeper understanding of its scope.


From the microscopic to the universe, the Universcale will help you to truly understand the perspectives of the world we live in.

To Suppliers


Nikon Group’s Basic Procurement Policy, CSR Procurement and Green Procurement Standards are described with basic guidelines.

Technology & Design


Contributing to food safety and security
Ultimate resolution supported by movements as slight as 2/100,000,000,000 of a meter
Revealing the mysteries of the brain


Introduction to Nikon’s basic technologies and R&D organizations that support Nikon today and into the future.

Optical Technologies

Optical technologies that Nikon has accumulated for over a century, and that are the core of optical instrument performance.


In order to accurately meet customers’ needs, Nikon continues to evolve its manufacturing.

Product Technology

Learn about Nikon’s products and technologies contributing to a variety of fields in society, ranging from people’s everyday lives to industry.


Read the stories behind the designs of products, interfaces, logos and packages. Award-winning designs are also introduced.

Intellectual Property Initiatives

Introduces a range of our intellectual property initiatives.

Open Innovation

Introduces how we plan to utilize external resources to create new business and expand our existing business ventures.

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