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5286 W Chinden Blvd, Garden City, Idaho 83714, USA



Locally Owned Winery & Tasting Room


Potter Wines is our winery located in Boise, Idaho. Von is the winemaker, the scientist, the handyman and trouble-shooter. Crystal is the organizer, the marketer, the taster and business manager.

Years ago, jalapeño wine was Von’s brainchild. So we began our business journey with a vision of a wine that would raise eyebrows, pep-up palettes and make meals sizzle. Fast forward to present day, where jalapeño wine has become a kitchen staple for many.

Our wines have made people re-think the average margarita and recreate homemade ice cream recipes. We like to think of our customers as risk takers, decision makers, rule breakers, cocktail shakers and chipotle chocolate cake bakers. We are thrilled to share our crazy idea with others and we hope that it will inspire you to create and explore your own wild dreams.

Whether we are making Syrah, Riesling, or concocting our signature Jalapeño Lemonade, we strive to leave our innovative thumbprint on everything we produce. We vow to breathe a little fire into the wine industry with our devotion to oenophiles and foodies alike.

We were both born and raised in Idaho and we both left Idaho briefly only to return with the conclusion that this is where our hearts belong. We’ve found countless gems in our home-state, including the grapes, peppers, and pumpkins (for our seasonal pumpkin wine) we source from local farmers.

If you have the chance to visit Idaho, we hope you’ll make it our way. We’ll have a glass ready for you.


Some of the North West’s Best Wineries are right here in Idaho!


Boise Idaho is getting more attention nation wide for it’s beautiful landscape, friendly atmosphere, lively downtown, and more and more for it’s selection of amazing local wines.

If you’re looking to go wine tasting in Boise and surrounding Treasure Valley, you’re in luck. And the epicenter of Boise Wine Tasting is located in Garden City, running along the Boise River and Greenbelt.

Along this stretch of the valley, on Chinden Blvd alone, you’ll find:

Potter Wines Winery (of course)

Split Rail Winery

Parre Terre Winery

Barbarian Brewing (beer)

Meriwether Cider Company

Crooked Fence Brewing (beer)

Mythic Mead

Cinder Wines

Coiled Wines

That’s a fairly amazing line up for one epic wine crawl. In Fact, throughout the year, there are Garden City crawls you can join.

Keep an eye on our EVENTS page for scheduling.


Potter Wines is a locally owned and operated Boise Winery and Tasting Room located near the Fairgrounds and close to the Boise River. The Potter Wines Tasting Room is centrally located no matter where you are coming from!

We offer award winning traditional wines, plus a few spicy surprises for the more adventurous wine connoisseur Keep your eye on our website for our current wines. Reds, Whites, Rose’, and more…. There is something for everyone.

But in addition to our delicious traditional lineup, we also have a truly unique lineup of JALAPENO Wines!

Our Jalapeño Wine is actually what started it all! The Potter Wines Original Jalapeño Wine is great for sipping, mixing in cocktails, but where it really shines is in the kitchen to spice up your favorite recipes. For the wine lover, and foodie in your life, this is must have! It also comes in Chipotle for a spicy and smoky addition. We have dozens of Jalapeño Wine recipes here on the site for you to try!

Even if you’re not much of cook, our Jalapeño Wine Lemonade is a one-of-a-kind treat that we have trouble keeping in stock during the summer. It’s amazing to drink alone, or mix with other liquors and beverages to make any drink a lot more exciting. We even have Jalapeño Wine Cocktail recipes!

So if you’re looking to go Wine Tasting in Boise, be sure not miss Potter Wines! We guarantee a one-of-kind wine tasting experience, and there’s not other winery and tasting room like us!


Wine Tasting @ Potter Wines Winery and Tasting Room starts at just $5! Stop in anytime we’re open, or schedule your next special event with us.

Boise Winery & Wine Tasting Room


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Potter Wines offers award winning reds, fresh and crisp whites, amazing varietals, and is one of only a few wineries in the countries that offers Jalapeño Wines! So if you’re looking to go Wine Tasting in Boise Idaho, be sure not to miss Potter Wines Wine Tasting Room. There’s nothing like it!


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About Wine Club

The first rule of Wine Club, is tell everyone about Wine Club.

If you have had a taste of our Jalapeño Wine or one of our other Potter Wines, you are probably wanting more. A taste is never enough, and we know just how much you are craving what we have to offer. You might think the next step would simply be to order a case of the wine you want to drink and cook with and while that is a great idea, I think you probably want to go a step further than that. Maybe you are interested in becoming a part of our “Potter Wines Wine Club”. This is one of the best ways you can get involved with what we at Potter Wines are doing and gain access to certain wines that are only available to members of the club. It is also a great way to meet people in the Boise Winery community and make friends or other connections.

Members of the wine club will be able to try out certain wines that are only available for a limited time. They also get invited to certain events and tastings that are for members only. You will also probably be very interested to know that members receive discounted pricing for access to events and for new orders of whatever wine you want.

You can also sign up for different shipment plans to receive care-packages of wine throughout the year as you start to run out. You can either subscribe to the Solid, Cat’s Pajamas, Hotsy-Totsy, or Hot Shot plan. With each plan, you get more and more access to different shipments of wine at different parts of the year depending on when and how frequently you want to receive an updated stash. Some packages will come with Jalapeño Wine, some will come with our Potter Wines traditional wine, or you can get a mix of both. Be aware that specific wines are selected based on availability.



All Wine Club Members receive the following Benefits:

• Priority to limited releases and Member-only wines.

• Invitations to Member-only events and tastings.

• Priority access and Member pricing on exclusive winery events.

20% off all Potter Wines merchandise.

Complementary tastings for Members and up to 4 guests in our tasting room.

2 shipments/year in April & October

Gimme the goods: You carry a torch for the standards. You’ll receive a selection of our traditional wines only, including new releases and Member-only wines. Wines will be selected by us based on availability and you’ll have the option to customize/add-on if desired. Your choice of 6 wines (10% off) or 12 wines (15% off).

2 shipments/year in April & October

Gimme the goods: You’re hot blooded and fiery. You’ll receive a selection of our jalapeno wines only, including the seasonal Mulled Jalapeno Wine every fall. Wines will be selected by us based on availability and you’ll have the option to customize/add-on if desired. Your choice of 6 wines (10% off) or 12 wines (15% off).

2 shipments/year in April & October

Gimme the goods: You’re on the up and up and you dig it all. You’ll receive a mix of both our traditional and jalapeno wines. Wines will be selected by us based on availability and you’ll have the option to customize/add-on if desired. Your choice of 6 wines (10% off) or 12 wines (15% off).

3 shipments/year in April, June, and October

*Shipping dates may vary depending on seasonal release dates.

Gimme the goods: You think spicy is swell. You’ll receive a selection of 2-4 jalapeno wines only, including seasonal selections. Wines will be selected by us based on availability and you’ll have the option to customize/add-on if desired.

Please call: 208.866.7765 to subscribe!

Or visit us @ the Boise Farmer’s Market or the Capital City Market, every Saturday, and in our Tasting Room @ 5286 W Chinden Blvd, Garden City, Idaho 83714



For Cooking, For Sipping, For Mixing…

Slightly spicy, Jalapeño Wine, with a balanced light sweetness. Excellent sipping wine on a quiet evening at home or with friends. Try it as an aperitif before your next meal to stimulate your taste buds and appetite. Add it to your sangria for that something special. It’s uses are limited only by your imagination.

Outstanding cooking addition. Use it to marinate, sauté, slow cook or as a reduction. Incredible with chicken, shrimp, fish or lamb. Try it on all seafood, it adds tremendous flavor without too much kick. Clams are a favorite.

Jalapeno Wine Recipes

Potter Wines introducing

Jalapeno Wine Lemonade!

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Meet Potter Wines! They are local wine crafters from right here in the Treasure Valley and you’ve never tasted anything like it!

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5286 W. Chinden Boulevard
Garden City, Idaho 83714

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