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Check out all the hard work it took to make Roystone Hot Springs the wonderful destination it is today!


The first people to enjoy Roystone Hot Springs were the Indians.  They wintered here every year, using the hot springs for warmth and entertainment.  The warm water seeped up along the banks of the Squaw Creek, which is where they chose to set up their teepees.

The creek was very important to their lifestyle.  They set up their fish camps here to catch the homecoming salmon.  These camps were a hum of activity as these people worked to spear, smoke and dry their years’ supply of great Silvers.  Years after the Indians are gone there is still evidence of their activities.  The women built stations out of flat boards attached to logs placed in the middle of the creek.  After they caught the salmon they cleaned them there in the current, letting the stream take care of the mess.

A little further from the Squaw Creek on the hill just above where Roystone Hot Springs is today, the Indians enjoyed a favorite pastime – Mud bathing.  They had found where two of the hot springs bubbled up out of the hill into the rich dirt.  Here they formed willow branches into simple steam huts and enjoyed soaking in these muddy pools for therapy and healing.

The first white man known to have owned the Hot Springs was a German immigrant name George Croats.  A deed shows that he homesteaded the springs in 1889.  Also called George Coats, he farmed the fertile ground surrounding his mineral springs.  Known for being a “clever and industrious German,” he used the warm water for irrigation and developed a fine vegetable and fruit farm.

Above the RV Park @ Roystone today a lone, century-old pear tree is all that remains of his orchard (and it nearly always boasts a fruit or two).For a number of years, Croats made regular trips to the towns of Boise Basin to sell his delicious watermelons, muskmelons and grapes.  He was especially popular with the neighbor children in the area.  They loved visiting with him and were thrilled when he would send them home with fresh hot-springs-grown produce.

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The Spring House

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RV Park

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Mineral Content

Besides treating aches and pains, soaking in hot highly concentrated mineral water has many other health and wellness benefits. Increasing body temperature helps naturally kill harmful germs and viruses, eliminate toxins, increase circulation and reduce blood pressure! Essential minerals have many health benefits and can be absorbed through your skin, giving your body a natural health boost.

All units are in milligrams per liter (mg/L) unless otherwise noted.

Potassium 7.7

Normalizes heart rhythms, assists in reducing high blood pressure, eliminates body toxins, promotes healthy skin.

Silica 120

Strengthens bones, boosts the immune system, promotes healthy nerves, mucous membranes, hair, and nails. Used in treating acne and migraines.  Studies have shown that it can prevent the thinning of hair and plays a vital role in assisting calcium in bone growth.

Sulfate 110

Rids the body of toxins and promotes health of bones, hair, nails, fluids in joints and vertebral discs. Sulfur is an anti-inflammatory.

Bicarbonate 187

Assists in opening peripheral blood vessels, improving circulation to the body’s extremities and potentially helping to address hypertension and mild atherosclerosis. Some researchers believe that bicarbonate baths also assist cardiovascular disease and nervous system imbalances.

Chloride 62

Essential for the body to keep proper balance of body fluids. It is one the most important electrolytes in the blood and helps maintain proper blood volume, blood pressure, and pH of body’s fluids system.

Sodium 160

An extremely important electrolyte in the blood, and along with chloride, is necessary to maintain the body’s fluids system. It also plays a pivotal role in enzyme operations, nerve and muscle functions.

Calcium 8.7

Promotes healthy bone growth and overall health. It also helps maintain heart rhythm and muscle function. Maintaining proper levels of calcium reduces chances colon and breast cancer.

Fluoride 16

Calcium fluoride is a constituent of the elastic fibers of the skin and the surface of bones and teeth. Promotes hardness and stability.

Magnesium .6

Maintains normal heart rhythms, converts blood sugar to energy, and maintains muscle tissue and hormone levels.

Phosphate .04

Critical for energy storage and metabolism.  It assists in kidney, muscle and nerve function, and it helps maintain proper calcium balance.

PH:  Acidity & Alkalinity

Roystone Hot Springs has a PH level of 7.5 classifying it as basic/alkaline water. The alkalinity is primarily the result of the potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sodium ions contained in the hot springs water.

The pH scale runs from 0 to 14, where lower numbers represent acidic mineral content and higher numbers represent alkaline mineral content. A pH of 7 is basically neutral. The more alkaline the better soak (alkaline-based minerals are typically good for the skin). Acidic-based hot springs are not ideal because the minerals can be harsh on the skin/body.

Disclaimer: No part of this site is intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness. Nothing on this site is to be construed as medical advice; the authors are without medical training and are not medical professionals.


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7880 N. Hwy 52

Sweet Idaho, 83670

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