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November 28th, 2020


Welcome to the official Small Business Saturday ValPons page where shopping small is BIG! Join us and support small business!


American Express cares deeply about
thriving communities and believes small
businesses are at the core of every
successful neighborhood. That’s why — in
the midst of the recession in 2010 — we
created Small Business Saturday® on the
Saturday after Thanksgiving to encourage
people to Shop Small and bring more
holiday shopping to small businesses.


The first Small Business Saturday is a success. One year later, as the Shop Small Movement gains momentum, local officials
across the nation take notice and move to promote the day.

In 2011, the Senate unanimously
passes a resolution in support of
the day, and officials in all 50
states participate. It even gets a
shout-out from the president of
the United States.


In an effort to support their local
communities, organizations across the
country sign up to serve as
Neighborhood Champions. These
supporters bring their community
together with events and activities on
Small Business Saturday and
throughout the year.

They’re not alone. In 2011, business associations, nonprofit trade groups, municipalities, and public officials start to unite, forming a Small Business Saturday Coalition to encourage everyone to Shop Small.

Small Business Saturday®


Small Business Saturday® is dedicated to helping small businesses do more business. Because when small businesses thrive, communities thrive, too. Watch the video to learn more. Learn more at:


You might not realize it, but every time
you pick up a cup of coffee from your
favorite neighborhood cafe or buy a gift
from a local artist’s online store, you’re
shopping small and making a difference.

In fact, 62% of U.S. small businesses reported that they need to see consumer spending return to pre-COVID levels by the end of 2020 in order to stay in business.* When you Shop Small® this holiday season – and all year long – you can help create a big impact.

1 Estimate from data on businesses with under 100 employees, as
reported in Amex-commissioned 2018 Small Business Economic Impact Study.


We’re committed to helping small businesses stay in business. In 2020 alone, American Express spent approximately $200 million on initiatives to support small businesses around the globe. And when you Shop Small®, the dollars you spend at a local business in your community can add up, too.


Small Business Saturday continues to be an annual holiday shopping tradition — just one part of the larger
Shop Small Movement that supports small businesses every day and everywhere.

Because shopping at a family-owned framing spot or buying a handmade
ring from your favorite online small business helps to promote more vibrant communities.

That’s why American Express is proud to back Small Business Saturday and the Shop Small Movement.


Brighten up the holidays with the Shop Small® Studio

Use the Shop Small Studio to create and download complimentary, customizable marketing
materials to encourage customers to Shop Small safely with you, in-store or online, all season
long. The best part? It takes just two minutes or less.

In addition to creating custom materials in the Shop Small Studio, you can also

Is Your Small Business on the Shop Small® Map?

We think it should be. Add your qualified business to the map or
update your listing to invite customers to Shop Small safely with
you, in-store and online, this holiday season – and all year long.

Learn more about the powerful backing of American Express Card acceptance.

Encourage Your Customers to Shop Small® Safely

This holiday season, shoppers want to support small businesses
more than ever — and do so safely. Download this informative
eBook designed to empower you to help your customers have a safe, happy holiday shopping experience.

Plus, hear directly from industry thought leaders on ways to help you manage and grow your business — think webinars, eBooks, videos, and more. Get Started.


Bridgeport Community: Making the Most of Small Business Saturday

After Janet Scanlon and her daughter Leanne realized their dream of opening their own business, they decided to become Small Business Saturday ambassadors for their community of Bridgeport, Illinois. Their goal was to bring the community together over one day that would resonate all year long and start a grassroots movement to revitalize Bridgeport. Throughout the area, empty buildings are being replaced with new businesses and smiling faces.

Check out Services and Savings to Help You Prepare for the Holiday Season

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Whether you’re a Black entrepreneur or a business owner searching for ways to support the Black community, you’re in the right place. Find grant information, marketing materials, and more.


Find relevant insights and articles to help your business adapt to changing times.



See How Small Businesses Are Persevering

The holidays look a bit different this year – encourage your customers to Shop Small safely with you all season long. American Express is shining a light on small businesses across the U.S. and sharing stories about how they’re persevering. Check out more businesses like these on the Shop Small Map.

“To be able to maintain a small business is a chance to create a safe space for our community as well as an environment for meaningful employment. We hope our community understands the value of their spending and how it can be integral in sustaining mom and pop shops. Conscious spending within the community can contribute to neighborhood sustainability.”


“Being a small business owner is the most rewarding yet challenging experience anyone can experience. Although there will always be ups and downs, the ability to support and create a platform for our team to express themselves through their own unique creativity is truly a dream come true.”


“Every purchase from cookies to cakes helps to keep our doors open. It helps to keep our employees working. It helps to fund our community outreach. We use money from our sales to feed the community for our
Free Lunch Friday Program. The community supports us, and we support the community.”



How the Shop Small movement and Small Business Saturday support small businesses

See how your involvement in the Shop Small movement can help support small businesses by providing jobs, preserving neighborhoods and feeding local economies.

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We’re Proud to Stand for Small

We’ve teamed up with a growing group of companies to support small business owners as they adapt to the current climate. Head to for resources, offers, and tools to help your small business get back to business.

Welcome to Stand For Small.

Find offers, tools, and expert insights from over 100 companies dedicated to the success of small businesses. Because when small businesses thrive, our communities do too.

Unite Small Businesses and Your Community

Applications to become a Neighborhood Champion are now closed – but you can still get involved. Find a Neighborhood Champion near you to see how the Shop Small Movement is being celebrated in your community.

Digital Events to Support Local Businesses

Think of our Digital Event Guides as your roadmap to help
neighborhood businesses reconnect with customers. From
ways to help drive engagement to promotional materials,
here’s the inspiration you’re looking for – all in one place.

Materials can only be downloaded from your laptop or desktop.

Resources to Help Communities Navigate this Climate

Main Street America, our longtime partner, is committed to keeping the places you call home vibrant. They’ve compiled tips and articles to help communities and small businesses adapt to the short-term and long-term impacts of this crisis. Here are ideas to get the conversation started with your community.

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Roslindale Village: Making the Most of Small Business Saturday

This Boston community loves Small Business Saturday because it is centered around a theme everyone already cares about supporting small businesses. Last year, business owners utilized the Shop Small posters and bags and even opened a pop-up store featuring several online-only businesses.

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