Sunnyslope Wine Festival

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110 County Fair Ave, Caldwell, ID 83605, USA

Join Us August 12th

1-6pm @ The Center in the Canyon County Fairgrounds.

Admission includes tastings from 15 of your favorite Sunnyslope Wine Trail wineries, a Sunnyslope wine glass, live music and shopping from dozens of craft vendors.




Explore The Heart Of Idaho Wine Country

The Sunnyslope Wine Trial is a non-profit organization made up of 17 wineries, all located in the heart of Idaho’s grape growing region.

The wineries share more than many of the same terroir properties, they share the pioneering spirit of the west, a passion for hospitality, and the desire to share the Sunnyslope with wine enthusiasts worldwide.


The Sunnyslope Wine Trail in Caldwell, Idaho is the next must-sip wine destination you need to visit.

Nestled in the scenic Snake River Valley AVA, the Sunnyslope Wine Trail boasts 17 wineries and vineyards, award-winning wines, and intimate tasting and dining experiences, all framed by panoramic views. Come for the wine… stay for so much more!

From dining along the Snake River to toasting in the middle of a vineyard, the variety of wines and wineries provide a unique and smooth finish for wine lovers. Our Pacific Northwest climate is mild and perfect for year-round adventures, so come sip with us, anytime!




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We invite you to explore our vineyards and barrel cellars and learn more about each of our unique individual styles, varietals, and winemaking techniques.

Our tasting rooms are open year-round for you to taste the bounty of our harvest with one of our friendly, knowledgeable hosts. We love turning visitors into friends, so make sure to plan for an extended stay to savor our wines and get a taste of country living.



Located in Caldwell, just 30 minutes from the Boise Airport…

You can enjoy incredible accommodations without sacrificing the scenery and the area’s rich agriculture heritage. The Sunnyslope Wine Trail winds through vineyards, orchards and acres of some of the most scenic farmland in the Northwest. Use the interactive map below, download our printable map, or pick up a map from our Welcome Center, to guide you to your destination.


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The number of wineries in Idaho has increased by 75% in the last decade. The wine industry contributes an estimated $210 million to the state’s economy.

Celebrate all four seasons on the Sunnyslope Wine Trail with good wine, good food, and good friends.

There are seven trail-wide events each year, giving you the opportunity to explore the rows of grapes at every stage of the growing process, tour barrel cellars and get a taste of vintages to come, or even meet the winemaker! Designated drivers are highly encouraged if you plan to visit more than one winery, please do not drink and drive.

However, Idaho was the first state to plant grapes in this region in 1865 and has been a burgeoning wine region since prohibition ended (thank goodness!).

The Sunnyslope Wine Trail is located within the Snake River Valley American Viticultural Area (AVA) and has the highest concentration of wineries and vineyards in Idaho. Why? The Sunnyslope is an ideal place for growing Vitis vinifera, wine grapes, because of its growing environment, terroir. The unique Sunnyslope region can be tasted in every glass of wine produced in our region.

The Sunnyslope landscape is composed of dry, rolling hills that lead to the Owyhee Mountains and is best described as a ‘high desert’ climate. The region experiences less than ten inches of precipitation between November and March which is great for preventing mold and disease of the vines, but not so great for getting them the water they need to produce grapes.

Luckily, early settlers of the area tapped into the Snake River and created reservoirs to save the melt off from the mountains for irrigation. This situation is actually advantageous for growing grapes as it gives farmers an enormous degree of control over how much water the plants receive, helping craft the sweetness of the wine before the fruit is even harvested.

The four-season climate also contributes to the taste of the wine.

Cold winters give the vines a period of time to rest and rejuvenate while eliminating bugs and diseases. Warm summer days under the sun creates fruit high in sugar, while the cool desert nights contribute to maintaining moderate acidity levels needed for taste and longevity. These natural acids are hard to naturally produce in warmer climates such as California.

Soil plays a large role in the wine’s flavor, too.

The soil in the Sunnyslope is as unique as your thumb print. And it’s a story that goes back millions of years … starting with a massive glacier that sat over southern Idaho. Then add in geothermal activity (aka volcanoes) that melted the glacier into an ancient lake, Lake Idaho. Eventually the lake dried out leaving nutrients deposits in the sediment of the Snake River Valley, where the Sunnyslope Wine Trail is located. These ancient nutrients in the soil have been preserved over the years because of the valley’s lack of rain and can contribute a mineral or petrol taste to Sunnyslope wines.

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Wine is a puzzle that starts with the soil and climate; the terroir.

Farmers access the elements and decide which wine grape varietals, Vitis vinifera, to growThen the farmer works to control each element to produce the perfect wine before ever picking the grape from the vine. This process takes painstaking passion, and in Idaho, Sunnyslope growers have mastered taking grapes from the vine and crafting award-winning wines.


Enjoy the fruits of our labor and passion at one of our Sunnyslope Wine Trail events. From seasonal celebrations to wine-makers dinners, our events focus on educating and celebrating the Sunnyslope’s country way of living.








Welcome Center



The Sunnyslope Welcome Center is located

inside the Destination Caldwell office.

106 S. Kimball Avenue

Caldwell, Idaho 83605

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