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7998 U.S. 20, Nampa, ID 83687, USA



If It’s Sold Here, It’s Grown Here


Create lasting memories on a real, working farm and enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables and meats.

Fred Schreffler, founder of The Berry Ranch, had dreamed of farming on his own ever since he was a little boy. After years in the seed research business he decided it was time for a change and in the fall of 1992, The Berry Ranch was formed.

It has been an adventurous, tortuous, always invigorating, frequently exhausting, path which is still playing out. The crop mix is ever changing as we try to find, fit, and fill niches large and small. My wife, Mary, keeps the family running, helps in the office, and directs the chaos we call harvest. Roger, our son, is more at home on a tractor, (cab only- not to worry) than a tricycle and enjoys every kind of fruit and vegetable. Our second son, Moses, also enjoys being outside and is more content out than indoors.

We have many families who have and continue to be blessed by the memories made and fresh foods obtained at The Berry Ranch. We wish to extend an invitation to you to join us out on the farm!


Throughout the year, you’ll find everything from strawberries in the spring to pumpkins and winter squash in the fall, to grass-fed lamb, beef and more. When you buy fresh from The Berry Ranch, you know exactly what you’re eating. And you’ll love every bite. Here’s a few of our primary crops, for a current listing visit the In Season Now page.

PYO Blackberries, Pre-Order Picked Blackberry & Raspberries, Roma Slicer Tomatoes, Green Beans, & Sweet Corn.

Hamburger Patties, Steaks & Roast available in small packs.

Think BBQ

All Grown Here, Beef, Lamb, Chicken, & Honey.

From the Farm to Your Table

   Good selection of our Beef, Lamb, Fryer Chickens 

 Blackberries and Raspberries picked best to  pre-order 

 Stoker Coal For Coal Stoves, see discussion below 

Sweet Corn thru mid Sept.

All the produce we sell here, we’ve grown here. Come out and visit the old dairy barn, converted into a retail store. You can purchase seasonally available produce, forage-fed meats, honey, jams and syrups…or just relax on the lawn and catch the nostalgia of an era of self sufficiency, neighborliness, and a robust country-life freshness. We have no entry fee, how could we, we want it to be YOUR Ranch also.

   We know many of you have a favorite pet. We can not however, with the exception of authenticated service animals, permit them on the ranch. If you bring your pet, we ask you keep them confined to your vehicle. Service animals must be authenticated and checked in at the store, leashed at all times. This is a year round working Ranch, with many food, ranch, animal, and visitor safety issues to consider. Thank you.

  – To freeze Strawberries, Raspberries, Rocky Mountain Blueberries, and Blackberries,  see below, also how to freeze note on PYO page.

 — Field Trip Note. If you would like to bring a group to the ranch this spring, summer, or fall,  we’d certainly enjoy having you!  There is no formal reservation process, just check hours we are open for the days you wish. There is no cover charge to visit the ranch. If you want to do PYO berries or pumpkins, check out that section under the PYO tab. Remember the PYO minimum applies to anyone going to the berry fields. We can’t schedule berry PYO ahead, it’s very crop dependent and unpredictable. Pumpkins last Friday in Sept thru 10-31. Calendar the dates you want, keep checking here and by listening to the phone message, (208-466-3860).


Stoker Coal

A brief history. Stoker coal is a sized coal which works for coal furnaces which have regulated self feeders. These feeders are referred to as stokers. We live at The Berry Ranch, our home is heated with a thermostatically controlled stoker coal stove. We have had difficulty finding coal for our stove. We finally were able to secure a bulk shipment, and knowing the difficulty we had, want to share with those who likewise may be experiencing difficulty heating their homes.  We are offering bins approximately weighing .84 ton, or about 1700 pounds, for $300.00. We will load into your pickup, or trailer, in the bin. If interested, give us a call.


At this time we accept CASH or CHECKS, cards w/ 5% surcharge. 

Crop Status Summary follows, All our berries and Veg are non GMO. 

   Forage Fed Beef,  USDA Inspected, Very Lean burger,  Steaks Choice – Prime Grown here,  available now. Freezer is full. By piece, 1/2, 1/4 orders.

• Strawberries, done till 2024

• Honey, always available.

• Blackberries, picked avail by preorder, PYO 0n now.

• Raspberry , picked avail by preorder

• Rocky Mountain Blueberries, done till 2024

• Green Beans, grown here of course, ready now

• Sweet Corn starts July 18th $.58 ea, 12/$6.50, 5 doz/ $30.00. Preorder 5 doz for now. Non GMO.

• Cherries, done till 2024

• Peaches, late Aug 2023

• Beef  Bones, for Soup, Broth, ..$2.00/lb

• Beef now, best while these prices hold.

• Lamb, available now, price list below

• Fryer Chicken,  $4.50/lb

Next  Up   

 – Gonna Leave this Sweet Corn note up FYI. 

  – Sweet Corn is so easy to freeze. Husk, place in boiling water 3-4 min. Cool in cold water till you can handle. Cut off cob. Place in quart ziploc half full, seal down to corn line, lay and spread out flat. These little corn bricks will keep in your freezer till next crop comes on. SOOOO easy, way good.

 UPDATE DATE:  Wed Aug 16, 2023

Always Available @ Store-In-A-Barn

Visit the farm to get outdoors and create memories on a real, working farm. Wander the livestock corrals, go back in time with antique farm machinery, or bring your lunch to the picnic area. Enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables and meats…everything sold here is grown here!


When berries are in season, PYO runs Monday – Saturday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Bring your own containers, remember cash or checks only and the $6.60 plus tax per person  3 years and over minimum. This is paid before going to the fields and is NOT REFUNDABLE. There are no sprays on the berries so you can eat as many as you’d like while you’re out picking in the field. Enjoy! Gonna stick this in here, feedback is lot’s of folks don’t know how easy berries are to freeze! Our berries. place in quart ziploc. (Strawberries take the top stem off). Don’t mash, just fill half way, press down and seal to the fruit – juice line. Lay flat and kinda spread em out. These little berry bricks will keep in your freezer for a year, (at least),  till ready to use.


Starts Fri Sept 29 th through October 31, 2023.  Take a hayride to the patch and pick-your-own pumpkin Monday through Friday, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. | Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. | Sunday 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Walk to the Patch Mon thru Friday 9 to 3. Much more detail below.

A few things to note: please keep your children with you, for their safety. This is a real working farm with canals, electric fences and machinery. There may be bees and wasps, as well, so pay attention.

Pick-Your-Own Strawberries

See In Season Page for Timing

Strawberries are ripe around the end of May to mid – late June, depending on the weather. Pick-Your-Own starts about one week after the season begins and lasts for two to three weeks, again depending on the weather. Already Picked Strawberries are $3.88/lb.


$7/person picking fee for everyone ages 3 and up. (6.60 before tax)  Fee is credited towards cost of the berries that you pick. See price structure example under Rocky Mountain Blueberries.

Your first 7 lbs: $3.50/lb

Your next 7 lbs (7.01-13.99 lbs): $3.00/lb

Your 3rd 7 lbs (14.00-20.99 lbs): $2.50 lb

Pounds over 21 lbs: $2.25/lb

Pick-Your-Own Rocky Mountain Blueberries

Rocky Mountain Blueberries are native to the Intermountain West region but are rarely cultivated. Their season begins mid-June. They are NOT high bush, (think grocery store) Blueberries. See nutritional note on blog page. One Flat picked 12 7-8 oz clamshells is $44.50.


  $7, ($6.60 before tax) per person picking fee for everyone ages 3 and up. Fee is credited towards cost of the berries that you pick.

Your first 7 lbs: $4.00/lb

Your next 7 lbs (7.01-13.99 lbs): $3.60/lb

Your 3rd 7 lbs (14.00-20.99 lbs): $3.00/lb

Pounds over 21 lbs: $2.30/lb. Please note this is stair stepped pricing.

 For example, if 4 people picked 16 lbs, The first 7 pounds are 7 X $4.00 = $28.00, the second seven pounds are 7 x $3.60 = $25.20. The last 1 lb is $3.00. Total $56.20, before tax. The minimum of 4 x $6.60 = $26.40 before tax is exceeded.

Pick-Your-Own Raspberries

Raspberries begin around the middle – end of June, usually just as strawberries are wrapping up. The fall crop starts early Aug.


$7/person picking fee for everyone ages 3 and up. Fee is credited towards cost of the berries that you pick. Flat Already picked, 12 7-8 oz, is $47.75.

Please note this is incremental pricing, it’s stair stepped.

Your first 7 lbs: $5.20/lb

Your next 7 lbs (7.01-13.99 lbs): $4.20/lb

Your 3rd 7 lbs (14.00-20.99 lbs): $3.90/lb

Pounds over 21 lbs: $3.70/lb

Pick-Your-Own (Thornless) Blackberries

Blackberries,  for 2023, really nice crop.   PYO expect to start end of July. Heat and rain can change crop conditions in a hurry. Stay updated phone message or in season page. Spray recommended for mosquitos. 

 Picked Flats $59/20 for 12, approx 16 oz clam shells


$7/person picking fee for everyone over 3 years and up. Fee is credited towards cost of the berries that you pick. This is a minimum charge, field ticket if you will.  

Your first 7 lbs: $4.75/lb

Your next 7 lbs (7.01-13.99 lbs): $4.00/lb

Your 3rd 7 lbs (14.00-20.99 lbs): $3.60/lb

Pounds over 21 lbs: $3.25/lb

Blackberries are one of the most popular, easiest PYO. The plants are completely thornless, and you don’t have to deal with the bending requirements of Strawberries. Field walking is easier as well with the wide row spacing. And shade is right there for a little rest. Bring sunscreen, (it is summer), and Mosquito spray. Blackberries like wet ground so…

Pick-Your-Own Pumpkins

Group and Family Options to visit the the pumpkin patch, for pick-your-own pumpkin, are offered starting Fri. September 29, 2023 through October 31st. Both Options are without reservation or appointment. The best chance for a light crowd is earlier in the season. 

Group Option: Guest supervised walk to the field, no hayride.

The Group option is  M-F 10-3,  No Reservation.

The group option is $3.00 (incl tax) per person going to the field, and do not pick a pumpkin, INCLUDING supervising adults who do not pick a pumpkin, except teachers and caregivers. It is $8.00, incl tax for one pumpkin per person they are able to carry picked right from the vine. So you pay either $3, or $8 per person going to the field. Teachers and caregivers are excepted. 

Family PYO PUMPKIN with HAYRIDE HOURS, No Reservation:

Monday through Friday, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Sunday 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. 

The Last ride GOES TO THE FIELD @ 6pm each day


Children must be able to carry their own pumpkin! If they want a pumpkin they are unable to carry themselves, please plan to pay the adult price.

The prices below do not include sales tax.

• Babies under one year old get a FREE “baby” pumpkin from the field!

• 1 year old through 4 years (preschool) = $6.60

• Kindergarten through 2nd grade = $8.60

• 57th grade through Adult = $12.60

• Adult hayride, no pumpkin = $6.50

    Bulk Pumpkin Prices, Prepicked, Preordered.

  For a full 36″ tall bin of 40 or 50 or 60 orange pumpkins, By pre order, is $195. For White or Blue or Various color mix 40 count only is $225. This includes the bin, pallet, and we forklift load. You may load out of the bin, like into a pickup, and save $20 per bin. We accept returned pallets and bins but don’t credit, to many questions on re usability. 

Store Prices For Pumpkins

 If you would like to select your pumpkin from the piles around the store, they are $5.25 for small, 9″, $7.50 for medium, 91/2″, $9.50 for large, 11″, $14.00 for ex large, 13″, $17.50 for super extra large, $15.25“. We also have mini pumpkins, gourds, pie pumpkins, and various colored pumpkins. 


Visit the Store-In-A-Barn to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables in season. You will also find Honey, forage based fed lamb and forage based fed beef, grown here without hormones, antibiotics or meat base protein. Click here for more details.

Group Tours or Field Trips

You’re invited to bring your class, daycare or family to pick their own berries or pumpkins! 

Berry field trips are held during the summer, during PYO Berry Season. No reservations are required. Please see the PYO Page for more details. 

Pumpkin field trips begin the end of September. Come out to visit the farm animals, eat lunch on the picnic tables and of course, walk to the pumpkin patch and pick a pumpkin. More info on the PYO page

The calves are usually born in late August. They don’t really eat out of your hand and don’t care to be handled, but they are fun to watch.

Black Spanish might be considered an American Classic. They are beautiful, and make an excellent table bird. They date back to the late 1800’s. They are, still today, one of the most popular variety of heritage turkeys in the United States.

There are several varieties of chickens on the ranch.

• Dark Rhode Island Reds are an old time, well-known American Breed.

• New Hampshire Reds are lighter in color and a popular breed for efficient production of large brown eggs.

• Black Australorps are all black with a green sheen which is beautiful in sunlight. They are also known to produce large brown eggs even in hot weather.

• The Golden Lakenvelders are strikingly beautiful variety because of their unique color pattern. They have black heads, necks, and tails the rest is a buff color.

• Silver Lakenvelders have black heads, necks and tails while the remainder of plumage is white.

• The Silver Laced Wyandotte have a striking color pattern and docile nature is which makes this variety popular.

• The Barred Plymouth Rock breed is one of American’s oldest and most popular breeds. They are excellent dual purpose breed that is known for production of large brown eggs and meat.

• The Ameraucanas, known as the “Easter Egg Breed,” have beards, muffs and a normal tail with a tail head which gives them a bunny tail appearance. Ameraucanas are excellent producers of large multicolored eggs, including blue and green eggs.

Rambouillet ewes and the ram live at The Berry Ranch year round! There will be newborn lambs in the spring. They love eating pellets from our feeder out of your hand.

Honeybees are helpful to the farmer because they help pollinate the crops. In our store-in-a-barn, you can watch the honeybees at work in a glass beehive. The bees in this glass beehive can – and will – go out into the fields and pollinate. They are a normal beehive, except for the fact that their home is made of glass. This lets you watch them!



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