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2330 Hwy 30 W, Fruitland, Idaho 83619, USA



Member of the National Honey Board

About Us

Noyes Apiaries was started in September 1973 by Tony and Debbie Noyes in New Plymouth, Idaho. 

From our beginning, we have produced quality honey and helped to pollinate various crops in the Treasure Valley of Idaho. As our operation grew, we expanded into central California to pollinate almonds. 

In 1986 we expanded to include summer locations in Turtle Lake, North Dakota for the production of clover honey.

We have always been a family operation so we were pleased when in 1997 our son Nick took over the management of the bees in the local area.

The Honey Store is a natural step in our growth, and service to our devoted clients. We opened in Fruitland, Idaho in May 2000 and have been able to expand our products as well as bring other wonderful treats to our valued customers.

Nick and Shilo Noyes operate the store with the help of their staff. We welcome you to drop in and taste the bounty of nature. Let us help you find your favorite flavors of honey.

In a world of artificial this and manufactured that, The Honey Store is a wonderful demonstration of the things that come from Nature. The Noyes Family has been harvesting Nature’s bounty for over 30 years to share with families like yours.

If you are health conscious, or just curious, you will love your visit to our new web site. Take time to learn a little more about honey and its benefits and uses. Look for the special honey products that only we have, and order a gift for that special someone, for Christmas, or anytime to brighten their day.

Work. School. Family activities. Chores. Everyone seems to be “busy as a bee” these days. Yet, despite the hectic schedules, American Families like the Noyes, are committed to providing their families with delicious and nutritious meals. We encourage you to keep a honey jar or squeeze bear within easy reach on the kitchen counter or table. That way, you’ll never forget to use honey when you’re busy as a bee and need a little sweetness and a lot of flavor. Add the golden touch of honey to ordinary, store-bought and convenience foods to add sweetness, flavor and variety.

Join our Family and Enjoy Natures Finest.


The Delicious Forms of Honey

Most of us know honey as a sweet, golden liquid. But, in fact, honey can be found in a variety of forms.


Comb honey is honey that comes as it was produced — in the honey
beeswax comb. The comb, as well as the honey, is edible!


Cut comb honey is liquid honey that has added chunks of the honey comb in the jar. Also known as liquid-cut comb combination.


Free of visible crystals, liquid honey is extracted from the honey comb by centrifugal force, gravity or straining. Because liquid honey mixes easily
into a variety of foods, it’s especially convenient for cooking and baking. Most of the honey produced in the United States is sold in the liquid form.


While all honey will crystallize in time, Creamed honey (also known as whipped honey or spun honey) is brought to market in a crystallized state.
The crystallization is controlled so that, at room temperature, the honey can be spread like butter. In many countries around the world, creamed honey is preferred to the liquid form.

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Member of the National Honey Board


2330 Hwy 30 West
Fruitland, Idaho 83619

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