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738 North Benjamin Lane, Boise, ID 83704, USA

DONE is an innovative, full-service hair salon featuring Davines and Rusk products. We provide a professional environment with an emphasis on putting our guests first. WE VALUE PEOPLE AND THEIR INDIVIDUALITY. Upon entering our hair salon, every guest is treated to their own personal hair, facial, and body waxing experience among our many other services from start to finish.

Master hair stylist and owner of unDONE salon, Kimberli Denton is a Rusk Junior Master Educator and platform artist with a competitive edge on new cutting, haircolor, and textural techniques. For the past 20 years, she has been a leading, and international hair stylist with Rusk and has proudly cut hair on various stages in Canada, Seattle, Los Angeles, Portland, and San Francisco.

Kim’s venture into salon ownership comes from a true passion for the hair industry combined with continued education, and a vision to bring progressive products as well as cutting & styling techniques not yet seen in the Boise area. She enjoys sharing her experience with others, and spending time with her husband Bret, son Mason and daughter Remington.

“My passion for hair is what has always kept me going. I have worked in other salons and many times the owners lost their passion for hair without ever understanding what their hair stylists needed. I wanted to create a salon that was friendly, motivated, and loved hair! I also wanted to create a team setting where no stylist felt better or less than another. A team that supported each other and helped one another to become better hair stylists.

I learned this by working behind the scenes in hair shows where everyone worked together to achieve two things: a great show & great hair! It’s important that a salon sees their stylists as clients as well. At unDONE our team of stylists often refer to our salon as “family style”. A place where guests feel comfortable, and appreciated while achieving the best look for them.

Together with my husband Bret, we have been the owners of the Boise hair salon, unDONE for the past three years, and love it. Our goal is to offer continued Rusk education for our stylists every three months while providing them with the opportunity of going to hair shows in order to learn new looks, advanced hair cutting skills, and color techniques to bring cuts and colors to life. Styles that anyone can wear: young, old, wild or demure, short or long.

Bottom line at unDONE is that our group of stylists have the same passion for the industry that I have. My team creates an atmosphere where people love their hair and are treated as individuals while being our #1 guest.”

Christian based, the name unDONE came to Kimberly in 2004 shortly after her husband trusted Christ as his savior. The salon used the name Pandoras Box but was changed with the knowledge that the Lord had much in store for them hence the name “unDONE”. People come into the salon with the need to be pampered. They come to us unDONE and leave DONE. Our team of stylists are here to make them feel done, accomplished, and beautiful!

unDONE also offers expert experience in a variety of services, including but not limited to: eyelash extensions, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, facials, body waxing, hair extensions and more.

Our group of stylists are continually educated on the newest, most competitive edge of cutting, hair color, and textural techniques featuring Davins and Rusk products. Whether you want to shake up your current look with the latest hair cutting trend or want to extend it to new lengths, from root to tip we’ve got you covered!

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions (human & synthetic) are great for transforming the thinnest, shortest locks into beautiful, flowing tresses. Your Boise Undone hairstylist will take great care to match the color and texture of your hair extensions to that of your natural hair. Placement is also essential, and finding the right extension method will depend on your budget, preference, and hair type. Depending on what your Boise Undone stylist recommends and how long you want your look to last, the top three methods are: Fusion (or Bonded), Tape-in, & Weave (or Sew-in).

Eyelash Extensions

Take your personalized, Boise style to the next level! Accessorize your eyes! Enhance the length, thickness and fullness of your natural eyelashes with eyelash extensions! Extensions consist of either silk, mink, or synthetic hair. Methods of applying the eyelash extensions vary but include full strips, clusters, individual, and one-by-one extensions.


Improve the appearance of your skin! Microdermabrasion is the application of tiny rough grains that buff away the surface layer of your skin, revealing a healthier, fresher, & improved glow. Visible imperfections like sun damage, blemishes, and fine lines are either lessened or removed.

Chemical Peels

Much like microdermabrasion, chemical peels help to improve the skin’s appearance. By applying a chemical solution, the skin naturally “blisters” and peels, revealing smoother, less wrinkled complexion. Chemical peels are great for reducing fine lines, wrinkles caused by sun damage & aging, mild scars, and acne while reducing age spots, freckles & dark patches.


Facials are one of the best ways to take care of your skin. Not only is it a relaxing Boise treatment, a facial not only cleans, and exfoliates but nourishes your skin as well, promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion.

Body Wax

From your eyebrows to your toes, body wax helps remove unwanted hair by the root of the problem! A Boise body wax treatment is a form of semi-permanent hair removal that lasts up to four to six weeks. Almost any area of the body can be waxed including the eyebrows, face, swimsuit area (Brazillian wax), to your legs, arms, back, stomach, and feet!


Why is it when we’re tan we feel like we look healthier, and more fit? Getting that tan from the summer sun is definitely optimal if we obtain it in a safe way. However, we all dread the beginning of fall knowing we’re about to lose our sun kissed glow once the season starts to change.

We’ve all faced the dilemma of wanting to maintain our color throughout the winter months by risking the potentially dangerous UV rays that a tanning bed provides. While other substitutes for a Boise spray tan such as the Versa or Mystic brands are much healthier alternatives than baking your skin to a golden crisp, they usually turn out uneven and orange while staining your hands and feet. Not to mention these Boise spray tan products come with an unpleasant odor caused by the chemicals and formaldehyde used in their formulas.

Fortunately though, there is a much better option that can provide you with a perfect Boise spray tan in minutes without the chemicals or streaking while leaving your skin soft and moisturized. A Boise spray tan using VINO Bronzing Mist can provide you with the customized color you desire while providing you with a beautiful Boise spray tan without any harmful side effects or ingredients.

Creative Commons Photo From: https://flic.kr/p/4LTKRk

Creative Commons Photo From: https://flic.kr/p/4LTKRk

Who’s a good candidate for a VINO Boise Spray Tan?

VINO Bronzing Mist is a formulated Boise spray tan made with muscadine grapes, pulp, juice, skin, and seed extract. Known as America’s first grape they grow locally in the southern parts of the United States. Bursting with resveratrol, a potent antioxidant found in high concentration, this Boise spray tan absorbs easily into the skin while working its magic in addition to reducing inflammation, and naturally slowing the oxidation process that most often causes premature aging.

Skin nourishing VINO Bronzing Mist not only provides a beautiful Boise spray tan but helps fight free radical damage, along with the signs of aging while protecting the skin from the natural elements. The VINO solution of this Boise spray tan  also contains red wine powder and grape seed oil which is very light and is perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Looking to achieve the most gorgeous healthy looking Boise spray tan?

Then you have come to the right place – unDONE technician Kathryn Muroff is ready to provide you with the sunkissed skin you’ve been searching for!

Escape to a pampering unDONE bronzing spa treatment with a Vino Bronzing Mist, Boise spray tan! Fortify your skin’s natural defenses while receiving that beautiful off the beach look! Developed for luxurious sunless tanning VINO helps you achieve the most natural-looking Boise spray tan even on the most fair skin. VINO Boise spray tan is quick drying, with no stickiness or developing odor. Receive all the benefits of our Boise spray tan treatment with Muscadine grapes which are naturally rich in antioxidants, vitamins, & polyphenols!


  • Exfoliate skin at least 8 hours before your Boise spray tan session for even tanning results.
  • Shave at least 6 hours prior to application. Avoid shaving creams as they can contain lanolin (oil) that acts as a barrier between the Boise spray tan and the skin. (Waxing should be done 1-2 days prior.)
  • Do not apply any lotions or oils at anytime prior or immediately after your Boise spray tan.
  • Remove any make-up prior to your Boise spray tan application.
  • Wear dark, loose fitting clothes after your Boise spray tan.

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