World’s Best Corn Dogs

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4925 N Glenwood St, Garden City, ID 83714, USA



Your Life Is About to Change

About Us

World’s Best Corndogs is all about one thing…LOVE! So the story goes something like this, (a movie ‘meet cute’ if you will)… boy meets corndog, boy falls insanely in love with corndog (like I don’t know who I am, where I am, what day it is… kinda love), ‘round about the same time, boy with corndog meets girl (super-hot, very nice girl), girl instantly falls in love with the boy’s corndog, then eventually the boy with the corndog. The boy, the girl, and the corndog realize there is magic swirling about, and their love must be bold, and loud, and joyous…and shared. The best love, the World’s Best Corndog Love. Russ and Denice opened World’s Best Corndogs on April 26th, 2013…and got married two days later on April 28th.

A Love ♥ Story…


The World’s Best Footlong Corndog begins with a quarter pound, 100% pure beef frank—packed, spiced, and pampered to juicy perfection.  Our dogs are then hand-dipped into our freshly made buckets of World’s Best Original batter, dropped in 100% pure canola oil and fried to crispy perfection, PURE MAGIC!

Did we mention the Honey, honey?  Try your dog with a little honey and see what happens inside your mouth…(?). Some have shared NSFW experiences, but this is a family friendly website…you’re welcome!

Same precious Love Thaaang as The Footlong, just a bit smaller, more manageable, for those who like their snack waves of savory nirvana moderate and gentle. Squirt a few shots of Nectar de la Buzzybees, and leave your body for a moment or two.

Imagine the perfect pork sausage, lightly seasoned and spiced, infused with cheddar cheese, dipped in our World’s Best Corndog batter and then fried to crispy perfection. Next to our Footlongs and Halfsies, the Smoked Cheddar Brat is the fav among our employees and customers.

You know those grilled cheese sandwiches your lovely Mother made you back in the day, cheesy cheesiness surrounded by the crunchiest crunch you wanted for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? It’s the stuff dreams are made of and we just made your dreamiest dreams come true. World’s Best Corndogs uses only Tillamook Colby Jack and Pepper Jack Cheese for our Cheesesticks, hand-dipped in our World’s Best Corndog batter and then fried to crispy perfection. HAPPY—THANK YOU—MORE PLEASE! Sweet Dreams…

Food Truck Friday: World’s Best Corndogs


This food truck was named “Best Food Truck in Utah” in 2020.

Meet Founder Russ Redlinger and hear why he chose Corndogs as his passion and where his special recipe originated.


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World’s Best Corndogs would love to cater to all your food, fun, and frolickery. WBCD’s specializes in catering to an expansive variety of athletic and special events, weddings, parties corporate gigs, or just wondrous gatherings of love… book one of The Love Trucks now fulfilling all your catering wants and desires. The World’s Best Corndogs Love Trucks are the FASTEST food trucks on the planet and can feed over 500 humans in less than an hour (more with added trucks).


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4925 N. Glenwood Street

Garden City, Idaho 83714

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Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday

11:30am – 6:00pm (Fall/Winter)

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50 W. Spicewood Drive

Meridian, Idaho 83646

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Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday

11:30am – 6:00pm (Fall/Winter)

11:30am – 7:00pm (Spring/Summer)

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