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EXPIRES: December 31, 2023



We Don’t Stand Behind Our Products


Sea-Doo knows there’s a problem, does nothing and when it happens to you they look the other way even though they knew this would eventually happen to most of us!

Can you say CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT my fellow Sea-Doo owners that have been mislead and misguided by Sea-Doo from the get go as the Owners Manual still says 200 hours.

I’ve owned 4 Sea-Doo’s (2RXT’s & 2RXP’s) in my time and I’ve mostly been a Happy Sea-Doer until recently (after 100 hours) and now I’m stuck with an estimated $9,000+ engine rebuild because the part I bought NEW from Sea-Doo exploded and sent microscopic metal shrapnel throughout my engine.

So I asked myself this question: if I had known that the brand NEW $1,500 replacement part was going to cause $9,000+ in an engine rebuild issue because the PART itself was faulty or the technician who installed it didn’t do properly because who would make a PART that explodes into microscopic pieces and scatters through the rest of the engine when it has a “catastrophic failure” and implodes causing $9-$10K in damages to repair or rebuild your once good engine that was just destroyed by a BAD REPLACEMENT PART or in other words a BAD PRODUCT and process or procedure that follows a never ending cycle and Sea-Doo knows it!

Rather than saving face and telling people we’re sorry about our obvious design flawed “Supercharger Clutch” that could easily explode and cause you more damage as we DENY any WARRANTY claims regarding our PRODUCTS and BAD REPLACEMENT PARTS that exceeds 1 year from the purchase date rather than the “time” it takes for these machines to simply fall apart from wear and tear but even worse is this “Supercharger Clutch” situation where your WORSE off than when you fixed the original problem with Sea-Doo’s PRODUCT and Sea-Doo’s trained technicians for $1,500 just 41 hours ago and now the service dealership wants $9K + to rebuild the engine. 

From the Owners Manual

Note: That it says 200 hours before “replacement” is necessary.

My problem here is that the Owner’s Manual still states 200 hours when it’s very obvious that the “Supercharger Clutch” needs work prior to 200 hours. No one ever said to me that my “Supercharger” needed to be rebuilt or replaced after just 100+ hours NOT 200 hours.

Why wouldn’t Sea-Doo update the Owner’s Manual so everyone knows what they know? The “Supercharger Clutch” needs to be rebuilt or replaced every 100+ hours or so before it BLOWS UP and you basically have to replace your machine (investment) by rebuilding the engine…and they’ve (Sea-Doo) know all of this from the start.

(Actual Owner’s Manual)

My Emails

Dave Armstrong [email protected]

to: CurtisBjerke

Hi Curtis,

I forgot to email you a month or so ago and schedule the Supercharger work on my 2014 RXT. You did my RXP last year as I’m sure you recall and I’ve got the invoice you prepared for me for my RXT. I have a dual trailer so I’ll also be bringing the RXP you worked on as it now needs a repair on the steering cable that malfunctioned after landing hard jumping a wake. I also noticed a loss of top end speed on the RXP as it wouldn’t go past 6,000 RPM’s as it used to get up to 7,500 RPM’s so I lost about 10 miles an hour. Probably a simple adjustment to the governor that was or wasn’t made when the supercharger was replaced. Please email me back with a service date and I’ll bring both machines in at the same time so your team can get the skis ready for this years riding.


Dave Armstrong

MY 2nd Email

Dave Armstrong [email protected]

Wed, Apr 21, 2021, 8:20 AM

to: CurtisBjerke

Hi Curtis,

I’m very troubled about my experiences with your company. After 6 years and 120+ hours with NO problems on either machine here’s what’s occurred since bringing my watercraft to your technicians.

We started off with a “bad gas” statement and quote of $15k which then led us to a new supercharger clutch (RXP) that cost $1,500 which you stated I should feel lucky. Then within less than 4 hours on the RXP after getting it back from a 6 week stay at your facility it breaks down again and I’m told by Taylor that he’s never seen the issue before, something along the lines of stripped or literally broken bolts that hold the jet in place. Which sounds like someone didn’t tighten them properly after the supercharger service and God forbid they were loosened purposefully.

The RXP did not function properly or should I say at full strength or power after the new clutch was put it and also mention of the vacuum wasn’t good is why I lost speed and power which again sounds like someone didn’t tighten the motor properly after taking apart and repairing. So I drop another $700 to fix that issue which is very peculiar since the ski never was 100% after the supercharger service almost a year ago.

I also took your advice on getting a new supercharger clutch on the RXT before it goes out as it too is approaching the 120 hour mark. So I schedule both to be done, fixing whatever went or was wrong with the first service on the RXP and get the RXT clutch done as well. Then only waiting three weeks for parts and service but another $1,500 bill basically.

So I pick up the skis on Saturday after waiting almost 3 hours for the mechanic to do what he was supposed to do hours earlier. We go out Sunday hoping that maybe finally my machines are properly working and functioning and this nightmare that began with a “bad gas” quote of $15k would go away. Needless to say the RXT had a tubing come off and lost 50% of its power or more and we had only ride for about 10 minutes. Luckily we had a screwdriver and found the loose tubing and we were able to get it back on properly and tighten it up and get back to some fun.

Then after about an hour the RXP temp light and engine light which have never gone off in 6 + years starts chirping at me so I turn off the engine and we stopped for 20 minutes or so to eat lunch. After the wait we restarted and headed back to the marina in fear we won’t make it back before it over heats again which is exactly what occurred. After shutting the engine off again as not to incur engine damage the RXT towed the RXP to shore near the marina. We pulled the seat off to inspect the motor only to find that the coolant fluid and bottle was gone and empty which has never happened in over 6 years and 120 plus hours.

I called Taylor who is a nice young man just trying to navigate the issues resulting from poor mechanics not simply tightening clamps, bolts and any other connections when they replace parts or are doing any other service functions. I don’t want to say that my watercraft have or are purposefully being sabotaged for future service needs or if it’s just shotty and shitty work from the get go but I’m very upset that since my machines have been in your shop and worked on they’ve never been the same and are constantly breaking down from simple lack of follow through.

I would love to have a three way phone call with my previous jet ski mechanic Pete (San Jose) and you or your technicians that did the work and explain in detail how this domino effect on my skis has occurred and continued. The seals that are in question now are an obvious issue created by someone not properly putting them back in place but it’s not wear and tear that’s for sure. I just want my equipment back to where it works properly and efficiently and I’ll take them to the Ontario dealer for future service needs. This experience has been nothing short of a nightmare and as the service manager I’d recommend some changes in techs or procedures so one of them is responsible for their own work as one does something like loosen things and then the next tech doesn’t know about it and assumes everything’s tightened up and just fine.

Make sure all seals, all clamps and all bolts screws etc are tightened properly and in place before sending out a boat that just gonna break down again causing everyone unnecessary and unwanted time and money which I’m sure isn’t your objective I hope.

Sincerely Concerned,

Dave Armstrong

My Nightmare Began


RXP – Replacement

@ Hour 123 

RXT – Rebuild Kit

@ hour 100

RXP – Rebuild Engine

@ hour 165

Sea Doo Jet Ski Supercharger Failure

(Watch This Short Video & Learn More)

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You’ve probably heard about the problems that can result when the ceramic washers in older Sea-Doo personal watercraft jetski superchargers fail and the superchargers themselves can explode destroying your engine.

What I Found Online

Sea-Doo Supercharger Information

Due to the high operating speeds of the engine and supercharger drive system, in addition to constant RPM fluctuations, PWC supercharger systems must have a reliable way to release tension on the drive and do so quickly. This being the case, in combination with various laws of physics, the drive system for the Sea-Doo and Yamaha supercharger systems have experienced many failures; and thus have gone through many upgrades and stages of evolution into what they are today in efforts to limit these failures. An overview of the Seadoo supercharger, including the advantages, limitations, maintenance, varying characteristics, modifications, and more, can be found throughout this section of our website.

First things first, let this information serve as a notice and a cautionary warning. The Sea-Doo superchargers came with ceramic clutch washers from 2004 through 2007. If your Seadoo supercharged watercraft was produced during this time span of model years and your clutch washers have not been upgraded to the correct metal version, it is in your best interest to get the upgrade done right away. Please also note that Sea-Doo supercharged watercraft from model year 2008 came with a version of metal clutch washers, but a number of users have also experienced clutch failure from these washers exploding. Model years 2009 and newer are presumed to have the correct and reliable material and design for the clutch washers included from the original manufacturer, at last. The most simple and convenient way to have the supercharger clutch system upgrade done is to purchase a full Sea-Doo supercharger rebuild kit and have the service done by a certified technician. Other service shops and PWC owners that are highly mechanically inclined may be able to do the service, providing they have the several specialty tools that are required for the job. Depending on the hours of usage the supercharger has gone through it may suffice to replace the clutch washers only instead of the entire clutch assembly. The special clutch washers can be purchased separately from several reputable aftermarket establishments.

Disclaimer: Please note that the owner of the watercraft and parts thereof, along with any party that is performing any type of maintenance or service to said craft and/or parts will retain all liability involved with such maintenance or service. All information provided here is intended to serve solely as informational and should not be exclusively relied upon to make any decisions in any circumstance.

During operation, the ceramic washers would get hot from all the friction inside the supercharger drive and they would eventually weaken and explode. This type of supercharger failure has caused many people days, weeks, months of downtime, or worse, they could not afford to fix the damage. When the washers break apart and the engine keeps running the fragments go through the oil screens and into the engine, often causing engine failure. The distinct sign for knowing the supercharger clutch has let go is when engine RPMs are limited to around 6300 RPM. The optimal RPM for a 215 or 255 HP craft in good health is around 8100 RPM. Depending on climate variances, elevation, and several other variables, typical RPM might be as low as 7800 or lower depending on the environment. If peak engine RPMs start to drop by 100 or a few hundred over a short period of time it usually a sign that your supercharger clutch system is losing tension, requires maintenance, and could be approaching the point of failure.

(Bad Replacement Parts)

Sea-Doo Supercharger Aftermath

(Watch This Short Video & Learn More)

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Just ship us your supercharger and we will professionally rebuild it with all new genuine parts. Sea Doo superchargers should be rebuilt every 100 hours of use or every two years, whichever comes first. Quick turn around time everytime, usually the same day.

Have your ski ready for the summer.

Supercharger removal and re-installation instructions will be provided upon request. If you require the special torx spanner just drop me a line and i will get it posted to you first class for no additional charge. 

There are 3 primary reasons to rebuild your supercharger: Prevent bearing failure. The impeller spins are speeds up to 45,000 RPM, and the bearings are rated at 2 years or 100 hours. Prevent washer failure. As the clutch wears, inducing additional friction and heat to the washers, which can cause a catastrophic failure. Restore Lost Performance. When the clutch slips, the supercharger isn’t able to make full boost, thus robbing your engine of performance. We use only the latest Genuine Sea-Doo OEM Parts to restore the integrity of your Sea-Doo Supercharger.

This is a rebuild service, meaning we will rebuild your supercharger and send back your supercharger.


8 Most Common Problems w/ Sea-Doos

It’s safe to say that the eight most common problems with Sea-Doos are as follows:

1. Carbon ring failures

2. Lack of a bilge pump and shut-off valve

3. Supercharger failures

4. IBR Reverse gate failures

5. Overheating

6. MPEM/ECU/Electrical Failures

7. Loosened connections and broken hoses

8. Cavitation


From: Dave Armstrong <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, Sep 6, 2023 @ 8:35 PM
Subject: Catastrophic Supercharger Failure


To: <[email protected]>, <[email protected]>

Hi Jeff & Jesus,

I’ve acquired the documentation requested by Cliff Ellmers on 8/28/2023.

Please attach ALL the invoices you have on my machine(s) from last year so they can see I just dealt with a big expense last year with the RXT and already spent almost $500 this Summer as well and once again you’ve had one of my watercraft for two months (2022 & 2023) or more.

Please attach ALL of the pics you have that will evidence the malfunction and failure of the PART which caused the “Catastrophic Engine Failure” at NO fault of the operator of the watercraft.

Your recent invoice indicates and shows what you need to do to bring my watercraft back to life so I can ride again some day soon. Of course you’ve already supplied the BUDS file and confirmed that there are no modifications to my machine(s).

I need both of you to help and assist me in getting this situation dealt with in a friendly and timely manner as they listen to their dealerships and service centers more so than a customer by himself. If I need to take these machines to Dennis Dillion who repaired them then I can and will do that but I’d obviously prefer BOP does the work.

Please forward this email along with the information and data necessary on your end and let’s get this show on the road as it’s been since June since the RXP was running like a dream!


To Whom It Concerns,

I have purchased a NEW supercharger for my RXP as the attached invoice (123 hrs) clearly indicates.

The NEW part either was faulty itself or the installation was faulty because a NEW supercharger should always last more than 40+ hours in any machine (165 hrs) unless the aforementioned issues were involved.

The PART literally blew up and my engine NOW has microscopic pieces of metal throughout the engine as a direct result of the faulty SUPERCHARGER you provided and sold me.

I did NOT spend $1,500 for a NEW SUPERCHARGER only to have it blow up 42 hours later and leave me with a $9,000 + repair bill (engine rebuild) to fix my $15,000 RXP.

I am requesting goodwill and an act of good faith on your part since it’s your BAD REPLACEMENT PART and your certified Sea-Doo technicians that installed and charged me for the replacement service so it only makes sense that you’d do the right thing here and pay for the work necessary to make me whole and my RXP ride the way it always should….smoothly!

P.S. I own two machines (RXP & RXT) and I’ve always been an avid Sea-Doo fan even in recent years as they’re beginning to cost me more and more for repairs as the hours slowly add up. This unforeseen matter is not my fault nor my doing and I’d appreciate you stepping up and covering the full cost of the repairs needed and necessary here.


Dave Armstrong

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