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EXPIRES: December 31, 2021



“Give more people a way to support your company with GIFT CARDS!“


How do we ALL HELP the small businesses survive and keep our economy alive during this Coronavirus Crisis?


We STAY HOME and SHOP! Support your local companies by purchasing GIFT CARDS and SAVE money now!


Businesses can increase SALES with gift card purchases.

Small companies can continue to generate some revenue.

Many employees will be able to maintain their employment.

Guarantees future customers will redeem their investment.

Consumers SAVE money on future products and services.

Customers pay for products and services now that they will need later.

Consumers get more purchasing power for their money by buying now.

Saving money during times of crisis means there’s more to go around.

Safely SUPPORT your local companies and your community!

No one has to leave their home to help keep businesses open.

No one needs to go out in public to support their community.

Investing now for services and products you will need later.

100’s of ValPons Vendors currently offer GIFT CARDS.


Support Local Businesses NOW for delivery or take-out or SAVE $ now and use it later!

What’s your GIFT CARD status?

Many businesses already have a gift card system in place and currently offer them.

ValPons allows you to create unique discounts to incentivize gift card purchases. You can publish an offer for your Gift Cards and link your ValPons pages to your website or gift card supplier. You can easily share your Gift Card promotions quickly on social media or by email from your ValPons account.

If your company doesn’t have a gift card process in place here’s how to get started.

Contacting your POS provider (Square, Shopify, Visa, etc) and inquiring if they have a process in place in which they can quickly get your system to accept Gift Cards. In many cases its a simple fix and your up and running a Gift Card giveaway in no time.

Many businesses can’t update their websites as the IT community is overwhelmed.

The shear number of request to edit websites with Coronavirus information, NEW delivery and take-out processes or information & your ability to create NEW sales incentives on your website to promote continued purchasing can be difficult and may take several weeks or months.

ValPons offers immediate Digital Disaster Relief for every business everywhere and it’s forever FREE!

Our website gives local companies everywhere a community platform that connects with local consumers without requiring sign up or registration.

DIY digital advertising is simple with the ValPons platform. It’s as easy as “COPY” and “PASTE” in most cases and you can upload UNLIMITED videos and download as many images and links as you need. It’s FREE forever, NO credit card, NO contract and NO future soliciting hassles.

Create a condensed version of your company website and link our NEW online door to your store today! In under an hour you can register for our forever FREE plan, create your own unique company listing page and ValPons offer page, then simply press publish and immediately your businesses information is posted.

Our Eco-friendly product is amazing and offers any business an opportunity to connect with local consumers so you can make them your customers. The digital DEAL directory is accessible and FREE from any device connected with internet 24/7 so put a NEW cyber salesperson to work for your business now.


HOW IT WORKS…it’s easy as 1,2 &3 

In just a few clicks and less than an hour you’ll can launch your GIFT CARD giveaway!

Step 1)

Sign Up forever FREE (No credit card) with your business email address.

Step 2)

Create (copy & paste) your company listing and then ValPons offer pages.

Step 3)

Post your GIFT CARD offer immediately online via email and or social media. 

Note: Always remember to SAVE your work and SAVE the images you use in your gallery before placing them into either of your pages. If you have any questions or concerns about anything please contact us 24/7 at [email protected]

Download our FREE local-mobile App today & SAVE $ now!



Message about Coronavirus

First and foremost our hearts and prayers go out to everyone that has lost loved ones to this Coronavirus.

ValPons takes the health and well-being of our community, customers, and associates very seriously. Like you, we’re closely monitoring the quickly developing effects of COVID-19.

ValPons will remain open 24/7 and in full operation short of a complete nationwide internet shutdown.  We are committed to making sure our customers have what they need to continue operations.  We are observing social distancing while we work to get your products and services out to the public.

You can reach us during our normal business hours; Monday through Friday, 8am to 5:00pm at 888-250-8710 or visit us at We are taking extra precautions to keep our employees healthy and we are continually monitoring our site for efficiency.

Business Operations Manager

Here are some helpful links to ValPons pages created for sharing factual Coronavirus information:

(WHO) World Health Organization

(CDC) Centers for Disease Control

(CDH) Central District Health

(IDHW) Idaho Coronavirus Information

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