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EXPIRES: December 31, 2021

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Fare Idaho is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization


Our Mission

Connect, align, and promote the shared interests of Idaho’s small-scale independent restaurants, farms, food and beverage businesses.  Our goal is to advance independent businesses, increase our financial success and improve the conditions of those who work in our industries.

What we value

Creating a more equitable future for our small food & beverage providers throughout Idaho.

Building connections within and across our small independent business sectors.

Facilitating solutions to our shared small independent business problems.

Bringing voice and action to our shared interests.

Improving conditions for everyone in our food & beverage industries.

Equity, justice, upholding human rights and eliminating the systemic inequities in our food system.

Issues we care about

Safe operating guidelines for our restaurant industry during Covid-19.

Improving market access for our small independent food and beverage producers throughout Idaho.

Licensed beverage regulation; responsible alcohol policy that works to prevent alcohol related social issues.

Workforce pay, health insurance and other benefits; eliminating poverty and lifting-up those who work in our industries.

Sustainable solutions to our most pressing food and beverage related environmental and social problems.

Social justice, equity and non-discrimination across the food system and society.

 Dear Esteemed Members of the Idaho Congressional Delegation,

The COVID-19 pandemic has stifled revenues and forced closures for restaurants and bars nationwide, including here in the Gem State. Despite doing their best to adapt their businesses to survive the pandemic, up to 85% of independent restaurants and bars could permanently shut their doors by year’s end without industry-specific relief. 

Imminent and widespread restaurant closures also portend disaster for suppliers reliant on restaurants as customers. Without restaurants to sell their produce, suppliers like farmers and butchers will lay off their workers, and will be forced to increase prices on their goods to stay in business. Altogether, if restaurants fail, the economic decline would be steep.

We urge you to support the RESTAURANTS Act (H.R.7197/S.4012), introduced before the House and Senate in June. This $120 billion revitalization fund uses projected revenue differences between 2019 and 2020 to create grants for restaurants. Aside from returning up to $271 billion in economic benefits nationwide, the bill would protect vulnerable independent restaurants, which employ 11 million Americans directly and 5 million more across their vast supply chains.

The RESTAURANTS Act would directly benefit Idaho by:

·       Protecting Idaho’s $2.9 billion restaurant economy, and its 3,385 eating and drinking locations.

·       Generating $632 million in economic benefit for Idaho over two years.

·       Saving Idaho $116 million in unemployment benefits and insurance taxes by allowing restaurants to employ many of its 84,600 leisure and hospitality workers.

·       Galvanizing Idaho’s tourism industry, producing $364 million in economic benefits.

We urge you to support the RESTAURANTS Act of 2020. Idaho’s restaurant economy is at risk and this proposal has strong bipartisan support in both the House and Senate. Without this lifeline, thousands of Idahoan small businesses will be in jeopardy. This bill is a vital step to reinvigorating our state’s economic engine, and protecting the jobs of tens of thousands of Idahoans.

Thank you,


Save our Restaurants


FARE Idaho supports the Restaurants Act. We need Congress to vote to save our small independent restaurants by passing the RESTAURANTS Act. Restaurants feed us, support our local farmers/craft brewers/wineries, sponsor our kid’s sports team, employ our local work force and create a richer community. It’s time to show our love to restaurants now because they are in the fight of their lives.

Please join FARE Idaho.

Active FARE Idaho Committees

Brand & Membership Committee

Our Brand and Membership Committee maintains the relationship between our board, our members, and the public. We regularly share FARE Idaho updates to keep everyone informed on what we are working on as a committee.

Governmental Affairs Committee

The Governmental Affairs Committee determines FARE Idaho’s activity and policy direction. We decide the priorities for local food policy and chart our advocacy direction.

Licensed Beverage Committee

The Licensed Beverage Committee works with bars, breweries, wineries, and distilleries on policy surrounding liquor licenses, COVID-19 closure mandates, and determines a course of action that supports our industry members.

Our small independent food & beverage providers need us now.


We are in the food fight of our lives. Our small independent food & beverage providers need us now. If you are a local independent business, we would love for you to join us at FARE If you simply enjoy our local food & beverage establishments, we would be grateful if you could donate to FARE Idaho. Dave Krick of Bittercreek, Diablo & Red Feather in Downtown Boise gives us a glimpse into what FARE Idaho means to our local food system. Video thanks to Guy Hand.

Joining FARE Idaho


Why should we work to save our Idaho food, farming and beverage establishments? Because we are in the food fight of our lives. If you are a local independent business, head over to our website at FARE & join us. If you simply enjoy our local food & beverage establishments, we would love if you could donate. The fabulous Rocci Johnson of Humpin Hannah’s in Downtown Boise gives us a glimpse into FARE and how Covid-19 has impacted the bar industry. Video thanks to Guy Hand.

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We invite your business to join us in adopting these guidelines to keep Idaho safe and open.

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Board of Directors

Katie Baker, Executive Director

Dave Krick, President : Bittercreek/Diablo & Sons LLC, Boise, Idaho

Brandon Dismuke, Vice President : Remy Alice LLC, Boise, Idaho

Rocci Johnson, Co-Secretary : Humpin’ Hannah’s, Boise Idaho

George Skandalos, Co-Secretary : Sangria Grille Moscow, Idaho

Chad Johnson, Co -Treasurer : Just A Breeze Inc., Boise, Idaho

Courtnie Dawson : Freelance Social Media, Boise, Idaho

Guy Hand : Guy Hand Productions Inc., Boise, Idaho

Rob Landerman : Woodland Empire Ale Craft, Boise, Idaho

Luke Black : Lone Mountain Farms & Brewery, Rathdrum, Idaho

Remi McManus : Kin Restaurant, Boise, Idaho

Graham Lilly : Hunga Dunga Brewery, Moscow Idaho

Whitney Hruza : One Shot Charlie’s, Harrison, Idaho

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