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Building Lives Through Artistic, Academic & Civic Excellence 

About Us

What does Idaho Fine Arts Academy offer?

Students at the Idaho Fine Arts Academy are placed in one area of focus based on their audition in dance, instrumental music, vocal music, theater or visual arts. Students work with professionals in their chosen artistic field for 90 minutes every day. Students may participate in elective courses in other majors as scheduling allows.

What will my major look like?


Vocal students will explore the ways music enriches our lives. Through listening, performing, researching, and creating, students will investigate the many ways humans express themselves through the language of music. Music notation, diction, choral technique and sight-singing will be studied and practiced. Students will be exposed to a wealth of information regarding the fundamentals of music, how music is created, various genres of music and the relationship of music to other cultures and curricular areas.


Students enrolled in the instrumental music program will learn how to tackle challenging classical and contemporary music. Students in this program are highly motivated and are typically those who are seeking a rigorous training environment to prepare them to study music in college or even one day become professional musicians. IFAA provides students with the unique opportunity to perform solos, duos, string quartets, piano quintets and chamber orchestra repertoire. The students also work on scales, sight reading exercises, improvisation, and songwriting which has a significant impact on
their development.


Students will participate in a variety of experiences using the elements and principles of design. The students will explore the fundamentals of drawing, painting, sculpture, and art history. Visual art will cover a wide variety of media and styles of art while using 2-D and 3-D techniques such as mosaics, sculpting, printmaking, drawing and painting. Classical, contemporary, modern and Renaissance artists will be discovered as will their art styles be duplicated in class assignments.


Students in the dance department will become well-rounded, healthy, emotionally intelligent, creative, knowledgeable dance artists. IFFA’s dance program teaches students how to be successful dance technicians, performers, improvisational/movement makers, choreographers, and critical responders.


Students studying theatre will focus on using oral communication skills such as appropriate voice levels, gestures, posture, language and understanding the importance of drama as a reflection of society. Student activities and experiences will include selecting and preparing material for a
performance; rehearsing for a performance; performing for a class or public group; practicing character development, mime, solo, duet, and ensemble acting; participating in full-length plays; creating and applying makeup; building sets; stage managing and directing; managing props; selecting and creating costumes; voice-building and projection; improving enunciation and
pronunciation, control of body movement, and writing scripts for a production.

How does IFFA differ from traditional schools?

IFAA is a small, community-oriented school centered on the arts and core academic content. As such, the school has rich and diverse offerings in the Arts, but is unable to offer a wide range of other electives and programs. If you have further questions about what can be offered or accommodated at
IFAA, please contact the school.

How do I apply?

The application period for Idaho Fine Arts Academy starts immediately after Winter Break and runs through early to mid-February for enrollment for the following school year (i.e., apply in January for a space for the next fall). The link to the application is on the district’s website. Please check the most
current application for specific due dates and other important details. All applicants will sign up for an audition time as part of the application process.

What is the audition process?

Auditions are held at IFAA in late February. Exact dates vary year to year and are published on the district’s School of Choice website. In most cases, digital applications are accepted and are considered equally with live auditions. Audition requirements are articulated in a separate document posted on
the district’s School of Choice website and IFAA’s home page. Each audition is evaluated by at least two West Ada School District employees and/or local area professional artists. All audition judges are content specialists. Based on the rank of each audition and available space within each grade level and
content area, students are identified for placement and/or wait list status and families are contacted as soon as possible thereafter. Current IFAA students do not need to re-apply or re-audition.

How can I learn more about IFFA?

More information about the school, the academic requirements, test scores and audition information can be found at IFAA also hosts informational events annually. Please check the website for details or contact the school.

Our Administrative Team


Christian Housel
[email protected]



Amanda Watson
[email protected]



Cynthia Anderson
[email protected]

Idaho Fine Arts Academy

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Our Vision Includes:

 Rigorous college preparatory academics & advanced opportunities
 High standards for teaching and learning

 Creative & Collaborative environment celebrating artistic performance.
 Preparation for post-secondary and professional opportunities in the arts and academics.


➢IFAA is a FREE publicly-funded school of choice in the WASD
➢Students choose to attend based upon interest, not boundary

➢Students enroll through an audition process, not a lottery process
➢Students enroll in a MAJOR per audition ranking and seat availability
➢Each grade level has a maximum enrollment of 30 or 60 students
➢Each MAJOR enrolls 6 o r 12 students depending on grade level


➢ Sixth year (6th ) year of operation in WASD
➢ Students enroll in one of the following majors:

➢Classical Music
➢Contemporary Music
➢Theatre Arts
➢Visual Art
➢Vocal Music

➢ Daily arts instruction in 90 -minute blocks
➢ Ensemble, individual, and integrated performances
➢ Course of study is built around the performing arts and
graduation requirements of the WASD
➢ Due to its size and focus, IFAA does not have the
comprehensive elective course offerings of larger schools

IFAA Students are…

• Engaged in their learning and academic responsibilities
• Able to balance artistic, academic and social responsibilities
• Motivated in the development of their artistic craft; students must
have a passion for their art form
• Dedicated to additional daily practice time outside of school; many
students take private lessons and have private teachers
• Willing to complete schoolwork beyond the instructional day
• Open to accept criticism and deal with adversity in this collaborative,
creative, and competitive environment

AVAILABILITY 2021- 2022:


➢ IFAA Website:

➢ Application
➢ Audition
➢ Rubrics
➢ Judges

➢Projected Seat Availability by Grade:
Grade Seats Available
➢6: 30
➢7: 1
➢8: None
➢9: 30
➢10: 18
➢11: None
➢12: 6
➢Note: 85 spaces projected

➢ Total Applications, Auditions, and results for this
current year :
➢ 272 On-time Applications/ Auditions for 47 seats
➢ 19% acceptance Rate School-Wide this year
➢ 65% placed on waiting list
➢ 15% didn’t meet minimum performance requirement (60 %)
➢ 9% of students gained entrance came from the waiting list

IFAA Audition Process

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•New Facility is currently under
construction ! IFAA will relocate
from Eagle to the new facility in
Meridian in January 2022.
• Double its enrollment capacity
from 210 to 420 students by 2022
at the new school site.
• Centrally located on property west
of district offices and Renaissance
High School.
• Funded with revenue from plant
facility funds and the sale of other

district property, a new state-of-
the art 40,000 sq. ft. facility.

• The bus shuttle system that
currently transports students to
Renaissance High School is
available to IFAA students.
• An action plan is currently
underway per the WASD Board of
Trustees and a new facility is part
of the district’s strategic plan.

Our School Culture

➢Rigorous art & academic

➢Safe & collaborative

➢Regular school assemblies

➢Smaller school size

➢High expectations
academically and

➢Emphasis on performance and
community involvement through community
service and the arts

➢Study labs and academic assistance provided
during lunch and after schools



➢ 24 full and part-time staff
➢ Over 200 years of combined
teaching and administrative
experience at IFAA!
➢ Average of 13 years of
➢ 92% Retention Rate over last 5 years.
➢ 75% of certified and
administrative staff hold a
Master’s or Specialist’s Degree
in Education or Content Area.
➢ 100% highly qualified as
defined Federally.

Current Student Demographics

➢202 Students Enrolled.

➢22% are male.

➢78% are female.

➢10% 504/IEP.

➢9% Soc. Econ. Dis.

ANSWERS TO Frequently Asked Questions

• School hours 7:30 to 2:35 Daily (No late start on Wednesdays)
• Middle School follows the high school schedule and calendar
• Annual calendar is the same as the WASD calendar
• Potential Students may audition in two art areas
• Students must choose one art major
• Once enrolled, students who request to change majors must
audition again
• NO bussing (currently ); students are responsible for their own
transportation. IFAA employs a car-pool system
• Bussing will be available in January of 2022
• IFAA has a school lunch program served in Café West
• School clubs an  extra curricular include : Student Council,
Interact Club, NHS, Year-Book, prom, school dances
• T here are no athletics (IH SAA or otherwise ) at IFAA
• Students may participate in athletics and activities not offered
at IFFA at their “neighborhood ” school
• Students may take certain classes not offered at IFAA at other
high schools with principal’s approval (unique situations)

 Application:
 Online Applications Open Jan.5, 2021
 Application deadline is February 13, 2021 at 11:59 p m
 Auditions for the 2020 – 2021 school year will be held
in -person on Saturday, February 27, 2021 at IFAA
 Sign up for an audition slot while completing the
online application
 Placements for the 2021- 2022 school year are
announced March 12
 Deadline to accept a position at IFAA March 19
 New Student Orientation TBD

IFAA Application

Middle School (Grades 6-8) Online Application

Middle School (Grades 6-8) Online Application

West Ada News

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Information about winter weather procedures:


Calendar Changes Announced
The Board approved changes to the student calendar for 2021-22


COVID-19 Case Data

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Eagle, Idaho 83616

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