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Family Owned & Operated


A Tradition of Quality, Since 1914

Symms Fruit Ranch began as an eighty acre homestead 30 miles west of Boise in Sunny Slope. Eight acres of fruit trees were planted in 1914. Today, Symms Fruit Ranch is a 5,000 acre diversified farm managed by the fourth generation of the Symms Family. Symms Fruit Ranch is located in the unique Sunny Slope area along the Snake River.

It all started on the Sunny Slope.

RA Symms left Kansas for Oregon to pursue his dream of growing fruit. Instead of the Willamette Valley, he ended up near Caldwell, Idaho – in the unique micro-climate of Sunny Slope along the Snake River. In 1914, Symms planted the first eight acres of fruit trees on his 80-acre farm. Four of the original trees are still in place bearing fruit today.

From this humble beginning, the Symms Fruit Ranch now encompasses 5,000 acres, 3,500 of which are fruit trees and vines, with 1,500 acres of row crops. Symms Fruit Ranch does not rely on outside growers for its production. Fruits and vegetables are grown on our farms, packaged in our packing house and shipped from our cold storages. Vertical integration ensures reliable quality and impeccable food safety at every step of our operation.

Quality, flavor, value and sustainability are our hallmark. We are proud to be nearing 100 years of sustained operation as growers of the highest quality fruit in the world.

Applespearscherriesapricotspeachesnectarinesplumswine grapesonions, forage, seeds, grains and cattle are produced on the rich volcanic soil overlooking the Snake River. Our products deliver an exceptional eating experience worldwide. Symms Fruit Ranch is recognized as being one of the Top 25 Growers & Shippers of apples & stone fruits in the United States.

Flavor and quality matter @ Symms Fruit Ranch. We invite you to look at our site and learn more about us and our great produce.


Since 1914, Symms Fruit Ranch has been growing apples that are beautiful to look at and even better to eat! Symms Fruit Ranch grows, packs and ships nine varieties of premium northwest apples.  All our apples are grown on our own farms stored in our state of the art cold facilities and packed in our clean, modern packing facility.  Farms and packing facilities embrace and adhere to strict codes of sanitation and are certified by third party auditors regularly to guarantee the safety of all products delivered to both the fresh and processing market.  All of our apples are packed to the highest grade standards in the industry.

Symms Fruit Ranch is a premier grower and packer of delicious northwest cherries.  Our cherries are tree-ripened, firm and delicious.  The combination of micro-climate, premier varieties, cutting edge growing and handling practices along with cold chain management, produce a burst of flavor that is incomparable.

Symms Fruit Ranch grows and packs this delicious and delicate fruit. Apricots are available at the end of our cherry season, usually mid-July. A variety of packaging solutions are available including volume-fill cartons, pantapacks, and clamshells.


We Love Peaches!! When one bites into a peach, flavor should overwhelm the senses to the point that one is carefree about the juice running down his face.

Sun, soil, and climate form the foundation for quality peaches.  These elements when combined with four generations of experience create one of the best eating experiences available.  While others promote gimmicks for ripening immature fruit, we believe that flavor comes from nature.  Our peaches are truly tree ripened, harvested at their peak and rushed to market so consumers can enjoy this unique, healthy treat.


Here at Symms, we grow some terrific nectarines. Flavor is the ultimate judge of quality with fruit and the flavor of our nectarines is second to none! Our season parallels our peach season however we have fewer acres of nectarines so the season doesn’t run as long (mid-August through September). We pack nectarines in the same type of packs as our peaches.

Symms Fruit Ranch produces and packages a variety of red & black plums, prune plums & pluots to complement our wonderful peaches and nectarines.  We offer several packaging configurations for these fruits including volume fill cartons, panta pack cartons, clamshells and bags.

Symms Fruit Ranch grows and ships a limited number of summer and winter pears.  These fruits like our others are grown & harvested to maximize flavor and eating quality.  Tightfill packs & wraps are available.

Symms Fruit Ranch planted grapes in the Sunny Slope area in 1971.  Since that time others have followed and a Snake River wine region has been designated with Sunny Slope at its heart.  Idaho’s long, warm days and cool nights create a balance of acid and sugar that combine to make wine grapes of exceptionally intense flavor and quality.  The same qualities that produce the best-flavored fruit in the world make the foundation of delightful premium wines.

Symms Fruit Ranch has grown onions since 1984 and has packed them since 2000.  We grow onions on our own farms and strive for long-term storage quality.  Our onions are full flavored, an onion lover’s onion.  Mesh bags, cartons and consumer packs are available.  Yellow, red & whites available September through May.

We are committed to food safety

Symms Fruit Ranch is a vertically integrated grower, packer and shipper.  We are uniquely able to control our products from the farm through the packing process and into our customers’ hands.  We consistently upgrade and improve our farming practices and post harvest handling techniques to insure the best eating experience possible for the ultimate consumer of our produce.  We have state of the art, modern packing and cold storage facilities to facilitate this goal.  Four generations of investment and dedication & commitment allow us to offer the best and safest fruits & vegetables available anywhere.

Food Safety Certification

Symms Fruit Ranch uses Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Handling Practices (GHP).  Third-party audits are conducted by Primus Labs.



14068 Sunny Slope Road

Caldwell, Idaho 83607

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Ph: (208) 459-4821

Email: [email protected]

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